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  1. Luna Omega Drop Rates

    usually i get at least 2-3 with in the 7 run quest period this is the first time i have received none in a 7 run perod definitely lesser rate because of bcm if u ask me....which is pretty sneaky and underhanded too
  2. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    still laggggging...
  3. Contaminated Underpath

    no shade intended but in order to address these you would have to try and recreate them and look for them which most players dont most blame lag or just dont see it...you probly did have one of these issues just didnt occur to you at the time.. i just fail to understand how these can be recreated on different computers w different gpus and different connections with same result...
  4. Current List of Aion Glitches (add any if not on list)

    hey shadow the first comment was tested between 2 people pvping I can assure you it was only 8952 damage not 18952 same damage dealt registered on other players screen second comment my cpu isnt overclocked....i dins OCing dangerous to begin with and would never try to do it third comment. so im confused how with 64ms ping which is virtually a half second am i still able to get hit with those attacks even though im 2-3 seconds away from the monster initially from him casting those.....times dont seem to match up..im not that slow in spire lol aside from comments pointed out by shadow still waiting on ncsoft to address and fix these issues.. thanks!
  5. Contaminated Underpath

    still waiting for ncsoft to address and fix these issues... thanks
  6. Crucible Spire boss glitches

    dont u have a pvp instance to go afk...thats what ur good at bryos anyway...still waiting to have these issues addressed...nothing from ncsoft...whats up?
  7. Recharge Stations for Event Not Rewarding

    lol and again...
  8. Recharge Stations for Event Not Rewarding

    just happened again... no one else around click on recharge rock get told 'no appropriate target' upon bar completion and rock disappears.... thought events were supposed to be fun and not agitate people.....hmm
  9. Detonation Stations

    wouldnt be any complaining if they worked right ;P cant force devs to beta test events tho....too much work lifting a finger..
  10. Recharge Stations for Event Not Rewarding

    nope was just me... even then based on what u said there should be no reason for the bar to complete even if others were on it still confusing to the player if that were the case ;P and a fix is warranted on the chargeup bar to cancel out bar completions on max uses either way...somethings broke ;P and its hard for a player to participate fairly if the game is malfunctioning ;P
  11. was just at a rock in pandamonium and clicked on the rock for the recharge twice and was told "no appropriate target" upon bar completion... im confused? the bar completed for getting it twice..thought it was supposed to give candy.... i didnt get anything ;( plz fix and give candy
  12. Crucible Spire boss glitches

    Summon blizzard hits players despite being out of gm mandated 50% cast range when hitting skills sometimes scrolls will go off in place of the skill you hit and bounce your cursor all over the screen with 64ms lag skills hesitant when going off ie Hit punishing wind 3 sec later it engages charge up all with consistant 60ms or lower ping time to hire new coders guys...theyre dirtying up your games playability
  13. Contaminated Underpath

    when poor development and coding show....any of these couldve rendered a different outcome if coded correctly. please fix soon! 4th skill will complete despite cancelling it and skill bar not complete rejuv fountain will not restore life sometimes, you have to jump in and jump out again sometimes repeatedly for it to work this after it has fully spawned boss able to hit from way out of range despite being out of the gm issued 50% cast range boss will remain on gate near gate death even if targetted on player (which is confusing and fishy) the 'no-go' zone ahead of the gates is not well defined and a player can be just outside of it getting hit guards will randomly not target enemies attacking gate and act as if no one is there despite many enemies there.
  14. due to a few unsavory players acting a fool...it seems ncsoft is now instituting rules to follow for coalition... i cant help but wonder if its because alot of people emailed complaing about a certain 2 players in particular...course thats not my place to say...but anyway so why no action against players who afk pvp instances? Im shocked nothing is being done about this....and i know several of you feel me on this one and have emailed/ticket about this and been ignored or got some excuse...so without posting speculation based on this the most common thing ive seen being "u got cash walletz ncsoft nobanz roflmaoz" (in other words no valid realistic reason why they wont ban for afk people) im wondering somewhere between me quitting 2-3 years ago when they WERE banning people for afk (3 day ban) and now (no bans) what happened? personally id rather have them reinstitute bans on afkers.....do away with the coalition system altogether.... which would you all have? discuss
  15. Current List of Aion Glitches (add any if not on list)

    just got kicked out of my last entry in crucible spire at level i think 32 or 33 whatever the boss is on that area....i was in obstacle behind one of the torches and he was still able to palm blast me...that doesnt make any sense because whenever i try to hit him behind torch i get told obstacle... im confused ncsoft? why? id make a ticket like i have been but all ur gonna do is ignore me and not answer my questions and have my tickets autoclose..... why such poor game development?