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  1. Hello Aion community, I haven't played Aion consistently in a very long time. Nostalgia lead me back to it. I have a level 80 cleric but all of its gear is outdated & i have no idea where to start / what to do to gear her up. Any updated (beginners) guide on how to play cleric (how to gear up, required skills & gear stats etc...) would be very much appreciated! Thank you
  2. That's all very well summed up. Thank you for this relevant post / comparison. I started playing Aion in EU, then after 4 years i re-rolled on NA servers and it felt like i could finally breathe & freely enjoy all aspects of the game without having to worry about getting a monthly GoldPack (or subscription). I find the Gameforge f2p model to be too restrictive (especially for free players / users) compared to the NA model. The lower ping & the suitable siege schedule were the only things i missed when i moved from EU to NA.
  3. thank you for the help Aly & Vantheria.
  4. Hello all, i'm a returning user too & i'm feeling lost too. I just reached level 80, with difficulty & trashed half of the lakrum equipment that was given for free (i thought i was getting twice the same set while i was actually getting a pvp version & a pve version of it) & i have no idea what to do now that i'm level 80 with very basic gear (mixture of pvp & pve lakrum campaign quest set). I still have my old pvp magic resist set & magic boost pvp set as well as a healing pve harvester set, but i was informed by fellow players that the lakrum set was better
  5. You spoke my mind here LittleSpoon. Applying the rule that forbids naming and shaming a player in public isn't relevant in the case of hackers. I personally just see it as an excuse for them to continue hacking freely without being bothered. Publicly denouncing a hacker (with a reliable / verified proof at hand) is just like denouncing a scammer, it's a necessity, it doesn't make sense to keep their identity secret while denouncing them and making their identity public would be more beneficial than detrimental to the community and its integrity. It's not about "naming and shaming" or backbitin
  6. Hello Lethalien, You have a good chance to get a untradeable omega stone from the daily Luna instance. (Rank A or S are required, according to my personal experience)
  7. Hello Everyone, I don't know about everyone else, but I'd very much appreciate having a full week of 200 % XP Boost as a special event to celebrate Aion's Birthday.
  8. Like many of you here, I miss Katalam and Danaria, but to me, they wouldn't fit as server names. Among all the suggested names, I love Sakrapes. I would like to add Anuhart to the suggestions. There used to be a server called Anuhart in EU but it became Hellion after the merge.
  9. Please NCsoft, don't make us pay for the transfers. I understand your concern regarding the free transfer abuse, but I'm sure you can find other ways to prevent that without making those who have conflicting toons pay for a transfer they initially didn't plan on making, but happen to be forced to do it in spite of themselves due to the merge.
  10. I don't wanna make it too personal but I suggest Cataclysm & Apocalypse, symbolizing and immortalizing the irremediable effect the merger announcement had on my heart.
  11. I'm happy the new forums are finally here Thank you NCsoft Team. I love shugos, but I'd really appreciate to be able to pick my own avatar pic. We all look the same here, except Hime.
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