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  1. BCM down?

    The BCM is working again today and I was able to get the chocolate for the weekly quest.
  2. BCM down?

    Hi, I am trying to complete the weekly quest from Landrian in Sanctum for free energy of repose and scrolls. I went to the BCM to get the chocolate and it isn't working for me. Game is saying some BS about upgrading my account? Anyone else having this issue? Does it do this message when the BCM is down? Specifically the message says: "Upgrade Now! You must migrate your account to make purchases via the in-game shop. Click the button below to learn more and begin. If you have an NCoin balance, you can still make purchases on the Web version of the store." Also how do I insert a screen shot of Aion from my pc onto a forum post? I would have included a SS here if I knew how. The insert other media button only has 2 options for me: insert existing attachment or insert image from URL. I have tried copy and paste and that didn't work either.
  3. katalam server down

    Before the shut down, the npcs suddenly quit working. Couldn't use the flight npc, ppl quit getting drops and exp from mob kills, and had other wierd bugs. The only thing we could do for a few minutes was spam LFG....then shut down.