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  1. Exactly! The F2P is only useful to me for utility toons. eg. extra storage mules or crafting things to sell.
  2. Ferk-DN

    how long?

    If P2W takes over classic, the subscriber numbers will drop. Subscribers expect value for money.
  3. No, you will make P2P subscribers angry. Bad idea.
  4. The limit only applies after your free hour of siels aura each day. So time you siege properly and you get your AP. The reason the limit is they want you to pay not free to play.
  5. You can link Paypal to a bank account to top it up, or even Bitcoin.
  6. I am surprised it ran, I use to struggle with a Core 2 duo CPU PC, that only had 2GB of RAM when Aion first came out. I had to take it up to 4GB of which only 3GB was recognized by windows 7 32bit. But that was enough to play Aion for the first few years.
  7. Even if it was on the broker, it makes no difference, someone at some point had to do a direct payment to purchase it.
  8. What's more, Australia has always been under the umbrella of NCsoft West, so there should be no IP blocks.
  9. Because the article title is by the the Community Team and the content is by the Korean Dev Team.
  10. Then why does the Korean dev team call it the "Aion Classic Global Service" in the release announcement? https://www.aiononline.com/news/aion-classic-announcement
  11. Classic has a much simpler gear setup it's based on the 2009 version of Aion. Over the years more and more pieces of equipment are required to remain competitive, to the point where casual players have little chance of attaining proper endgame gear. The simpler gear choices in Classic mean far less inequality, especially in PvP. Secondly, one of the main draw cards for Aion was the wings/flying which is all but totally removed over the years since, except for a few small spots in some maps.
  12. Korean servers have GeoIP blocking on Aion Classic, with some sort of a smartphone versification.
  13. Hi Loki, the NA Aion Classic servers are also currently the EU and Oceanic servers, unlike the Aion original launch in 2009 which had servers for all 3 time zones. Hence the NA siege times will be impractical for all 3 zones unless timetable adjustments are made. Can you discuss with your team the possibility of staggering siege times so they are not always NA biased? ie. making the siege times different on each week day.
  14. Put some more RAM in it. It's the old PC2-5300 memory, you should be able to get used 2GB sticks for cheap, people throw it away. https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ee/en/products/desktops-and-all-in-ones/thinkcentre-a-series-desktops/thinkcentre-a58/7515/7515a47/accessory
  15. Those links are bad, it required a Google sign in which I can't do.
  16. Keep an eye on the "Legion Recruitment" forum, to find one with Elyos players in your timezone, then see which server they are on.
  17. Normally it's the other way around, wireless is the thing that causes problems with large downloads, so you need to plug in an ethernet cable.
  18. Sure just delete the Aion folder and leave the Aion Classic folder. Not sure if the NClauncher will still think you have both.
  19. What makes you think kinah is so important? AP is the big thing in early Aion, and AP can't be transferred, not even between your own toons.
  20. You don't need EU specific servers, just make it so one day a week the siege time suits EU players. Siege times are something the NCsoft West team can control. They have done it before, even had surveys on preferred siege times.
  21. Are you sure? I looked in the AION_CLASSIC folder and was surprised to see an old GameGuard.des file! How long ago was it that GameGuard was dropped? You would think the devs removed that if they were seriously working on the game.
  22. That assumes guests will always remain guests, and that is highly unlikely.
  23. Daeva Pass is like the Prestige Pass in Aion 7.9 with a different interface for quests and items instead of the shugo NPC and vending machine thing. I think it's a bad idea in a subscription game, and wont be buying it.
  24. SM spirits are a joke, compared to minions or pets which can actually follow. Spirits get stuck all the time, or dismissed because they can't keep up, or start attacking random things. They are always a problem flying, can't summon in air early Aion. I tend to do my SM builds to rely very little on summoning spirits.
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