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  1. Is the gear reward from Luna worth anything? Prime Guardian (has pvp bonus) and (forgot the other set name, which has pve bonus) Got a few pieces of each gambling the other day, should I de-enchant them for chrono stones or save them to use?
  2. Thanks a bunch Acquiring the Apollon gear? Whats that entail? Is it an instance set or quest line or mob drop?
  3. Trying to collect/segment my questions so its easier to answer and not all jumbled; -Gotten some armor/weapon sets from quest chains, Renewed & Revived(?) Daevanion sets. Are they worth the inventory space, do they have a purpose? Can't sell them, haven't tried straight trashing them yet in-case they're useful for something aside from appearance. -Old manastone; obviously there are the new archdaeva manastones for end game gear, before which I'll be using the Fledgling gear which is already full of stones. Is there any outlet for these that justifies keeping them? Alchemy can combine them into higher level right? Is investing into that now with 6.0 coming worth it? Probably not huh -Speaking of manastones, when I start getting my end game gear sets, should i socket them with old style stones temporarily while i gather up archdaeva stones or just wear it without manastones while i work on adding them? -Is there another fledgling set after the 55 set? If not, what set should I start working on for PvE? (and at what level should I definitely be out of fledgling by? 65? 70?) -I got a Harvester Accessory pack from the Gold Dice, it offers me a choice of accessory items, as a Cleric, is there a certain one of those items that would be best or just base it on need at the time? -I'm leveling slow because I go through every area and complete all quests, I've got quest OCD or something... shame me so I can break this awful habit... lol
  4. Returning after 5 year Hiatus

    Agree, I too just came back after that long (or longer) of a break. Game is totally different, my lvl 38+ chars from back then are useless now, their gear is sub-par to whats available at lvl 10 (+10 fledgling gear) now, crating mats gathered by the scores back then are valueless or obsolete, or will be when 6.0 hits (all professions will be removed), manastones are useless from back then that you may have hoarded, as the armor/weapons your given at lvl 10 and 55 are already socketed with ideal stones. Start both toon's fresh and learn together, much has changed and its sounds like a lot will be changing in 6.0
  5. Expand Warehouse

    There's cash shop items for the warehouse will take me past 64 slots? Saw there were two different ones there
  6. Expand Warehouse

    So searched the forums here, can't find any threads giving me any good guidance. Currently when I click the 'Expand' button in the warehouse UI, I get a warning message like; 'this npc cannot expand past lvl 5' I've went to all the various main towns trying different NPCs, with no luck. I have found that making a profession to the expert level will gain me 1 bar, but there are around 6 or so rows still blocked off for me. Is it a level issue, as I am only lvl 38 atm. Too many mats horded aside from creating new toons I'm stuck on what to do.