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  1. Leveling in the new expac

    @Cheesecake-DN I hope your right lol. I quit last time because I got killed every 5 min while trying to play and got tired of it and installed the game.
  2. Leveling in the new expac

    Are the low level players still going to get ganked while trying to get to level 80 in the new expansion?
  3. Questing in PVE/PVP world

    Are we going to still be killed by higher level players while we lowbies try to complete quests in the new patch 6.0?
  4. Change open world pvp rules

    Thank you for the info i'll try that
  5. Change open world pvp rules

    I'm coming back to this game after several years and I can't quest for more than 3 minutes without getting killed. It's taken the joy of playing this game for me. Please look into changing the pvp open world rules to let the low level players at least get to max level. Then make all max level players free to pvp. I would definetly keep playing and purchasing items in this game.