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  1. New player info - Katalam server

    Thanks for suggestions. Since I follow yellow quests I already tried FoO few times not successfully. I hope to finish it and continue yellow path.
  2. Get Rid of Fissure of Oblivion

    May I ask where can be those scrolls which lasts longer and stays after death obtained? Also is there a chance to remove soul sickness inside the instance? I have scrolls I got somewhere thru levels 1-66 that promises no soul sickness but they are only two and it is daily instance.
  3. New player info - Katalam server

    Hello again, Is there an equivalent of Lineage Noblesse Blessing in Aion? It is a buff that allows player to keep all effects/buff that player had before he was killed. I found out that gardens around Illuma are not a safe place to go. I can't estimate level of those few asmodians but I have successfully tested that I am not able to even scratch them Thanks.
  4. New player info - Katalam server

    I moved to Illuma and yes there are some peoples Hopefully quests show me the way after level 66. I sold most of mats and things I gathered so far and now I have only items I do not know what are they supposed to do. I'll try to catch on new crafting, enchantment and pets. Thanks for all suggestions, see you in game.
  5. New player info - Katalam server

    Thank you for your replies. Just a quick question when you wrote crafting will be removed do you mean all of it including cooking, construction and alchemy, or it is just about armor crafting. My levels at these disciplines are not the highest by far but still I have spent a lot of definitely not fun time leveling it up
  6. Hello, I am new to Aion and honestly confused about several things about the game. First things first - forum what is a difference between this forum and the one that can be found here. I am an EU player playing at NA server Katalam (Well at least I hope so ). Since I mentioned Katalam, there is one thing that really bothers me. Where are the players? I am somewhere around level 65 finishing Cygnea map quests and thru whole this time it has been a lone journey. No party instances, no party exp, no raid bosses = at level over 60 I am still a newbie and have no idea how these things works. PvP didn't happen yet... Even If I play at servers 6pm-8pm time or so it is hard to meet players maybe expect sanctum. I use default channels. Well if you don't mind here are some question about game itself. I have level 5 warehouse, full 30 slots pet (temporary 14d) and 3 cubes in my own inventory full of materials keys etc. How much of them should I keep? I find out that some of low level crafting must be done with some of those materials, but since only one profession can be mastered I probably don't need all of it. Is there a list which things belongs to specific profession or what to keep in order to be able to build equipment at higher levels? Item description is not always helpful and search it one by one on the internet is tedious task. Should I sell the armor and weapons that I get from farming to broker or is there a better way to utilize it? How much cost enchantment dust and when I do extract enchantment is it actually good way to deal with extra items? I learned about the rarity of items but since I have 55 lvl equipment from quest none of the rest is better. Is there still a quest to get free cube expansion? Lot of guides on web (even the official) seems to be out of date. Current state of my game character. By this time my quickbars and inventory looks even worse. Quite a log post. Thanks for any useful advice //Edit: One important thing I forgot. What to do in The Abyss? Are there any Elyos players that actually fight for those fortresses etc.? I have read that when you have fortress you can by morphing recipes and actually use Aethertapping properly.