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  1. The game is already full of afk rewards. For years people have been screaming to have players that afk in PvP instances to get no reward. It falls on deaf ears. Luna afk daily was a bad idea, auto farm is just the next step in a game philosophy where you need no actual play.
  2. Bots are not very social. A legion full of bots is not much of a legion.
  3. The point is you don't play the game, the computer does. So much for MMORPG.
  4. Hopefully most people will find auto farm boring and that's the end of it.
  5. I guess the point is to test the auto farm device in a sandboxed environment.
  6. Don't make wrong assumptions. I have been playing since Aion came out in 2009. I had 30 toons running at one stage across 4 accounts, both Asmos and Elyos. I decided to quit the game just before 7.7 came out because I was sick of spending hours getting luna each day, farming genesis crystals, stellin, Blood Marks, and Titan coins over and over. I managed to delete all my toons except one on DN which was the Brigade General and couldn't be deleted without disbanding the legion first. Whilst I was waiting 24hrs. for the legion to disband the 7.7 patch came out, and I saw that all the
  7. It's the same for everyone so the 300% is irrelevant. It might as well be 0%. All 300% does is appeal to the impatient. As I have pointed out twice now, you still need the revenue stream to buy the extractors regardless of how quickly you got the EXP.
  8. You need 570k kinah per 175k EXP you earn. Luna would be lucky to give you 50mill a week, if you have several alts, you might get one that has a 75% chance kinah box a week, and there are lots of other things to spend Luna on like tuning, instance entry, resurrections. Most of the kinah around was earned well before 7.7 came out, and the broker takes 15% away. They deleted the kinah bags you could buy each week in 7.5 with Experience Marks. Now we rely on events for kinah. It's a new paradigm now.
  9. Yeah, but there is no point bot farming for EXP if you can't afford the extractors. It's a massive kinah sink with no obvious solution. There is nowhere on Inggison to farm any reasonable amount of kinah to match the EXP rate. Atm lots of players have kinah to burn, but the sinks outnumber the sources, so the kinah in circulation would start to dry up if EXP got too easy to obtain.
  10. Even if we had auto farm, people would still complain because extractors are very expensive, and most mobs don't drop kinah.
  11. The 100% weekend allowed me to roll an SM on KT and get it up to L 80, so now I have a toon on both servers. Some people just don't like to work for EXP.
  12. Thanks, small point: Quote UTC too, remember NCWest is responsible for Oceanic players, and has lots of players from other time zones.
  13. If you do all the quests on the Heiron map, you will have upgraded gear, and you will be level 76. Only do the repeatable quests a few times or you will get really bored.
  14. The armor doesn't come from the campaign quests, it comes from the Dark Blue quests offered by the Shugo at levels 20,30, 40,50,60, 70 but to complete those quests you need hard acorns gathered from rewards for the light blue repeatable quests. The campaign quests you have to do just to be able to progress from Poeta -> Heiron -> Inggison ->Lakram etc.
  15. Just play. I rolled a new SM on KT yesterday and had it up to level 80 in about 10 hours of play doing nothing special, just following the quests. No guide required.
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