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  1. Enchant rate broken?

    my luck never existed, but even in last patch it was only taking 40-50 stones per piece, now seems like i can't pass +12, and legend stones fail me on +13 all the time one of the reasons why i just gave up on upgrading pvp gear lol
  2. Enchant rate broken?

    its impossible to get ancient items to +15 with ancient stones anymore, i spent ~400 stones on 1 piece and didnt even get +13 once, so do my friends, rates seems not changed since bug after path e.e . Getting lege to +5 with ancient is hard af now too
  3. only Danaria is down right now
  4. 1st post in 6.2

    update is up for good 8h
  5. 1st post in 6.2

    i'm preety sure everyone already has readed it few times
  6. Anyone know what will happen to skins we already put into luna wardrobe?
  7. Awakened Gala Gift Box

    Well, if you talk about EU and their gold pack which limits everything in game dont be really suprised, its how EU works, Na have almost no limits for f2p players, prestige players just get instance boost pack for free, but everyone else can just get it so easly, still nothing much of paying
  8. Script

    look for packs of scripts and how to make them, script window is broken since long time