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  1. I had a similar error code with paypal, had to raise an NCsoft support ticket, they fixed it within a couple of hours and told me to try again which worked first attempt.
  2. Bit early to tell, only 26 votes on the poll so far, lots of players don't read the forums. Still it's a start, Israphel Elyos are low numbers but that could easily change as more votes come in.
  3. And the people trying to recruit an alliance to kill Bubblegut.
  4. Sorry, I didn't realize you haven't read the Aion forums. There is a pinned weekly announcement of the maintenance schedule in the main Aion forum for many years: https://forums.aiononline.com/forum/4-general-discussion/ Same time for Blade and Soul, and other NCsoft west servers.
  5. I am going to go for the level 30 Daevanion armor set and weapon. https://legacy.zam.com/wiki/Elyos_Daevanion_Armor_(Aion) https://legacy.zam.com/wiki/Asmodian_Daevanion_Armor_(Aion) The reason being is that the level 30 PvP armor takes a lot longer to get because you need silver medals from instances and sieges, so I need something reasonable in the meantime.
  6. Well you clearly seem ignorant about how NCsoft West usually do these things. The 16th. when character registration opens, is a normal mid week scheduled maintenance date, and so is the 23rd. when Aion Classic goes live, and so it's the 30th. when Siel's Aura subscription goes live.
  7. I just said before they do give notice, every week in fact. The only thing difference is when it's a big maintenance, like a game major patch or server migrations, then the downtime is often way more than the usual 2hrs. More like 8hrs.
  8. It varied a lot, initially most of the Asmos from Nezekan went to Siel, Elyos went to Ziekel, but successive mergers, TM, KR, BR, IS, and other servers, swung the balance back to Elyos, then when EK merged with Siel and became Katalam, it swung Asmo for a month or so. But because of the unlimited free to play accounts, people just rolled toons on both factions. Of course Pay to Play is a whole different ball game, not many people will cough up for multiple subscriptions.
  9. I am quite sure they will gladly spin up more servers if there is an overwhelming demand for Aion Classic. They have a week to decide based on the number of characters created until the game actually goes live. Compared to the number of servers they had to roll out in Korea, this should be easy for them.
  10. This wont be a normal maintenance, it will probably last for several hours. They will announce the time and duration in these forums probably about 10-12hrs before the maintenance begins on the 16th.
  11. Seeing everyone will be at level 1, it won't be much effort to re-roll after a few hours play if you find you are on the wrong server. No point waiting for server transfers that never come.
  12. I would assume after maintenance as usual.
  13. I hope so, Miragent and the Asmo equivalent are classic PvE sets, and you have to work hard for them.
  14. NCsoft stopped pubishing Guildwars around 2016, Arenanet publishes it themselves. NCsoft still own Arenanet, and it's a mystery to me why Aion didn't migrate to the superior GW2 game engine instead of the Cryengine lag fest.
  15. Yeah, lost interest in Aion 7.9, only spent an hour on it today. Been scratching my head wondering what class to roll first in Classic. Maybe we need a poll to see what people are going to roll first.
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