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  1. This was 3 days ago.... Super Annoying is not getting AP to upgrade gear and also not getting rewards. Also FYI i have only posted about the general subject 1 time for a update. thank you for looking out for me
  2. Do the Poll and make them reply to us!. We want Answers and updated info on this current issue!
  3. I wouldn't worry to much about this than the AP/GP Bug that is worst than crappy ass items for gold bars
  4. This is what I'm talking about. Most people would have been more happy if you would have come out and said this to begin with. You were informed of the bug on Friday and your team had all week to test the bug to see if it was happening. Most of the player base is just mad you guys are not informing us. I understand you guys need to find the issue and to even start the repair, that is expected. But instead of focusing on new crap this should be on the top of the list cause its a game breaking bug that stops all the player base. This Maint. should not have stuff for returning players it should b
  5. @Cyan Have you guys come up with anything about this issue? inform us about something at least. Keeping a player base in the dark is just down right wrong. Is this going to be fixed tomorrow during Maint?
  6. Ok i have stop putting money into the game since the bug was reported. I know better than that. But the current state of the of the game is unplayable cause you can't upgrade gear. I do have gear that needs upgraded and can't do so cause of this bug. Im just saying that one week of a game breaking bug is bullshit and the lack of communication is bullshit. Am i pissed about hell ya as well everyone else should be.
  7. Here is a Easy fix... Take one of your back ups and revert back to it before you guys messed with the GP. Go to Web server and give everyone the luna back and Wait till you guys fix the dam patch and let the players do what they have too. EASY FIX!!!! Total Time to Repair 4hrs. NOT THAT DAM HARD!!!
  8. They still can make a Official Announcement Over it and inform us what is going on and were they are at. Not just a generic message of we see and will inform you later. They can stop ranks and all AP instances so players don't waste their time running them, and making more problems arise. Simple GM jobs.
  9. i haven't done anything cause no point right now. the 3rd day after Maint I was commander and haven't gotten AP since / No GP for forts. Since then i have drop down in ranks cause i can't farm enough GP.
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