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  1. 6 hours ago, MayBlue-DN said:

    I now own over 100 stigmas; can't wait for tomorrow!

    Anyway out there to better the RNG? (some have claimed:)

    1. Enchant/temper then wait exactly 10 min for the next enchant. (start at 1, then enchant every 10 min.)
    2. Before you enchant, max out DP first.
    3. Before you enchant, get as much Energy of Repose as you can.
    4. Enchant between server time 2am-3am.
    5. Enchant in your studio/house/etc.
    6. Before enchant, un-equip any items that are +5 or more/enchant naked.
    7.  Pray.

    Can anyone claim any of the above is true? Anything else (in game) that we can do to get better RNG, or is everyone just crazy?

    MayBlue - "I think you're crazy, just like me," Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

    For me most suck ... oh  i mean success rate % done ,  i usually do after done instance or pvp , rate % done  more than normal time .

  2. look like you don't know about gladiator, you said glad is like templar but this 2 class many different. gladiator is one of few class can do solo 90% of all instance with 6 skill drain HP from damage and 1 skill heal. and gladiator geared have many def. <i have 7300 if buff = 8k+> and glad with DW have hard DPS  my glad can kill barracks boss in solo without elemental = 6 min. <if use fire form 4 min.> i play both glad and temp , temp verry hard if solo cus heal skill CD long time <if use heal stigma you lost 1 stigma dps> 

    but the most important of easy to play is glad can do dps with auto attack when u lazy to put ur finger up to use skill. only 1 click or press c auto attack. how many class can do this ? only glad and sin <but sin need 3-4 buff self for more dps except glad no need> 

    your topic is which class is most easy to dps right ? the answer is gladiator , only auto attack still can do high dps. this is real easy . how does other class can ? i guess only sin btw glad auto attack vs sin auto attack <no buff both class> ===> glad win