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  1. Give us 100% craft buff for downtime.
  2. @Kibbelz Can we pretty please get a 100% XP buff crafting buff please? We don't need the XP buff . Since 1.5 is coming soon.... we hope most of us would like to level crafting. the 50% buff was great but 100% would help a lot! What do you think?
  3. @Kibbelz here is the easy fix to stop all these repeat bans. Make the quest a daily quest you can get from sr. That way it can't be spammed. There you go saved ncsoft probably 5000 hours in labor.
  4. Dear Aion, Devs, CM's and Players. As much as I enjoy this game... It has come time to walk away from it. I started playing aion as a CBT (Closed Beta Tester) I recall when this game was fun.. When it was hard and when people worked together to get stuff done. Sulfur Raids, Eastern and Western Siel forts were fun. The abyss was full , Rifting was fun. People enjoyed playing the game. There was no P2W or "Cash Shop" at that time. Lets go forward to 2.0-3.0 times. Gelk /Inggison raids were amazing. The player base was strong as ever and PvP was a plenty. Then everything started go
  5. Saving all my money NC will going to get. http://store.steampowered.com/app/681660/Bless_Online/
  6. https://imgur.com/a/bkdWw . Here you go all. Follow Suit.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/bkdWw Hey NC! Other 2 are coming Shortly!
  8. Can't wait for bless online. Deleting my toons on stream and kicking the bucket on aion after 8 years. This game had such promise.
  9. When I saw this I LOLED in game. Sorry Not enchanting anything aion.
  10. @Cyan What's your thoughts on from seconds hime said what the prices were everyone stopped farming? Or all the Prestige Packs you are losing? I have to ask... Does the company even care about us anymore?
  11. This changes nothing Cyan. Can youi guys not see. The eye went from 400 people to 60 people on BOTH sides. And you think the prices are okay?
  12. How dumb is NC. They don't think we will not care? You guys got a shit storm coming.
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