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    Nobody joined in a month, I have disbanded the legion. I think that Siel is mostly Latino, so an English legion not as attractive. Going to find another game. So long.
  2. Cyfur

    Tiak AFK

    The AFK on the NA servers for Dredge and Tiak is epidemic, it's totally ruined the experience of these instances to the point where I have lost interest in the game. Off to find something else to play, or maybe even real life.
  3. 60min maintenance extension just announce on Discord.
  4. Cyfur

    Tiak AFK

    Been taking note of QE groups recently, and on the Elyos side about 3/4th. of the Tiakgroups have mostly afk players. I also play on the EU servers, and there are virtually no afk players.
  5. If they put Ingg and Gelk camps/forts back to daily quests I wouldn't bother with the AB map at all except for cashing in AP items. The shugo in Core was way more convenient. Basically they designed an inconvenient map, then nerfed content in the better maps to force you to have to go to the inconvenient map.
  6. Yeah, that's why they went to all the effort developing new maps and instances which are not available in Aion retail.
  7. This is happening on multiple computers. Do NCsoft staff even read this Bug Report forum?
  8. There are too many camps to do dailies, they should be weekly, and groups for it in LFG, are extremely rare, well at least during the times I play.
  9. True, I play on the EU servers and NA servers each day, basically because Siel is dead at my prime time because NA is asleep, during my evenings. At that time, the EU servers are incredibly busy. The playing experience on Siel when NA is not asleep, is way better than the EU servers, XP and AP rates are better, daeva pass is cheaper, event rewards are better. Most EU players don't realize that, and keep grinding away on their overcrowded, less rewarding servers. (try doing a siege on Atreia, it's a joke) My point being, there is a good case for attracting players from EU to the NA servers if the timezone is suitable.
  10. One thing I tested yesterday was the Aion retail client and it quits cleanly back to the NC Launcher and lets you click Play again. It's only the Aion Classic client which makes the NC Launcher think you are still playing the game after quitting the game, until you kill the Aion Game Client in the Task Manager, which is proving to be a pain.
  11. At that level you should be doing all the Steel Rake quests for XP and gear.
  12. Aion Classic is not a reboot of original Aion, it is a rethink with additional content. Which means the lessons learned from previous Aion versions should be incorporated. The current Classic manastone system is a bad decision by the development team, that's all. I know many people, that have actually left Aion because of things like the manastone failure rate. Each failure is an unpleasant experience, people start to think they are unlucky, then try and avoid that negative feeling by either not installing manastones, or simply leaving the game for one that does not cause so much negativity. Eventually some of the remaining customer base behaves like Battered Woman Syndrome (BWS) where they hope for change after suffering consistent abuse, or think it's their fault. A wise sales manager should talk to the devs about this kind of thing. There are lots of good books on the psychology of gaming.
  13. People have been complaining about the manastone socketing system since day 1 of Aion Classic launch. NCsoft refuse to do anything about it. The same problem was fixed in Aion retail over 10 years ago, why not fix Classic from what NCsoft learned then? When a manastone socketing fails, it SHOULD NOT DESTROY ALL THE PREVIOUSLY SOCKETED MANASTONES on that item.
  14. Cyfur


    Forgot to mention the obvious, which is FLUX is an Elyos legion.
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