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    1. Elyos won 0 fort battles in the first 2 weeks of the server. Each loss awards 1 conqueror gemstone per person that attended. If we assume that Elyos fielded 150 players on average (a very high number, as they were typically around 100) for each of those, that would be a grand total of 1200 gemstones available to the entire faction. A full set of red gear takes roughly 780 gemstones (assuming a 20% proc chance, 2 handed weapon). It would take nearly an entire faction, coordinating gemstones, every single person offering their gemstones for sale - just to get 2 players in mostly red gear by the point of these kills. The amount of ultimate masterwork gear available would be extremely limited at the time these videos were made.

    This makes sense...  then how they got it? 9_9

  2. As the title says, the weapon damage is bugged, a templar with greatsword does the same damage when using sword/shield... this explains the lack of templars this patch, same with sins.. please tell me you are going to see into it, even if in Korea the thing STILL bugged, i think you can sometimes fix things for them... or at least your own community..