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  1. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    Yeah, but they aren't even responding to me, because there is no evidence lol. I do not even think they have a legitimate detection method because of what has transpired here and the endless amounts of hackers that have been playing this game for years. They don't have to tell me their detection methods. Just at least reveal to me what I did (action in game, whether it was the kibrium or something else??).....i'm literally confused Thanks for the support, I will keep you guys updated if I get any. Okay, I will try this, thanks Squid. At this point I don't even really care anymore tbh. What kind of business treats its customers like this LOL. It's literally the exact same thing as putting someone in jail for murder with zero evidence and no chance for appeal. Hey, I don't think they banned my IP as I am still able to sign into this account in game and to post here. My brother played the game like 6 months ago, but he doesn't use bots/hack either lol, so I don't think this could be a possibility. I seriously do not know what could of flagged me as using a third party program LOL. It is a complete joke they won't even tell me what I did. Yeah so they "observed" me. What did they "observe" me doing? I don't just AFK the whole time. If I did get banned because of the AFK kibriums (them thinking I was using a 3rd party program to do it), I get onto my mount to loot quicker, I attack the mobs other than the kibrium bosses, I attack the 2 kibrium bosses whenever I feel like it (watching Netflix on the side mostly), I say "ty" to the people who invite me to the alliances, I leave and join new alliances. I don't share my account, so I don't think account sharing would be the cause I understand you guys are skeptical, and you have the right to believe whatever you want, I am just trying to explain my side and get attention on the topic of people getting banned for literally no reason. If you were running a business, you would never treat a customer like this, period. I agree. You can tell by the GMs message he is not professional I will try, but i don't really care at this point LOL. I'll miss my friends though If we are talking about the video game industry, companies do. Riot games for example, there is an appeals process and they provide proof of boosting and that stuff. I am completely calm and rational from a customer stand point. As mentioned earlier. I'm starting to think they really do not have a legit method of detecting 3rd party. If they did they wouldn't have banned me LOL. I didn't break any rules and I am a customer, not their guest. They are trying to make money off me. Understandable, it's the internet. But I am just trying to raise awareness to the issue of them randomly banning without cause. Maybe this rarely happens or only from time to time? Unless they can tell me exactly what I did (they do not have to tell me how they detected it) this is no way to treat customers. Yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking now, that's why real hackers have been roaming free for years. I quit for 5 years and came back and a radar hacker from 3.0 is still here LOL. That's all I'm saying, this will probably happen to another person in the future, just don't be quick to jump to conclusions Yep. There use to be daily videos of people blatantly glide hacking and they would get removed from the forums, with nothing being done to the hacker. At this point they don't care about legit players that spend no money on this game. I do not think they care about the state of this game at all anymore very nice my friend
  2. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    Sorry guys, was at work all day. Thanks for the replies even though some of you are trolling. I will try to answer most of your comments: The only thing I bought was 1x prestige pass in November/December?, maybe that's why they do not care about providing proof before banning me. Squid I've played with you and Orange (I am Aug/Justin/Down). They observed me, so why can't they provide proof? It's like putting someone in jail for murder with them not having a chance to defend themselves. I LITERALLY GOT 1 RESPONSE FROM THE GM AND IT WAS JUST THAT IMAGE (saying they won't look into it further). I am coming here for myself, sadly I don't have friends :<. AFK farming is basically for the Elyos side on the beach. There are 2 Ancient Kibrium bosses that spawn. The Elyos have an alliance going there almost 24/7 with 80% of the people AFKing and coming back to pick up loot every 5-10 minutes. It's free guap. Some people do it with 6+ clients (not me). I am not aware of any bots doing this, people just AFK and come back after 5-10 minutes to pick up the Kib as I stated. I am not using any kind of program/add-on/script on looting the body, I do it all manually as mentioned. How I loot is SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK. The GM was not specific at all and he told me explicitly they wouldn't look at this issue anymore (what kind of logic is this as they've wrongly banned people before). I will try the senior GM route. Answered right above! You must be asmo cause every Elyos knows this and AFK farms beach as alliance is going on there almost 24/7. I stopped using VPNs since I came back to the game. I used BattlePing/WTFast in 2014 when I last played. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING, ITS MESSED UP. The GM I talked to REFUSED to provide proof. I'm actually starting to believe because I stopped spending money on this game they don't care about my account. Thanks for the overall support dude lol. I will probably quit the game even if I get my account appealed, this is just sad, how they treat a loyal player since 2009 who bought subscriptions and a physical copy of the game when it came out. Literally did nothing wrong. I am 100% sure it was a mistake. You don't need to trust me, but if I really did bot I wouldn't still be stuck at 3 pieces of Red gear 6 months into the patch LOL. Yes, exactly what I do. I don't dual client often. Last time I did it was a month ago? You don't need to test me lol, I have no motif to lie to you over the internet I haven't noticed this, when people do this method they literally check once every 5-10 minutes and dont read chat or anything, loot their toons 1 at a time and just AFK again I want them to check my account thoroughly, I know I didn't cheat. I seriously don't even know how to download bots, nor have I even google'd it before LOL. I play this game for fun and friends not to do that stuff TBH, they didn't specify I was botting, they actually think I hack LOL. Which is even more ridiculous because I am a shit player. I have been killing alot of bots for the 50 kill quest on my sin for the fragments. Maybe one of the "bots" was actually a player and reported me for hacking because I kept killing them over and over again?? What have I ever done to you lol. I get this is the internet, but you're belief is what makes the Aion/MMO community so shit. Huh, I AFK for any where between 5-10 minutes and come back to manually loot the bodies. I think you are just misunderstanding what I am saying. How is AFKing for loot bannable, just because that's what you believe doesn't make you right LOL. If I were to bot this, you really think I would do it on my main account?? IKR LOL WHY IS THIS GUY SO MAD??? 1. Yeah, I stopped paying them money, so they don't really care about me 2. It's actually happened quite a few times before if you look around of the forums 3. Yeah they have reversed banned before as they realized it was their mistake, but for some reason they don't want to look into my case again. NOT EVEN ONCE according to this GMs response? 4. I didn't use ANY 3rd party program. I am not lying LOL, you guys really need to understand I play this game for FUN. 5. Yeah, they might have banned me for assuming I hack? I've been killing alot of bots for the 50 kill quest with my assassin in orange gear. Maybe one of them was a real player and reported me? I have never used shugo console in my life. I do know alot about aion, I've been playing on and off since 2009 lol Sorry for misunderstanding, I was not fully AFK. I'm honest. I would actually admit it if I was botting......... Yep, Elyos always have an Ally going like this. I don't know what else to tell you guys to make myself more transparent lol, even if I get unbanned, there's no point of playing a game where you can get accused for shit you didn't do with GMs like this. Worked hard s for my 3 pieces of ultimate gear since coming back in 6.0 LOL. Sad they can't ban real hackers and ban legit players without any proof.
  3. My account was randomly banned for "suspicious activities". Upon talking to support, this was the response they gave me: https://imgur.com/HG04YdX I haven't used a ping reducing program since 2014 and I can guarantee that I have never botted before. I do not use any 3rd party programs while playing Aion, the only logical explanation I can think of is someone reported me for AFKing Ancient Kibriums farming at the beach as them thought I was a bot? The GM I talked with refused to look into the issue (as seen in the image link, he won't look into the issue any further. I spent countless hours on this game gearing up my account and get banned for no reason? What can I do???