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  1. He should change his name to GM Clown
  2. Ok we going on a few hours now are we getting a update today about this issue or are screwed till next week?
  3. Kibbelz thank you for stepping up to the plate and taking the front of the issue.
  4. Thank you for the update, I see a Survey coming our way for the mess up?
  5. nobody asked for endgame rewards. read before you speak.
  6. You do make good points. I'm ok with scrolls and pots, But for real you need to change the Motions. Think that is worst part. Put a different one in.
  7. If you wanna bring anything to the team put different items in the rewards. Having the same rewards are just point less cause you can't sell them nor use them. Motions are worthless. If you also wanna suggest something bump up the vendor limit to 3million. Make the passes cheap cause 30 days is kinda pointless. yo that is 6/23 that was a month ago try understanding the date a bit better
  8. they wont till more people jump they crap about it
  9. So log in and turn in pass quest you get nothing? Seem like its broken now.
  10. Look they didn't ban them for a dam Ping reducer, Your friends was doing something they shouldn't, I dam well bet they was buying kinah.
  11. Jesus do anyone ever read the dam news from the dev's????
  12. They did that for a reason, If you don't want to get kick put a coin in your keyboard on F7 to stop that. They won't fix that issue cause they don't like people afking on the server as it add up a put a load on the server.
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