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  1. It is called "the truth" I am not here to be your friend, rub your back, blow smoke up your ass. I am calling it for what it is which is someone who was AFK, got kicked by Jakan and is now in the forum crying about it which is leading to slandering Jakan who did what was within his powers and it was the right thing to do. I honestly think there should be more kicks. How many times at Kysis do we just knock everything out and get on dux and DPS just simply dies. 200 people flying about the dux with maybe 75-100 attacking. It is a joke yet you guys want to defend a leech which is why we can only snag a fort on nights that more then one fort goes vulnerable.
  2. So be it, there really isn't much of a difference between a bad cleric and an afk cleric right? Both ultimately end with the same scenario.....dead party members. I didn't insult anyone in my previous post. The simple truth is that if you are bad, your just simply bad. What do you want people to do, sing you praises of how awesome you are for a job that you can't do? I am kind of shocked at the number of people rushing to defend an afker. Quite honestly siege sucks because of this so I find it well within Jakan's right to kick people. We have a very short time window to cap a fort now as Elyos which doesnt include fluff time of showing people around or binding to a kisk (WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE AT THE START duh!!!). Quite honestly this faction makes me sick and I am not sure why you are bringing the Poco's into this, they didn't have anything to do with this siege or this kick. Sure I defended them in a previous post and I still would today though they seem more then willing to step aside and let the the faction implode on their own which we are well on our way of doing with afk people complaining about not being able to leech their GP.
  3. i disagree, clerics of all people shouldn't be messing around playing tour guide at siege time if that was really the case. If Jakan claim you were afk then you probably were. If someone besides you has to answer if your afk or not then that pretty much means your afk. Quit being a newb and posting BS. Faction and server are already bad enough as they are without this crybaby crap.
  4. Banned people still 75? really?

    I did the crime, I did the time now hush and let me enjoy my 8 level 75s.
  5. I think he is probably talking about quick enter Idgel and OW and if he is, he is fighting a uphill battle. Most people actually group and play on their mains and then just quick enter their alts.
  6. Housing Refunds

    I wonder if they have a chart of houses up for auction that day because I swear it looks like the refund is based off the wrong house. Could the guy be tired and confused and looking at #20 Spring Hill Village because I can understand making that mistake. I am now trying to figure out how they came up with the total. Did the house sale for 111,600,000 and they charge you 6mill of mansion taxes? Regardless, something is weird here.
  7. I think/hope/pray they revert UA siege mechanics to the way it was before. I rather have less active players roaming UA looking for AP then 3/4 of the faction standing AFK inside the fort. Keep that leeching crap for sanctum/panda sieges.
  8. I looked for them as well. I think I saw Mochi in Kaisinel at the beginning of siege which ended in complete failure in 5 minutes. Not sure what the excuse will be this time but I am waiting. Lost cause with their kisk quicker then I could port and join. Go figure.
  9. Actually it is funny that most of these people expect to join a coalition then stand there and chat, vend, do wonder girl dances etc and its fine for them to play this way but if others don't do the work and get them their GP, better head to forums can cry and see if they can invent a new rule to get someone banned so another workhorse can come along and do their work for them. Pretty ironic considering the comments made by both Mochi and Poco in the past huh. I hated this system when it was put in, I still hate it now. Not every fat kid should get a trophy for participation in my opinion and the same thing should imply here, fat kids and bad players be gone!!!
  10. 5 pages of almost pure crying and the worst thing any of you have is them calling you a "peon" which is laughable at best. Your going to have to do a lot better then that if you think your going to get someone banned. I think NCsoft would be more upset with you guys clogging up the system with your petty complaint tickets when they could be focusing on other real legitimate problems in the game. I mean if they kick you because you fail to respond to a ready check, good for them, we have too many AFK morons as it is.
  11. And these are the type of comments that can land you in trouble. I wonder if this is the bad cleric who caps small 200 point boxes in Idgel. Is this Spirity? I mean if I played that bad, I would be totally embarrassed too.
  12. You actually took a SS of them calling people peons? Why? If my memory serves correctly we just went thru the same thing a few weeks ago before merge. There always has to be some haters in the crowd so sure Mochi and Poco decided to be like 95% of you guys and afk the siege since other people thought they were more qualified to lead. Needless to say we didn't get forts for a couple of weeks until the the Pocos decided to come back and run siege like they normally do. Maybe show a little appreciation and gratitude for them doing what they do. They should make you kneel and kiss their ring and pledge your loyalty.
  13. The truth of the matter is they are playing the game by the rules. It is funny how you want to change it from GP to a vote. I noticed you didn't want to go by ap or crucible rankings or anything like that but why? Oh yeah they seem more then competent in arenas as well. You should either get on board with the system or players or maybe look into transferring to Siel before they shut it down.
  14. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Mochi and Poco have been nothing but nice and helpful to me. They generally end up talking bad and kicking people who are just horrible at the game, their class, or bought their account. More then likely if you have a problem with them, you qualify in 1 of the 3 above conditions. I think transfers are still available, maybe you should look into that.