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  1. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    See ya tomorrow folks!

  3. win 10

    I would tell you where to store your attitude but I am sure you can figure it out. And how many times was the "fix" posted? 3,4,5? lol Most importantly the "fix" you mention doesn't work for everyone and I am one of the people it does not work for. So unless you can actually help people with a good attitude, kindly be quiet. @Sofie-KT Win8 compatibility does not work for me either. I do not know or notice any difference of running it in 32 bit mode so that is what I do, yet it is still confounding as to why there has been no patch to fix this yet. Does anyone know if KR or EU Aion have this fixed?
  4. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    Yep thanks a ton, I shut it down and I am good to go, not kicked yet. This sucks though I hate the standard zoom level ugh!
  5. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    Yes but it has never posed a problem before and I thought it was greenlighted?
  6. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    ISP: Spectrum Antivirus/Firewall Software: Windows Defender VPN and External Software: none Date & Time: May 10th 07:30am PST Frequency: 100% Character Name: Bluebeard Server: Katalam Description: I am getting a xigncode error out of nowhere and it closes my game when I am at the character screen. the code is OxEO191OOB. I did update my nvidia drivers maybe yesterday but I thought I played aion after this, not sure though. This happens on a clean reboot and I never had a problem until today. I sent my DxDiag.txt, xigncode.log, zipped xigncode folder and a screenshot of the xigncode error popup to support. Please help I can not play aion at all