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  1. Happens to me from time to time. I just let it load when black screen appears
  2. Just wanted to say that my account has been unblocked 🙂 If you are on this situation send an email as soon as possible Thanks
  3. These kind of answers is the example of what we do NOT need on this thread. With this you only make us go backwards instead of forward. First of all VPNs are needed. You can't tell us to stop using them when the game can be unplayable without using one. I talk from my experiencie: 260~350 ms with no VPN. 170~180ms stable ping WITH VPN We already understand how bans work and its not IP Block, they're not blocking the IPs, its not "just turn the VPN off and keep playing". They are blocking the Accounts. Everything Wesker says has the right point. If
  4. I got my account blocked, never used a cheat or bot program and i payed more than 30 bucks due to taxes in my country. Sent an email to Aion Support and NCSoft Appeal Team 14hs ago and no answers just yet I was using reducethelag PD: I've looked on old threads and found this response from the aion team back in 2019
  5. Hello, my ingame name is Vankre! First of all apologies for my english as its not my native language Yesterday my account has been blocked with no aparent reason. I looked for an email but i received none. I sent an email to both Aion Support and the NCSoft Appeal Team 14hs ago but didnt get any answer yet The only reason of this block that comes to my mind is im using Reducethelag as my VPN to improve my ping (I live in Argentina). I think this has happened to me or my brother back when we used to play Wildstar for the same reason, can't remember I really want my acco
  6. Happens to me almost everytime i start the game. My fix is to scan the files and let it load when its stuck on black screen Keep trying until they fix it
  7. Honestly i haven't payed attention to it, i just focus on playing and not reading or caring about what others are talking about, i didnt pay 30 bucks to read LFG stories. Its not even my problem what they talk about and you can always mute the channel if you want to Why would you need to spam in a "Looking for group" chat anyways?
  8. I just see you and the other xenophobic crying on these posts 🙄
  9. Everything Asseylum said makes total sense. Dividing the community will make the game feel dead. The more players the better. And it doesn't matter if the game is from NA. Steam and blizzard (just to mention these) have prices according to each country and i don't see anyone using VPNs to buy at lower, the system knows where you are supposed to be buying from. Asseylum is saying even Ncsoft has this system but not for aion and i believe many latinamericans would be willing to pay to play
  10. Netflix is cheaper in other countries. This is something that Blizzard also does
  11. I dont agree with this model. I did pay the subscription already and i can easily afford it but i think the "free trial" should be removed and make it purchase to play. In the korean version there's a kind of "Monthly Season Pass" (which requires EXTRA payment) where you can get controversial items such as multiple Major Ancient Crowns which give tons of AP Tell me if this isnt pay to win, also most of these items are sellabe If you really believe this is not going p2w and ncsoft will take care of thousands of bots joining in... I dunno. Plus Lost Ark, and Elyon
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