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  1. Patch notes says if you equip a Deft Sheba as a Mini-minion it will give you (Magic/Physical) Attack 660. Can somebody either agree to this or deny? I thought Deft Sheba gave additional accuracy stats, not attack. @Kibbelz Can you check this? Might be just a typo.
  2. We all know that all known player names use it at least for botting.
  3. Are you seriously comparing EU with NA. In EU they give tons of better rewards including red transformation contracts, you can't expect the same for NA.
  4. You speak about fairness kibbelz. If you think about it everybody in this game have 3 restoration tokens, everybody is equal in that matter, also everybody is able to obtain AT LEAST 2 Geade A rank 4 minion. If you really think that every player should have a fair and equal shot at getting Rank S minions then this decision of disabling restoration is a dumb and wrong. What a joke.
  5. They keep nerfing the original rewards for crappy stuff on our region, how is that not terrible? @Kibbelz Listen to us for once, give us the original rewards. The same KR and EU have.
  6. All we want is the snowball event with non disappointing rewards and a good promotion event. Is that too much too ask? Stop this nerfed events madness.
  7. Real question is, why didn't it crash this many times during the pumpkin event.
  8. Dont forget to give out the promotion rewards for Halloween event as well on 11/18. I believe that was the plan @Kibbelz
  9. Ok Ncsoft said in their webpage that the NPC, Autumn, sells a [Event][Motion Card] Comical Bow Bundle. But it turns out is not a Motion but Emotion! How dare you hurt our hope and dreams like that @Kibbelz :c Motions are more important than Ultimate transforms in this game!
  10. I think he was actualy talking about the mount, not the events topic. sigh..
  11. The female fire form's hair style was on point i love it <3
  12. Just to say, your name @Kibbelz doesn' t show in the Dev Tracker, would be useful if it did ! Also all of you, Loki, Hime, and kibbelz should write everything in blue its easier to spot you guy's comments. Just puttin' it out there !
  13. Well @Arhangelos-KT your lucky ! I failed 48 stones from 12 to 13 not a single one succeeded, then on the #49 stone it succeeded and went straight to 15 no fail. >.<
  14. Basically they are going to take away the only profitable XP farm, isn't that right @Loki.
  15. Hey so I just wanted to share some thoughts. It is very hard in the game to acquire Ultimate manastones and even harder to acquire the Red manastone you want. So how about having an event that gives us these manastones as a reward? Or even putting them on BCM for a short period of time ! It would help alot. You know when you finally get the stone you want, there is ALWAYS the possibility of fail .. and a High chance that is. Is not like we have an item that has a 100% socket chance. So lets think about this a little, I think would be a good idea to have some Selective ultimate manastone
  16. Good luck with that, 300 stigma stones later and mine are still +10
  17. Thanks for looking into this, will be much appreciated.
  18. Rewards for Discipline and Glory points is luna? Haha that's a good joke @Cyan common, what are the real rewards?
  19. Get used to it friend, I've failed 20 + red stones on a single item. (:
  20. @Cyan Are we also getting the shards priced reduced on tomorrow's update as well?
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