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  1. I would tell you where to store your attitude but I am sure you can figure it out. And how many times was the "fix" posted? 3,4,5? lol Most importantly the "fix" you mention doesn't work for everyone and I am one of the people it does not work for. So unless you can actually help people with a good attitude, kindly be quiet. @Sofie-KT Win8 compatibility does not work for me either. I do not know or notice any difference of running it in 32 bit mode so that is what I do, yet it is still confounding as to why there has been no patch to fix this yet. Does anyone know if KR or
  2. Yep thanks a ton, I shut it down and I am good to go, not kicked yet. This sucks though I hate the standard zoom level ugh!
  3. Yes but it has never posed a problem before and I thought it was greenlighted?
  4. ISP: Spectrum Antivirus/Firewall Software: Windows Defender VPN and External Software: none Date & Time: May 10th 07:30am PST Frequency: 100% Character Name: Bluebeard Server: Katalam Description: I am getting a xigncode error out of nowhere and it closes my game when I am at the character screen. the code is OxEO191OOB. I did update my nvidia drivers maybe yesterday but I thought I played aion after this, not sure though. This happens on a clean reboot and I never had a problem until today. I sent my DxDiag.txt, xigncode.log, zipped xignco
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