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  1. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    he said this wednesday
  2. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    when are they going to release said survey? lmao

    im not at liberty to say what im smoking.. but i can say, *cough cough cough* @.@ i did not inhale!

    damnit...:( well... guess back to school for meh D:
  5. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    i wouldnt tie transforms to just siege, cuz they use the xform out side of siege as well... have had several asmos, and elyos xform, out in open world pvp just for the hell of it. I would have to say, if you're gonna tie transformations to sieges, then you should only be able to use it during siege, (like the siege buff is on only during sieges)

    Well, i won't Tell Anyone Else..... he's not an "Ely-mo" he's an "Ass-mo"
  7. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    which is exactly the problem, havent played it in a few years, but yet you can log into it, do a few sieges, and be on the board.. lmao and "hard earned GP" rofl wouldnt consider it hard earned when you could spam instances and afk them for GP..
  8. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    lol, in the same boat as buf. rofl, 1 day i'll go up 50something ranks, (cuz ppl not meeting the requirement) then next siege i drop 40-50 ranks... lol... sooo nyerked up they should fix it, or do a fresh GP wipe, since soo many leave, and come back, you should only have rank, if you play regularly, not "Oh, ima go do siege, so i can screw over the ppl that are participating all the time"
  9. Entry Reset

    have done the same thing every week, since the patch came out though have always gotten 2-3 runs in when server comes up from maint, then the entries reset at 9am.
  10. Entry Reset

    yea i just sent in a ticket as well... see now long it takes for them to respond.. lol
  11. Entry Reset

    yea like 4-5 times already..Q.Q as you can see, there was a legion mate, running with me, same runs, both times, and his entries reset lmao..-.-
  12. what is really going on?

    like the title says, wtf is going on? it's like they just abandoned us without even saying nyerk you all! holidays are clearly over, there are soo many issues with the game, i dont even think they know where to begin fixing things. This bullshit "talking with the devs" isnt gonna cut it anymore. We need to start seeing some changes being implemented into the game, and yesterday!!! 3 months of shit with no changes in sight. nearly a week of luna being nyerked, and still havent even fixed that. SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR!! but ofc, we're "screwed" out of few shitty things worth crafting in luna anyway. the player base is shit, i wouldnt be surprised if they're are 200 ppl on across the 3 servers, unless it's siege time.. and even then, they just log on and half go afk, cuz there is no point in even doing anything. Reset days are a joke, within 2-3 hrs, all instances are on cd. what, they plan to $5-$10 us to death, to buy luna to do more PvE runs?... lmao..Go back to where instances reset every other day... give more entries to adrege id, something.. grow a pair, admit you nyerked up, be responsible, and FIX YOUR SHIT!! im sorry, any other company, had a product failing, and they actually cared about it, best believe their asses would be pulling overtime, extra shifts, what ever it took to fix their product, so it's selling again. you guys, are just adding fuel to the raging inferno by not even saying anything to people. when someone feels ignored by someone, they move on, they dont sit around and wait for you to give them attention, which is exactly what is happening here, ppl are leaving every day, i promise you the "new players" coming, does not balance out the ppl leaving. Sure, it was the holidays, but im pretty sure way things are going, your "benefit package" for employees does not cover 2 full weeks of paid time off over the holidays. All the "old players" that everyone is saying are the only ones keeping the game alive (me being one of them) are getting fed up with this "shell" of a game. you play for 2 hrs, and you can see this game not only in player base, but content feels sooooo "incomplete" . and it's not like they're not around. im seeing posts on the forums (dont be surprised if this one dont) getting locked. they're around. they are hiding cuz they are "ashamed" to even show face here anymore, other regions are even implementing "incentives" to try and keep ppl playing, while we're STILL LEFT IN THE nyerkING DARK!
  13. Petition?

    i just want to add this is bullshit, here holidays are clearly over, and still no word from any of them, or hell if they even know the craftable daily luna is bugged, ( which they do, as this happpens every new year) but still cant be nyerking bothered to fix it.
  14. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    lol mech eagles vid got blocked
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    [#Aion] We’re aware that the Shugoling's Gem is still being inserted every hour. We're actively investigating this issue and will have an update for it soon.
  16. Priorities

    [#Aion] We’re aware that the Shugoling's Gem is still being inserted every hour. We're actively investigating this issue and will have an update for it soon. Tweeted
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    nyerk it.. at this point i'll jump on the band wagon, EVERYONE SPAM SHARDS TO nyerk THEM OFF SO THEY LOCK THE THREAD!
  18. Combining Contracts

    ok, so this is like the 6th time this has happened to me, i've tried everything combining 4, combining 6, of normals and greaters. I just wanna know where's the logic in combining 6 greaters, only to get a normal contract? friggin stupid..

    absolutely, im sorry, with the way the instances are now,and lack of gear, i would much rather run with a group of friends/legion mates, and help them get geared. People i played with together before, not some random pug, that swears they're experienced, and you spend 2 hrs in 1 instance. I would also prefer helping my friends/legion mates in pvp. People that make friendships and play together work together as a team. I dont see why you would be so intent to go at everything alone. Risk getting your drop ninja'd by someone you had to carry, or is a total stranger to you. Bet you'd just prefer Aion to be a single player game with a story line, but sorry, this isnt that kinda of game. Also, ever consider the way your attitude is on here towards legions, is probably why you're not in one, or no one will run anything with you, if you're lucky.

    lol well thats the whole basis of a mmo in my opinion, to make friends, and join legions, to play together, not to take on the world alone.
  21. Combining Contracts

    Holy Shit it worked!! combined 2 greaters just now for the hell of it and i got the ancient Denku!
  22. List of Issues for 6.2

    ok im not gonna rant like everyone else, because at least this is some feedback from "the other side" in 2 weeks. I would like to make a small suggestion, if possible. You mentioned you discussing making kinah storable in the WH. Will this also include the legion WH as well, so we can work and support the legion together as intended? and also, while kinah possibly being able to be stored in the wh, there is still no change to broker fees, as well as acquisition of kinah, still leaving everyone utterly broke :P. Also, could we maybe go back to the old system of say BoS reset's every mon wed, and fri, and FM tues thurs, sat. Hell, decrease the number of runs back down to 3 or w/e. there is such little content, and people get "bored" would be a solution to people logging off all the time, and give them something else to do. Also, with the way the enchantment system is, would give more chances to get pve stones at least. I dont know how many of you are on during this time, but Friday nights are soo dead in game, as far as content, but active as far as players, for a few hrs, then they slowly start logging as there is nothing to do, and by friday you have most certainly used up all your instance runs. This is a time the server will be more populated lol, as most ppl dont work weekends, kids are out of school for the weekends, (mommy and daddy might even let them stay up a lil later) give them something to do on a friday night!
  23. Combining Contracts

    lol that chart is just wrong, i combined 6 greaters, and got a normal. on a couple occasions.
  24. Welcome to aion 6.2

    it's been going on since the patch released, and all we get is the run around by cyan and everyone else. Even for fixes we know exist in other regions.
  25. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    can open the store in game, click the prestige tab, and it will have a green choice on the right for the trial