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  1. ...precisely "what". Cleric has never been the best DPS in the game, not even in the best Cleric's dreams. Anyone who actually believes so has only ever met crappy Sorcerers/Assassins/DW Glads lmao
  2. You need 6198 MB to be capped on BoS' last boss.
  3. If you weave almost every hit as a Templar in order to avoid not having skills left, your rotation is bad/isn't optimal and you are losing DPS compared to someone performing the right one. You should weave every two skills all the time while you are using greatsword, and weave every skill while you are using Sword + Shield. Prioritize Bloodwind Slash and buffing up with Courageous Shield, then shortest CD skills first up to the longest CD ones in order, never forgetting about executing Bloodwind Slash asap when off CD and Courageous Shield every 10 seconds. If one/two seconds of "all
  4. Chanter can only do it because of the lacking arsenal of skills and its fastest attack speed among single weapon users. Templar should never do it, as it will always end up in a loss of damage, no matter what your ping is. Actually, the lower your ping is, the more DPS you lose if you try to weave every skill instead of every 2 skills.
  5. I'm sorry, what? If by "single weapon" physical attackers you mean Polearm/Greatsword, then you are wrong. Never weave every skill if you are not dual wielding or a Chanter (only because of shortage of skills), as it will always result in a loss of DPS compared to weaving at least every two skills, no exceptions.
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