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  1. I love Aion, is it good again yet? do we still have to transform into shit to be stronger in 7.0? Do we still need certain transformations to get our run speed we used to have on our boots back in that day? I'm just asking ahead of time, so I don't waste my internet trying to download it if I still am forced to transform, most lame game mechanic I have ever seen in my life. tell me they at least have transparent scrolls for free, you kill the whole aesthetics of this game if you make me transform, I'm not interested, I want to look like the character I create when i fight. Am I able to do tha
  2. Ok, so, I still have to transform into shit to be stronger? ZZZZ, call me next year when they wise up and delete that retarded shit.
  3. The point is Aion used to be an awesome game, remember when you had to craft your own extendibles. And you felt so good when you finally did it, because then you could go round beating people's asses that used to kite you? This game used to be awesome, what happened? They did so many changes to my stigmas, I logged in one day and was just lost, how do I get my stigmas now?nyerk it. Game is rubbish now. Oh shit, I have to pay money to upgrade my stigmas now? Suck my ass.
  4. That's bad when people miss 5x. That mess was horrible. Quit your job and become homeless just to make it to level 75 in less than a year. I enjoyed Aion pre 4.8, back before they deleted 2 of the most awesome world pvp maps I have ever been on in any game. Why they would do that still baffles me to this day. Don't you just hate when the world blows up and all your favorite places to go are gone?
  5. I will, and while I'm at it, tell someone to fix this game for the love of all that is holy.
  6. Warframe. Where ninjas play for free. I just give them my money, and it's not making me better than anyone. It's the way that game is, the people who designed it are geniuses. Everyone in the gaming industry needs to take notes.
  7. I don't like this game because of it. What they have done essentially is set up slot machines. Aion slot machines. I see everyone who plays this game just like I look at the mindless gambler at Vegas putting his life savings into a slot machine in hopes he wins big. It's a game for gamblers. Maybe why it's so popular in Korea, all those guys have gambling problems. But here, in the USA, game mechanics like that do not fly. RNG is the worst game mechanic ever devised in the history of video games, and online games, it was created because people just can't think of better ways. But it's horri
  8. What do Gold bars and GP mean anyways? What does the RNG of this entire game mean anyways? These are not things that make a player become better better and more skilled at a game. These are things preventing them from doing so. I mean, If you want to play a game that is all about taking the money from your bank, Play monopoly.
  9. Just because I don't play anymore doesn't mean I don't like this game, I got to 4 star officer then 6x came. I tried to play it for a while, it wasen't really the transformations that made me stop. It was the auction house situation and how you can't trade items anymore. I like grindy games , but only if you can sell everything you find on the auction house and make billions with hard work, I used to enjoy gathering to crafting scrolls and potions to sell too, I would just have my coffee in the morning and go do that. I quit because everything I like about this game got deleted, The PvP is sti
  10. SMH, y'all used to be Daevas that could fly, super high speed ninjas. Now look at you, powerless, having to call on the spirit of some bunny rabbit just so you can run faster.. Pathetic.
  11. Only one thing will make this game as good as it used to be. Make a patch where all the Daevas go back in time from before the 4.8 update, and go from there without making all the horrible mistakes they should have learned from by now. It's sad, because Aion, and the concept of it is pretty awesome. They have something great on their hands and all they do is mismanage the nyerk out of it when really they could just sit down and think, " Ok guys, we're taking the gloves off, and we're going to make Aion awesome again." But I don't think NC soft has people like that working for them. I think the
  12. Personally, I would rather just pay per month to play this game. The Pvp is that good I do see myself paying a 10 dollar bill per month to play this game. If they fixed all the stupid bullnyerk. I used to pay more than that for magazine subscriptions talking about cool games like this.
