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  1. Magic Resistance is working in this patch?

    My stat cubics are 100% my collections I'm 70/82 missing new and both ulti on this chanter. you can tweak it if you want more of stuff but with this evasion it allows for very little dmg taken I can easily heal out and even if im in MR set and taking physical by a sin or something thats on me I have 15k pdef in this set along with my pvp def so I still dont take much dmg it also allows me to reach with blessing of stone 100k HP with mace and shield and food. My MR set im sad to say if its a very geared sorc or sw I dont resist as much
  2. Magic Resistance is working in this patch?

    If you're looking for full def I went in armor HP/Def/Def/Resist of choice. Accessories HP/HB/Resist/Block. Mace is Cast/HP/HB/MP since im lazy and there really isnt another good stat maybe parry but as cleric doesn't matter go Atk/Acc maybe. Shield is HP/HB/Def/Def. All sockets for EVA or MR set are EVA or MR. Literally 0 dmg output but you can get very very tanky. Base HB for me is about 1.7k about depending on minion most times I dont use my viola I use one of my 2 modors resist one or evasion one in these sets
  3. Runestone Classes ?

    blindness is fine for cleric because blinding light and cleric doesn't have a silence skill outside a RNGesus proc on sheba but most people don't run the boost because the damage ones are just so broken. My vandal has a +2 on attack slot and I have a +5 additional strike in the slot and it hits for a disgutsting amount even on players
  4. Magic Resistance is working in this patch?

    19k mr or eva would be the bare bare min. I wouldn't even begin to call that a eva/mr set my mr set is 23.7k and eva set is 25.2k that is when you will see a huge difference against these people who have no accuracy tuned in their gear like are currently running around. Also yes the only reason eva goes that high is im chanter and I have evasion mantra 500 and WoP along with both the mr and eva modor S minion
  5. Please, help!

    He activated his Byakugan eye and has nearly 360 degree vision, its simple really
  6. 7.5 new pve items better in pvp than dark talon?

    5.X there were set changes and upgrades same with 4.X. 6.X was the only now in the last long while. 6.X was also the shortest one we ever had
  7. 7.5 new pve items better in pvp than dark talon?

    I dont know why its shocking every patch there is new stuff to get thats better than the old, but if it makes you feel better your keep your armor and all the ranged classes keep their pvp weapons if the fact your in pvp gear really means a lot to people. For people who care it was easy to look up new patch info since KR got 7.5 about 6.5 months ago. 7.7 there is all new pvp gear again
  8. 7.5 new pve items better in pvp than dark talon?

    Didnt know if you saw but there is still a set bonus as well for have the necklace/ear/ring/blet which is another +300 something atk
  9. 7.5 new pve items better in pvp than dark talon?

    DIdnt read the whole post but yes SF accessories are better than DT and in 7.5 there is IDD HM which give feather accessories which are also better than DT
  10. I have checked this for a few newbies we had joining the game. The Bloodmark weapon is a MUST no matter if you play 1h class, and cant fuse, get it. Just to balance, get Pandora wings you need the PVE stats here same with the plume and bracelet it'll make up for the pve def you lose from armor and also the stats dont make a huge difference from pandora to kata on feather. All pandora accessories. The armor you can do full Kata because you don't want to get pandora because you will swap out for pf,idd,slez too quick for it to be worth it. So in short Kata weapon, helm, armor. Pandora wing, plume, bracelet, accessories. It will balance out your pve atk/def and pvp atk/def so when youre using for pve you're not that squishy. We had one person with this run SLNM with us his dps was a bit low but wasn't horrendous. his dps was similar to us when we first started doing SLNM in 7.0 with 6.X gear. Hope this helped and cleared up what the other advice was Also since I'm here the armor doesn't matter which version you get you can use it all the same then do what you want when you get the pve pieces to change but for the weapon MUST get the firece because the combine on Kata is lvl 79 or lower so you need to fuse with your PVE Risiel weapon if you are a combiner and not 1h. Kata top legendary bot. if you want fierce armor for later pvp keep the reg if you get in a box til you get the firece version then get rid of the old
  11. I need some explanations on my healing skills.

    As was stated check you stigma skill there are 2 one give HB and reduces atk the other reduces HB and give atk. see what one you are using. As for @Glinda-EK comment about the changes they are very important because there is an extremely unhealthy part of gameplay for a class to have everything. Why were chanters in 6.2 nerfed so hard? because they could do it all. Why the cleric nerf? because they were easily in the top 3 classes in the game for a good while til we got this change. SW they just got their buff with this patch and it wouldn't be fair if 2 of the support classes were told they cant heal and dps at the same time if SW could so they got the same treatment. The purpose is you have to choose, do you want to heal or do you want to do the damages >:3 Simple you just make your choice and stop wanting to double dip
  12. warehouse increase.

    I mean I get the inventory limit I explained I have all those cabinets and mine as well are full of old skins that I love my luna wardrobe is full of skin as well. my 200 slots worth of pets are all full of random things and my inventory itself has 2 free 27 slots free for rubbish that gets cleared out often and I have 2 pvp sets and 2 pve sets and the start of a 3rd pvp set. I get this but expansion cubes are available to new players, warehouse expansion is available to new players. there are half of the old cabs that dont share on the broker to buy most of the time and pets there are some on broker as well as most of the rest on the bcm. I have 162 slot cube then a 6,12,18,24,26,30,34 pets on my vandal and that is new class obv so it is possible. you just have to weigh what youre willing to give to get it
  13. warehouse increase.

