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  1. Lol, now it gets posted. If I had known about the limitation, I obviously wouldn't have deleted the Aethertech. Kibblez said nothing about the Jump Start event in the weekly notes. Not that it matters, I didn't know that rolling an Aethertech would not be enjoyable until after I had played it for a couple of hours. I understand that having only one Jump Start character per account is a practical limitation, but I have zero Jump Start characters now. Which makes me wonder at the point of the event. If it was to try classes that you have not played, then it failed. If it's to rapid lev
  2. What event notes? There was nothing posted in the weekly maintenance on the 24th. I just saw the button and people taking about it in this thread.
  3. Well, the Jump Start turned out to be a waste of time for me, despite all the excitement at first. I rolled an Aethertech, played it for a few hours and decided I didn't like that class at all, and wanted to try a Templar instead. I deleted the Aethertech and it wouldn't let me Jump Start a Templar. So I ended up with nothing from the event. Quite disappointed.
  4. I just rolled an Aethertech on DN to check out the Jump Start event. The gear is pretty good. The manastone sockets were all full of MB+17 stones which was a pleasant surprise. Only negative was the gear can't be retuned. I went and soloed Lakrum camps not long after rolling the toon, and I know nothing about Aethertech skills, so I was bungling my way on a fresh toon, with not much problem. Suitably impressed. Thanks for the event. 👍
  5. Do the campaign quest and you will get some very basic gear. Do some Udas runs to get XP, then go the XP extraction quest from Windel. Most gear you buy nowadays is with Experience Marks.
  6. For anyone that is having trouble finding a group their are two main options. Join a legion which has people looking for groups in legion chat. Or start a group if you want anyone. Usually the legion method will be superior. However I do PvP instances daily where most players come from my friends list, and we advertise in LFG to make up the difference. So the reason you don't see groups advertising, is they have other techniques to get people, they use a mixture of legion chat and friends list.
  7. No you are not getting obsolete boxes back. The new ones have different contents.
  8. Seems you get no shards from group PvP instances. So the event sux for me as I don't do group PvE instances.
  9. Hmm, I don't recall that event before, something new is good!
  10. They problem with the current Aion is the PvP is totally unfair compared to the PvP in Aion Classic. That's not about to change, so there will always be people that won't put up with the PvP imbalance in Aion 7.7 and move to Classic. If you work at it, you can have just as good PvP gear in Aion Classic as everyone else. Grinding AP is a hassle, and some people cheat by killing opposite faction alts for AP, that's assuming multiple accounts are free. The trick is not to go crazy wasting time on alts, roll a toon and stick at it until you have an L50 AP set enchanted up to +10.
  11. Seems NCsoft is releasing B&S using Unreal Engine 4 in Q3 this year. The Cryengine that drives Aion, is the highest lag engine in an MMORPG I have ever played. What gets me is ArenaNet, a division of NCsoft, wrote their own engine for Guildwars and Guildwars 2 and it totally blows away the Aion Cryengine. Try a World vs World siege in GW2 if you want to see what massive PvP looks like. So Aion could have been using the Guildwars engine for many years, no need to pay for Cryengine license.
  12. BCM has been playing up for over 8 hours when I first tried.
  13. The truth of the matter is, if you have not used last years Stormwing rewards by now, then they clearly are not important to you. Therefore this thread is just an exercise in QQ.
  14. The afk people entering PvP instances are also rather thick. eg. in Evergale Canyon you have to earn 1,000 points before you get a single Battlefield coin reward. Most of the time Elyos pug teams that afk don't achieve that. Asmo pug seem to more often.
  15. For a sorc, why wouldn't you go with Kaisinel's Apostle, or is that not one of the 12 options?
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