  13. Go play Blade and Soul to end game and you will see what NC Soft is truly all about. How much money they can extract from your wallet. Give you an awesome game to play, you will get addicted, and when your addiction sets in, you will give them all your money. NC Soft are like the crack dealers of MMOs
  14. I dunno about you guys, I think you don't like enchanting on this game, you think it's impossible. But I always liked that about a game, make it super hard to reach max level. So when you do, people know you are a force to be reckoned with. My only problem is the transformation system. I mean, I'm not playing 6x because of it. I do love this game enough to wait for 7.0 to see if they change it though. Not many people around anymore to admire how awesome you are anyways. ^x makes me think the head developer was on drugs, and somehow, the guy who published it was on drugs too.
  15. Yea, I know that, they have investors, and those investors want what was promised to them, so, that translates into hitting the player in his pocket, it really can't be helped. It's the nature of free to play mmorpgs. To make something perfect, you would have to use your own money. And someone smart enough to do that, just doens't have enough money to do it. So he is forced to let people control his work with their bank accounts, And that is why most mmorpgs suck now. Everyone is just trying to cash in on the backs of their players. There's no love for it anymore, just the thought of profit.
  16. It boggles the mind doesn't it? This is a very old game. I don't get why they won't just let their players have fun with it. They're really trying to make money off of this? Wow...They should just run a server and let us have fun and get donations to keep it running from us at this point.
  17. I have played a lot of these types of games and I have to honestly say Aion has the best PvP mechanics out of all of them. Even better than world of warcraft PvP. What makes me upset is why they would want me to change into something I didn't create my character to look like? Why have this elaborate character design when you just force people to take a potion that turns them into a bunny rabbit? The reason a person would want to play this game is because they will create a beutiful character by their own design and want to play that character. If you're locking run speed, and attack speed beh
  18. And let me look like a ninja again when I fight, I'm still not playing this game until they make a simple NPC to give me all the free transparent scrolls I need. I'll just play other games where I get to be a ninja instead, because Ninjas are cool. Little stuffed animals aren't.
  19. Nice, I take back the bad things I said about NC Soft. Maybe they're not so mean after all. I really wasen't expecting anything good to be done. I stand corrected.
  20. You didn't mislead anyone that has a brain, and if you did, being mislead by a post is probably the least of their problems.
  21. Who cares what someone posts about this dumpster fire of a game? NCsoft doesn't give a crap about this game, why should you care what someone posts about it? It's whatever, even if he does violate T.O.S and gets banned, not like he got banned from a good game now is it?
  22. I don't support them anymore, you make me transform into some stupid crap , then you make me buy a scroll to hide the lameness? That's like sticking your middle finger up at me. And if you do that, I do it right back. Why would anyone in their right mind support this game? They can't do anything right, complete incompetence, a group of high school kids could do a better job than them. Maybe I just don't understand why they can't fix anything, maybe the one guy working for them that knew how to do anything quit. Even still, if you go to McDonalds and they spit on your food, will you still go ba
  23. I still don't understand why they would remove player trading. what good does that do for their game? Sigh, I just can't anymore, I'm wasting too much energy getting upset about the changes they made to this game. I can't allow myself to care anymore. What they did to this game is just pure evil, why they do that? They must hate their players and want to troll them.
  24. This x 9000. Game companies constantly make that mistake. Do you know how many broken games I have played because the companies management team pushes the Dev team to get something done by some date so they can get rich off it ASAP? All they're doing is shooting themselves in the foot. It takes time to create something good, they shouldn't strap them to a time table to get it done, every time they do, they end up losing more money they could have made in the long run if they just worked it out , took their time, and got it right the 1st time. Blame their greedy ways. Gotta hurry up and buy tha
  25. I'm in the same boat as you. Used to love this game. But it's just so messed up now it's sickening to even play it. So I just come online to the forums and log in like once a week to check to see if it's fixed yet. It's not, log out, do other things. You would think they would want to fix this game and make it enjoyable because they will make a lot of money. But they seem to be fine leaving it broken and ugly and losing money. Feel bad for those guys with black eyes. Which is a bug that even I know how to fix, and I never went to college for game design. They can't even fix that. It shows you
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