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    Sorry Aly and I'm disgusted, bro. What is 4 twice
  2. Suggestions

    Aly, I do not need your useless opinion, I thought that someone important of ncsoft would see the suggestions and not any player, that defends to nc, you are nc's lawyer? I think not! That's my opinion and that's it! I do not want anyone's opinion. I want important people like game administrators for answer
  3. Suggestions

    I will also leave here as suggestions ... 1° Stop making classes stronger than others. This is unfair and totally ridiculous, in this version 6.0 many players will stop playing because NCSOFT have downgraded some classes while others have led to the top!!! 2° An absurd and totally ridiculous Npc of augment charge more than 1,000,000 to raise the level of equipment, very expensive and disproportionate. 3° The mobs of the Crucible Spire have an absurd damage, because you do not let us make an alliance because the damage of those Mob is ridiculous!!! 4° Arena Of discipline has horrible maps to play, the intention is a fair 1 vs 1 ! So you should not have maps with the purpose of harming the fight, because the maps are bugged and horrible. 4° NCSOFT when they are doing a big update like this 6.0, give back the money spent by the players ... since all equipment, time, and money spent will be in vain and thrown in the trash... Some things are reasons for revolt in this game! Thanks
  4. Revolt

    Ncsoft answer me please why are you so unfair? In this 6.0 they prioritized some classes and others did not, they left certain classes stronger than others, you have no concept? Do not have commitment? Another thing; those who bought many ncoins to equip themselves in 5.7 / 5.8 like me! they will all lose money and time spent because of you! This for me is just a robbery, Ncsoft always prioritize certain classes and this is unfair.