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  1. 6.0 info

    My guess is that they want people to play their alts to gear up and also sell more cube expansion tickets/coins. I know the warehouse can only have so much space but that can easily change.
  2. 6.0 info

    Since xp amounts are getting changed to be less grindy I'd think AP values will follow suit so it may not be as expensive as it seems. Just my guess.
  3. 6.0 info

    And thank you for spending your money and helping to keep a game I enjoy alive. I spend about the same, and the vibe I've gotten from many posts in this forum is that you're either f2p or p2w there's no in between. I've seen people on Aion and other f2p games boast about how they've never spent a cent on the game. Proud of what an eMooch they are.
  4. 6.0 info

    I'm aware how to get 100% success but that wasn't always the case. It's an arbitrary means to fulfill players' desire for more stats with yet another add-on stat boost (which has gotten way out of hand) metered by money/time sink or even the destruction of the item (which is ridiculous, imo). It's a way for RNG to kick you down the ladder to keep you grinding and I just don't agree with that mechanic and I'm glad to see it go.
  5. 6.0 info

    Why would anyone pay to unlock warehouse space when they could just make another alt and funnel stuff to their warehouse? NC obviously wants more control over this and to close this loophole.
  6. 6.0 info

    What I'm getting at is the hypocrisy of complaining about minions being unfair under the guise of p2w, when grinded gear, which is a-ok, provides the same net result. But it's the minions that are ruining PvP... Really these detractors just have a problem with the method of attainment, hence the outcry to make high end gear untradable. And yes, I'm aware of storage. It's Aion's and many other mmo's way of metering the accumulation of crap that takes up code or as a pay-gate. It's the only thing in Warframe you must use bought currency to unlock. However, if the account warehouse is to be removed for the sake of slowing accumulation/gear trading then so should the legion warehouse. The only other option is for only the BG have access which would make everyone have their own legions for the sake of storage space. Which is just silly and sidesteps the entire purpose of having a legion.
  7. 6.0 info

    tl;dr: A salty vet's long-ass rant welcoming the apocalypse. "And I saw a new heaven and new earth. For the first heaven and first earth were gone..mourning, nor crying nor sorrow shall be any more, for the former things are passed away." I've read this entire thread and 6.x can't come soon enough. The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the chicken-little's have been delicious. I've come back to the game from a very long break and I'm so happy for these changes. The game has become more bloated than a week-old corpse in a pond. With all of the different methods, kinah-sinks, time-gates to acquire and tinker with your gear, it doesn't just seem convoluted to a new player, it is. I understand keeping your playerbase interested through gear advancement, but it's turned into a carrot on a stick to keep you chasing the dragon. Especially once I learned gear can go poof, LOL. Welp, better keep popping in quarters and farm it up again or buy it off someone who has; at least it's "tradeable". Oh wait, you guys bitched about that too. And call it p2w or whatever, but I think paying customers deserve something (good) above players who want something for nothing. Paying customers' time isn't any less valuable. "I put in a lot of time and effort into grinding and farming for my gear. They shouldn't be allowed to have it and I demand new gear for free when the patch comes!" Stop being elitist dicks. ("Grinding" and "farming" aren't words typically synonymous with "fun" This is a GAME, remember?). They put a lot of time and effort into their jobs, and not only are they helping feed the families of the employees and provide a reason to turn the servers back on every Wednesday, they're also being productive members of society. And I know the type, the ones that spend large amounts of time standing at the <insert player market npc here> with the gear no one else should be allowed to have because inspiring envy in others gives their empty lives meaning. Plus I think it would be hilarious to see someone who got the Kaisinel transform roflstomp a bunch of overgeared chickenhawks. They're no longer the apex predator and they're scared and it's funny af. You want the game worthwhile for you? Make it worthwhile for NC and kick them a few dollars. Gear is like a cell phone; it has it's day and eventually becomes obsolete. That's been the incentive for moving to the new content for the past 20 years. Everyone take a deep breath and let go of your 5.8 RAZR gear and embrace the 6.x iphone gear. "But what about-" Nope. "But can I-" Shhhh. Everything's gonna be ok. There will always be better gear. You're fearing the one thing that can combat the massive chasm in "geared" and "not geared" caused by stat bloat. You want balanced PvP? Start there. Getting one-shot by a minion is broken and unfair yet getting two-shot by someone in gear and upgrades you'll never hope to see in the next year of playing is fair? Whatever. 6.x could delete my entire inventory and it wouldn't really matter because after a couple quest lines i'll have better gear anyway. Instead of worrying what they'll get in trade people should be happy they get ANYTHING for their old gear. Never before have I seen a free expansion in any mmo I've played hand out new gear for old. Good riddance for removing empty, barren content and Hallelujah for streamlining the leveling arc. Seriously, how much shit opens up at 65? Most of it meant for PvP that never happens. Hmm, is Kaldor the next questing area? Nope. Ok how about Levinshore? Nope. Panseterra? Nope, try again. It's a waste of drive space for us and server resources for them. Anyone remember what happened to 90% of the content in EQ when PoP released? Instant ghost town. I saw maybe two other players going from 1-55 and maybe 10 players from 55-65. Let's face it, every mmo is about getting gear. The best gear is at the highest level. The game doesn't really start until you reach the level cap. And the vast majority of players are 70+. There are four kinds of new characters: 1. Alts, where you've done everything before and would rather just get to the gearing. 2. Returning players who would actually like to play with other people, hence getting to the cap. 3. Players whose high level friend(s) convinced them to get the game and play with them, and 4. Actual new players who will forget Aion is a multiplayer game until level 66. They removed legion and account warehouses, good. You'll actually have to play your alts rather than go afk and funnel them crap. Plus, gear is so easy to get does it really matter? Converting kinah to gold bars and starting over is a good way to stop the inflation and having new kinah character bound is a good way to control inflation. But having yet another form of currency seems redundant to me. (NCoin, Kinah, Abyss Points, Luna, and now Gold Bars? Really?) But I am happy for the removal of the 82 different kinds of medals, coins, marks, letters, etc. It became the very definition of "convoluted". I won't miss tradeskills. I have max armorsmithing and weaponsmithing from when they were useful and it was just a pain for me. MAYBE you might get the print. MAYBE you might get the fluxes. MAYBE you might get the greater item if MAYBE the combine doesn't fail. The amount of RNG just pushed it from rewarding to frustrating. Remember getting ganked farming a node? No more being a sitting duck. Lastly, I hope armor starts to look like armor again and I really hope you can turn off the appearance of the transforms. If I wanted to kill pokemons in a 3-piece suit I'd go play Final Fantasy.