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  1. Happy S---t day !!

    584/5000 aion's end is coming it's just a matter of time aion stopped in time years ago !!! THE EVENT IS BAD AND DOESN'T HAVE A MINIMUM OF FUN ... NCSOFT EVERYWHERE MORE ... the impression that passes with these 11 years in the market does not have the least experience with the mmorpg market ... they do not know that if the players don't like it they don't make profits .... they don't know how to make a fun event! these coins from the event could be dropped in the instance of the power rangers would be a lot more fun than this rubbish event more and more you sink your own company aion! SHAME
  2. How to be a good gunner?

    Would you like to take a doubt? I have a Gunner and my ping is 170! I wonder if gunner is really good character for pvp ... Example if you are level gladiator and even equipment that gunner, the gunner can win? I was thinking of trading for a glad or sm