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  1. Kromede's Revenge 2018 Reward List

    Zombie event , R.I.P. for my sleep U,U
  2. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    i like this server down , this week x15 run Mirash Santum x15 run ,
  3. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    +15 - +19 bonus +1 per slot / +20 or more bonus i'm not sure 3 or 5 per slot because i got back 5 slot x5 and 1 slot x3 total i break +23 get manastone back 28 + 15 - 19 https://imgur.com/a/1SFES / +20 or more https://imgur.com/a/APOXr <i break at 23>
  4. Power up Event

    For me most suck ... oh i mean success rate % done , i usually do after done instance or pvp , rate % done more than normal time .
  5. new light saber appearance

    @Cyan IS it possibility will NC make new appearance about Star Wars ? , more 4 days The last Jedi inc , it will be awesome if NC make new appearance like this May the force be with you.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 6, 2017

    Hell Yea ! I waiting this event end for long time , finally it's finish !
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 29, 2017

    @Cyan will reply you
  8. look like you don't know about gladiator, you said glad is like templar but this 2 class many different. gladiator is one of few class can do solo 90% of all instance with 6 skill drain HP from damage and 1 skill heal. and gladiator geared have many def. <i have 7300 if buff = 8k+> and glad with DW have hard DPS my glad can kill barracks boss in solo without elemental = 6 min. <if use fire form 4 min.> i play both glad and temp , temp verry hard if solo cus heal skill CD long time <if use heal stigma you lost 1 stigma dps> but the most important of easy to play is glad can do dps with auto attack when u lazy to put ur finger up to use skill. only 1 click or press c auto attack. how many class can do this ? only glad and sin <but sin need 3-4 buff self for more dps except glad no need> your topic is which class is most easy to dps right ? the answer is gladiator , only auto attack still can do high dps. this is real easy . how does other class can ? i guess only sin btw glad auto attack vs sin auto attack <no buff both class> ===> glad win