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  1. Stigma Enchant event?

    @Cyan@Gideon@Hime YES!!!!!!! we need same stigma event as EU got many times now and we have not gotten once.
  2. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    @Cyan Gideon and hime all received direct messages about the issue with that letter a month ago. Nothing was acknowledged or even seemed to be opened and read(DM) Cyan also received a message directly to his discord regarding this matter over a month ago. The issue is known and has had zero response besides locking and silencing players obvious concern and interest in the health and enjoyment of this game.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 17, 2019

    I almost forgot that Aion was turning 10 years old in 1 month. Hope we get rainbow snake for the 10th anniversary with major healing potions and broken crystal balls as rewards. Cunts.
  4. Event Rewards.

    Guess how I got these stats HINT: it wasn't from PvP
  5. Event Rewards.

    Explain to my nyerking dumb ass how you earn PvP stones and Spirit fragments from pvping? You don't. And don't say the "PvP" instances give stuff because they really don't. Those items are to PROGRESS gear and are needed in a large quantity because of how the game system is designed. We don't have a good way to earn it in game and events have always helped out with that aspect. Dredge bags - NOT PVP Spirit Fragments - NOT PVP BIGGEST SOURCE OF ENCHANTMENT STONES - NOT PVP AETHER FORGING FOR D/E - NOT PVP SIEGE - 1-2 stones for AFKING(if you choose) - NOT PVP ABYSS POINTS - NOT PVP Having these items in events has nothing to do with them being straight up on the BCM which BY THE WAY all of 6.X and 7.X is literally FULLY designed and revolves around at its literal core. Not saying we should have everything in the cash shop straight up but when the game is fully designed around being able to purchase everything from the Korean shop and our region will never do that. This is where rewards in events come in.
  6. Event Rewards.

    We know this because it takes them months to wait for Korea to program custom changes for them. Its far easier to have interesting items in events while we wait for other changes. They have full control of event rewards and what is sold on the BCM according to a GM from Gameforge.
  7. Event Rewards.

    Yeah but NCwest isn't capable of adding content to the game, they can how ever change rewards and quantity of rewards in events.
  8. Event Rewards.

    These are not PvP items despite the item being listed as "PvP" It's literally the same thing as having events drop Omega Enchantment or Temperin Solutions.
  9. Event Rewards.

    It would be nice but obviously when it takes them three months to add shards that come with the base game to the GST they are incapable of doing that. This is the best/easiest solution.
  10. Event Rewards.

    I'm advocating for every event to have these items, as they are crucial to most aspects of the game.
  11. Event Rewards.

    Can we spice up the event rewards a little bit? It has been 8 months since the patch released and players have been missing crucial consumables to progress in the game. Why is it a bad thing if people can progress a little easier with the aid of events? I know Gideon said that he wanted events to "supplement" the game rather than be the best way to progress, but for that to happen you need to have systems already in place for character progression. It is currently way "harder" than it needs to be and only really because the game is void of proper ways to progress. Here are a few items that we would like to see because we don't really have a good way to earn them in game and every player needs for proper character progression. - Spirit Fighting Fragments (and not 1 or 2, 100+ as a reward considering we need to use them for crafting PvP enchantment stones and you need thousands for the equipment purification) - Legendary PvP/Ultimate PvP enchantment stones. Again, a chance at multiple legendary stones would be nice. Earning just one stone is the opposite of rewarding and the enchantment system is NOT designed for players to only have a very scarce quantity of stones. 1-15 x 3 on 17 item slots requires quite a few stones. - Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Guiding Stone bundles. Also refrain from adding low quantity of this item, everyone needs to craft armor/enchantment stones and we need thousands. Especially since you have nerfed drop rates on most mobs for these. - Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Kibirum. Yet another crafting item required for multiple aspects of the game. I feel these are reasonable items to have in every event, some are valued more than others but at the end of the day everyone needs these mostly un-tradeable items. And for anyone who is going to type here complaining people are going to "p2w" events for gear I ask you, Does it matter? Why is having a way for EVERY player to acquire gear more easily bad? If everyone has a proper chance to earn "max" or "good" gear isn't that better for the community overall? As someone who has max gear I do not see a problem having more players that are "geared". It is however a problem when the majority of the small player base is literally struggling to be on a similar level to others because there is no moderate time frame to progress, better and more abundant rewards in events will help. @Cyan @Hime
  12. @Cyan, harmony/disci season issue

    @Cyan @Gideon @Hime Your support staff have not a SINGLE clue. I tried to send tickets just to merely explain the situation that will effect every one and rewards that are quite desired by every player in the game but they do not comprehend anything. The simple solution is to change the arena reset days to Weds instead of Monday. We all know that you guys made a custom change for the GP ranks and GP ladder to "function" properly but it indirectly messed up Arena of Harmony and Arena of Discipline competition ranking ladders. Here is what I get just for trying to explain to the idiots in support. Also they keep saying go to the forums but alas...... WE ARE HERE and nothing for two weeks? There are multiple threads about this major issue.
  13. No way is enchanting not busted

    The enchantment rate is not broken its just designed to fail. NA region has no access to the materials we need for enchanting compared to Korea. In Korea you can easily ear hundreds of stones a week or better yet buy 100+ legendary stones for $50. Na needs a custom change not just 6.garbage rates. 1: Either increased way of getting these enchantment stones from PVP/SIEGE/BATTLEGROUNDS >>>>>>>>>> EVENTS??!??!!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!! 2: Rates beyond what we have now. Even in 5.8 omegas past 15 were something like 62% success rate.
  14. BUMP!!!!!! I would like to see these Anomos weapons from an event sometime soon as it is nearly impossible to obtain from the boss it's self. - Have to beat opposite faction and kill boss - Be in the DPS winning alliance/league - Loot is on FFA - Drop procs ultimate grade - Item is useful for your class - WIN the roll against 200-300 other players. HIGHLY unlikely that you obtain the weapon. A select few have been lucky enough(or paid the person who won it IRL currency)