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  1. Skin Farming in 7.0

    My question is not about plumes from, 5.8, but about unenchantable ones sold in the Lakrun store for Genesis crystals, ARE THEY LONG? On previous patches 6-7 I crafted many Ancient plumes and bracelets for majority of characters and enchanted them to +10 (sometimes occasionally higher) so they became long. Otherwise they are short and ugly. The preview window doesn't show the transparent continuation of the plume.
  2. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I saw accessories in the Genesis Crystals store, bought some, they are not enchantable. Plumes and bracelets also look like that. If they are not enchantable, are they already long? Old plumes & bracelets require +10 to be long.
  3. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Also, a question: where can we fly on this patch?? I read the patch notes and didn't find anything about the Abyss, even Eye of Reshanta. Did they remove the Abyss completely? Very sad!! Are there any other flight zones??
  4. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Thanks very much, I didn't notice the npcs on the left side with Legendary eqt before, did they exist? Yes, they sell pvp armor and weapon like of the Labyrinth. But the accessories and wings they sell are not marked PVP or PVE, what does it mean? With which kind of enchantment stones can they be enchanted? (If they cannot be enchanted, they are weaker than Risel accs. Are they stronger than Lakrum accs with +10? Sorry, I don't know how to compare things having +PVE atk, +PVE def etc increased with enchantment, with those not having these stats at all. The most interesting is about wings: they sell wings without "Question", without pvp or pve mark, with flight time +375, flight speed +40%. Can they be enchanted to increase flight time, speed? Can they be tuned to increase flight time? Also, I have questions about new wing designs. Some write "Not obtained", where do I obtain that? Where does Ponica grow? Where is a rift to Demaha in Gelkmaros? Others are obtained and from known materials. This one resembles how we crafted Soldusk wings on the previous patch, but these wings have already flight time and flight speed, which those could only have from enchantment. Is it possible to enchant these to get more flight time? Do the wings from unobtained designs have any advantage over wings from the obtained ones, other than appearance?
  5. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Is it possible to get Skins "Of The Labyrinth" or "Labirynth" skins? Especially I need Labyrinth Shoulderplates, on another toon, I applied them to Lakrum shoulderplates when they weren't allowed in Luna Wardrobe, but on the next patch they became allowed, but it was late, I had spent my only copy. Trying to get it on the broker I didn't find it. Archdaevic gears are very rare and disappearing now. Please make them allowable in Luna Wardrobe (all - not only Labyrinth) or sell them as skins on BCM, or craftable in Luna! Especially bad it is with weapon skins that are not really skins, they have stats, but they are weak for the current game, like Brilliant Fire Dragon, Transcendent Thunder Dragon and similar. Why aren't they allowed in Luna Wardrobe, possible to only be used once to remodel appearance, and not available anywhere in the game now? There are only remains from old times on the broker, sometimes, for very expensive prices. Please make them available as skins! Also, why is Transparent Crystal Shield not allowed to Luna Wardrobe? It's nonsence - it has stats like level 1, nobody needs these stats, but Luna Wardrobe says "You can't resister armor and weapon in Luna Wardrobe"!
  6. Letter to NCSoft

    Riders of Icarus - flying and fighting on mounts. Watching a video on Bless - only flying on mounts-dragons.
  7. Letter to NCSoft

    Oh, then when will 7.0 start here on NA? What is PWI? Another flying game??
  8. AIon 7.0

    Does it mean a Metal Songweaver with a guitar?? Although, leather with spikes would be more appropriate to them.
  9. What is Free character transfer now?

    If I already ordered a transfer, but now want to cancel it, how can I do it? I joined a legion again, will it prevent me from being transferred?
  10. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I generally don't understand how will any issues of having opposing factions characters on same account be solved if all 5 servers will be merged to 1? What use in transferring them to another server?? Or not all servers will be merged?
  11. People of facebook told me about free character transfer to another server that is happening now, but I didn't find any exact information elsewhere on internet. I found articles from 2010, 2012 about the rules of free character transfer, especially from 2010, saying, that we can transfer characters for free up to 6 times before Aug 25, 1 day is the cooldown between transfers and all queued transfers occur on Wednesday. What is the sense of all this? Do characters become duplicated? How can it be 6 times if it happens on Wednesday only and lasts till Aug 25? What is the information from present time? I went to the official site, account services, and saw that the price of the transfer is 0, and ordered a transfer, I spent my AP before that cause I read that the transferred character mustn't have more than 214000 AP. What is the official information? Till when is the free transfer effective? I would only transfer for the sake of getting more toons with scintillating cocktails gotten from Ice Hot event in 2014, 2015, because NCSoft didn't give us this event in 2016 and 2017, and my newer toons have no chance to get them. If it's a mistake, can I cancel the transfer I ordered?