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  1. Ah yeah whoops, its handicrafting not tailoring for the mounts haha. @Vantheria-DN yes I actually just noticed to pink moon icon after switching from fast track to standard server and it was highlighted. Had a look at it, closed it and didn't give it a second thought. But from you are saying it can give some nice rewards so will look more into it. Thanks for pointing it out!
  2. If that's the case then I'll probably skip crafting then since Aetherforging is all that will be left eventually. As far as skins go, I'm fairly new so I don't really know what one's I'd like/don't like since I haven't really seen a whole lot of the game yet. I have started cooking, because why not. The little buffs are nice so I'll just stick to that one and not worry so much about the others. I was gonna pick up tailoring for the mounts (I think its tailoring that lets you craft mounts, might be wrong) but since that's also going out the window I might not worry about it. I'm in no rus
  3. So I've just started playing Aion and honestly, I am having a blast. The depth this game gets into when it comes to gearing, enchanting, crafting etc, etc....its pretty awesome. The combat also feels really good considering it uses an old-school tab targeting system. The story, the quests, the soundtrack....I love it and plan on sticking with this particular mmorpg. But I've been watching some videos and reading forums regarding the coming changes when patch 6.0 hits NA (I'm Aussie playing on NA server) and I'm thinking there's probably not much point in even bothering with any of the crafting
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