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  1. Yeah, how come we have 8 slots, but can only use 6 of them when there are 8 character classes? What's the logic behind that, or is it just a mistake the devs made?
  2. I don't believe that, I am checking the bots in Theo often when I pass them, and they have paid sub, never found one that does not.
  3. Probably worth increasing the HP of the guard towers people farm at sieges, they drop too fast.
  4. The event expired last maintenance, it's back to 1hr.
  5. I thought the rule was the toon with the highest level gets the name?
  6. It's even a bit rare on Siel, usually only 1 or 2 on the broker and they cost millions. Where do you farm for it on the Elyos side? Maybe there is some kinah to be made.
  7. It was too many, I couldn't play it froze and DC twice as soon as I got near the fortress gates because of all the Asmos inside, even with shift+F12 on.
  8. I was in an alliance not in the league and it was full too.
  9. Elyos had well over a full league for Kysis PvP.
  10. Yes, I remember seeing a lot of posts when Classic launched, that many people in South America couldn't afford $3.50c US per week to play, it was too much on top of their cost of living.
  11. Why is there no news from NCWest on this important update? It's been 2mths. since the survey on merging went out. Is it so hard to set a date for a task they have done many times?
  12. Yep, training the other side is a legitimate Dredge strategy, it's been in the game since it started. If you can make your opponent loose points the better. In Chandra Dredge onwards, the winning strategy is keep away from the opponents and do a Captain rush. Remember Dredge is not about the stronger team rushing to grief the weaker team from the word go, it's about getting as many points as you can and ending the game. The more points, the more AP you get.
  13. I noticed something, Myaion is now hiding the player names that entered for the first couple of minutes. This is something new.
  14. What you are saying, if I understand correctly, is all those matches that I see on myaion which only have Asmos in them, are because Elyos cancelled going in? So, on IS we are burning through the available Asmos for a match, and that's why I can't get in on my Cleric via QE most sessions. That makes sense. The problem is that Clerics are in oversupply on Elyos IS, so finding a regular group is tricky, hence the QE. I guess the merge will fix that for the 40 or so Elyos left that still try and Dredge.
  15. So it's 17min into the Dredge session on SIel, there are 8 Asmo groups in, and only 3 have Elyos. 5 groups have no opposing team. What are the chances of that?
  16. I am still trying to understand dredge entry. When I try and do QE on Elyos IS, if you queue in the first 10min you always end up facing the same handful of geared Asmo groups and don't stand a chance. If I queue a bit later say 15-20min into the session, I never get in. I can sit in the queue for and hour and it always says it's waiting for opponent group formation. Yet I can see other Elyos groups getting in well after I queue. If I try QE on Siel, I get in within minutes, even when it's late in the session. Why doesn't QE work properly on IS?
  17. Bots have paid subs if you click on them and have a look. They run 24/7 not 1/7
  18. Lower fort Dux too easy to kill now, Elyos just took all 3 lower forts in 20min.
  19. No need to socket any parry, Chanter has parry boost skills already. PvE chanter would socket crit until about 440 without food or scrolls HP try for at least 8k without buffs. The rest in Attack. You are limited by you gear, specifically the number of sockets available, eg. with 4 socket fabled gear like the plat coin pieces, you have a total of 28 sockets. If you had the level 40 AP fabled gear you would have 6 sockets per piece with a total of 42 sockets. That's a 50% increase in the number of manastones you can have, so your build can change significantly.
  20. Dredge is a failure on IS, either a strong Asmo group rolls a weak Elyos group, or a strong Elyos group rolls a weak Asmo group. An even match is rare. This is because the strong groups spy on who is entering Dredge in the other faction, to make sure they have a weak opponent. Easy to do, just have 2 accounts. The fix is easy, remove Dredgion as a region which can be displayed in the Search tab.
  21. Parry is 40% chance, but Chanters have a Perfect Parry skill as well.
  22. 41 weapon should use Level 71 stones or greater.
  23. Especially when you need almost 50,000 AP just to buy the 3 greater stigmas, let alone abyss gear. Try earning that at 500AP per Dredge loss.
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