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  1. I would rather farm Miragents than this nonsense with Ultimate Transforms and S minions.
  2. The problem with PvP instances, is too many people afk them. AFK should get nothing. eg. you have to kill certain room mobs for a reward bag to drop like it use to be. Then you can worry about what to put in the bags.
  3. Yes, the contents of the boxes change, basically they removed the transformation contracts that were in last years Zudra boxes. Here is what use to be in them: https://www.aiononline.com/news/hungry-hatchlings Here is what's now: https://www.aiononline.com/news/hungry-hatchlings-returns
  4. The warning was there, you ignored it and are now crying about it like the snowball people when their event items disappeared last month.
  5. Did you not notice that Stormwing event items have a warning at the bottom of their description which says they will be deleted after the event ends?
  6. Well that's pretty dumb because event items get deleted often without warning. Anyone that reads this forums would know it's happened many times. What's more, there is no guarantee the same event will ever be repeated again.
  7. Yes they are, I am farming XP every day in Inggison. You obviously are not farming the right mobs if you are getting a crappy number of experience marks.
  8. Aion Classic is much better than the 7.7 we have atm. Just wait for that. Aion was good up to but not including 4.0, then it went down hill.
  9. That's a bug in the forum code. Clear all the browser cookies with aion in the name and it will let you in.
  10. They reduced the CD on a whole bunch of Glad skills.
  11. You don't seem to acknowledge that people trying to complete the Lightbug daily, were already killing 50 mobs per day before they added the Luna bag to the reward for it. If you don't kill mobs, you don't get XP, so you don't get Experience Marks to buy stuff. Most people that whine about killing 50mobs seem to be the afk alt crowd that want something for nothing all the time, they can suffer as far as I am concerned.
  12. They did nerf KR clerics in 7.9, just look at the damage reduction for Chains of Suffering, and Glads got a huge buff.
  13. I would imagine that NCWest staff looked at the most popular instance, worked out why people were doing it, and what they were after, then moved that item to BCM to enhance "Pay To Win", the ultimate cause of MMORPG unethical practices.
  14. There is nothing to it. Got to Heiron, do the Dark Blue quests first, then the Yellow Campaign quests, and finally the llight blue quests. You will progress rapidly up to about level 76 then move from Heiron to Inggison for the last 4 levels. Once again do the Dark Blue quests first. Should take you less than 12hrs of game play all up.
  15. Is there anything else useful in the 7.8 patch other than the impractical minion upgrade?
  16. Hope not, lots of nerfs, unless you are a Gladiator class, which is already OP, it gets many buffs in 7.9.
  17. Loll at the stupid poll questions. I have no problem killing 50 mobs for the luna materials bag, I was doing it anyway for the daily Lugbug quest. What I have a problem with is the deliberate removal of Luna Light from the bag which is the reward for opening the Contaminated Underpath chest. That's 52 less Luna Light per year that have been taken from us by an unethical stealth nerf to try and force us to buy Luna Light on BCM.
  18. The neutral zones in Lakrum were part of Aion 7.7 patch which came out in November 2020, you can read about it here: https://www.aiononline.com/news/unshackled-fate-patch-notes
  19. Reinstall Aion if you can't get support.
  20. Lets hope the weekly quests and instances reset without the weekly reboot.
  21. Put rude people you don't want to read on your ignore list. Just click on the menu popdown next to your icon top right on the forum, and select "Ignored Users" from the menu and add the trolls. eg. I added Valedia-DN to my ignore list weeks ago.
  22. I am pretty sure that NCwest don't read these forums, so all the suggestions fall on deaf ears. The lack of NCsoft staff actively participating in the game in NA is why it's in a slow state of decay.
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