    Tbh you can, but you have to pay real money for it or hope someone else with money can help you out. your cubes you can get 135 slots with kinah then the last cube you pay cube expansion coins from the bcm but they are also brokerable. WH you can get to 72 with kinah I believe then there are tickets on bcm again to inc it as well. Then pets, yeah, kinda shit out of luck getting every different type so they don't share but there are some on broker as well as again in the bcm for cash. then the cabinets you can still buy from npc the small ones or if you live in a house+ (not free studio) there is a 3 row temporary as well as some cabs 2 and 3 row for sale on the broker. So technically there is a way to get close to my same inventory space and my toon is a day 1 NA release toon. True I made it to my cap which will still be higher than yours as well as spending much less $$ but I feel that is worth when ive been a player since pay to play on day 1.
  14. warehouse increase.

    yeah the only way to fully unlock now is to pay from bcm and youll never get the max old players have. I have 162 inventory cube, 200 slots in pet (6,12,18,22,24,26,28,30,34), then I have 3 1-slot cabinets 3 2-slot cabinets and 2 3-slot cabs. My warehouse is maxed out as well and I think its about 108 or something never really checked the number and I am also the BG of a max lvl legion giving me the use of the max size legion warehouse
  15. @Jake-DN I understand its not 1:1 but that's what people were saying so I was using it as people were saying. thus me also saying at the start, "IF pvpve atk is 1:1." That's why my other comment that I have 20k atk on my toon in pve set but I tickle players in ulti pvp gear IF it was 1:1 I would do much more dmg because the 1:1 would only drop my 20k atk by 3k pvp def and their normal p.def which is not the case. Because when im in pve gear I still do very little dmg to the pvp gear players and I know they are not all running full pdef sets. I was comparing the base stats and if my pve gear was in fact the same but pvp. I was only trying to say that the stats that the glad in the video had were not impressive and its severely padded by slaughter for his atk and pvp atk
  16. Stigmas "Changes"

    The main difference is the enchant rate I can tell you, you are more likely to get a +15 stigma than a ultimate piece of gear to +15 with all ancient stones. and what you said is onlybecause you use a higher stone you have a better chance for success. so there is less of a difference than you think. The "fixed rate" for stigmas above +9 is 20% its 20% to get +9-+15 hope that helps you understand the last bit of your question as well.
  17. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    Yeah that self made tier list is horrible and is not the view of korean players for 7.3 at all but you cant take what they say 100% either because they play with about 9ms on average. 9ms compared to my 18ms or my legionmates 36ms or my other friends 180ms on NA. Its gonna vary highly and it doesnt matter if you play the most broken class in the game with that 180ms you will never be as strong as players on the KR server that play on 9ms. At that point you are not even playing the same class so it doesnt matter what you play. Play what you like, screw the tier lists
  18. tbh as glad those stats are really not hard to get no but even as other classes for full legendary yeah thats not hard to get but I feel a lot is against ungeared players or maybe im doing something wrong because in full ulti pve gear my stats are much higher and I tickle pvp players. like 17.6 and 2.9 so 20.6 if pvp atk is 1:1. well my chanter in full pve is 19.6 in dps and I pop on blessing of wind and there is that 20.3 and I have 6.3 crit but I tickle some pvp players. So I feel like yeah ungeared players I smash in a combo but idk if the video is a good judge for pvp viability for a casual player.
  19. They are truly correct you can do all you want as a new player but it wont be a fun experience. It is rough for new players who feel super behind even when you can tell them exactly what to do to catch up it requires a lot of time and dedication most people don't have. I can also attest to if you make a support set you do have to go all in like @Vantheria-DN said. I have 2 finished pvp sets evasion and mr and yeah it is so hard to kill me but I do literally 0 dmg. so if I am gonna kill someone I have to kill them in my pve gear but if I switch to pve and they are geared I die. I just think telling people pdef and mdef for sets sounds good for survivability but they will have no damage as a dps class
  20. Its 4 weeks the gold sands item it available, then 4 weeks of weeklies if you choose to do them if not the item isn't available in the gss anyway so youll have to. As far as the item who knows check the notes for this week maybe they'll add it
  21. Lady Ciel? Has NCWest forgot about Empyrean Lord Siel by now?

    In Korea its called Catalam and also called Dmaha like D'mah its not that big a deal does it really kill your immersion
  22. Technically with the event on the Gold sand shop its possible in 4 weeks but hey if you can get all weekly done on 12 toons you should be able to get the 12 legendaries after 4-8 weeks imo
  23. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    Emphasis on "Some" there are enchantment stone on the broker currently that are account warehouse storable, it does not say all are storable through account warehouse
  24. @Cyan, About Vandal skill changes.

    I can vouch, this is the correct change on the skill as compared to the 7.2 and even live KR version people just swapped to using Chromatic Endurance for the def buff.

    I get it but it might have been why it got messed up but it makes me worried on how they will fix I want to do stuff now but I don't want it to get messed up I do agree it sucks im like 95% complete with my cubics I saved all my extras but I am not wanting to start over either