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  1. So what you are saying to me is that , people that was AWARE of a MISTAKE , and were consciously taking advantage should be awarded for it ? Quest Items, for EVERYONE in a league, it's insane.. Absurd.. It never happened before. The item, instead of being distributed among 6 people, was being given to 192 people ! A lot of people with 2 accounts, some with 3 - 4 accounts just AFK. Please, be reasonable. The rewards are available, you can pretty much get 1 omega everyday without having to work too hard. This is much better than most NCs events. What do you mean ... "mul
  2. So a MISTAKE was made , and everyone ( NC and player base ) was aware of it. So , NC shutted it down to fix it. YOU guys ( Players complaining about the prices ) decided to keep grinding 24/7, LYING to yourselves that things would still very easy, believing that after the new prices, you would be able to make 20 - 30 Omegas per day. REALLY ?! Being AFK in a League, and make 20 Omegas per day. REALLY ?! IN ONE DAY ?! EVERY DAY ! FOR 3 WEEKS ?! Do you really believe you would be able to farm 400 - 600 Omegas by the end of the event ?! PLEASE. So the only one respons
  3. Just a "Bump", it remains at the first page.: Friday, October 6 to Sunday, September 8 – +100% Bonus AP Gained Cyan , you need to fix the month.
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