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  1. yea, lol sooo many have gotten ancient, or leg contacts, and im buying 4 a week from the store, and farming countless others, and can only get greaters, or normals..>.>i've gave up on them
  2. also shows you what kind of "freedoms" they have with the server as well, all this shit "we're talking to the dev's" is been bullshit all along. There is shit they can do on their own without the devs to help ease some of the bullshit
  3. lol yet they are implementing changes to try and fix the issues, yet, we get jack shit.
  4. im sure i know the answer to this, but just want to point out how often we hear the same ole shit with no results
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    lmao over 2 months, and not 1 single change. We're not stupid, i have ran several servers before, it's a simple change in the sql database, or a daemon tool... they're not gonna fix shit, these "so-called" devs don't exist. this game is in such a rapid downfall if it were real, they'd be shitting their pants, and pulling long hrs to try and fix it. Wave goodbye to Aion folks, as it plummets down the drain like a big turd.
  6. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    bahahah wouldnt suprise me... just bs how long it's taking for simple fixes we know already exist in other regions..>.>
  7. Ncwest team.

    maybe time to replace that part? sounds worn out
  8. Long Awaited Event

    this back at the beginning of november *Snipped from the Producer's Letter* First, you may have noticed that we’ve slowed down our cadence of events. This is deliberate – with the release of the new content, we wanted to ensure players are able to spend time engaging with the core of Aion’s gameplay instead of hopping from event to event. We think this slower event schedule will help boost the appeal of the core content of the game – with the brand new content introduced in the Aion: Awakened Legacy update, we want to make sure our events enhance the core game, not replace it. You’ll start to see these new events in early December.
  9. Long Awaited Event

    I think our first event for dec should be a crafting, and maybe drop rate increase event. give newer players a chance to lvl up their crafting, so they can get some kind of decent gear, or stones to enchant with
  10. This Event / Balance servers ?¿?¿?¿ :S

    it's horrible really, i get it, they only have "certain" events they can do, but this, pvp event, in a unbalanced playerbase (be it faction, or gear wise) is really gonna drive away more players...personally, im not participating in the event, >.> i just keep making alt, after alt, to lvl up and run instances cuz i burn cd's so fast...
  11. This Event / Balance servers ?¿?¿?¿ :S

    i've gave up hope on fixes... look at the forums... FLOODED with posts of issues and complaints... do you see any of the staff responding? no, they pop in every once and a while "oh we're working on it" or "we're looking into it" anything to lead you out on that line a lil longer, to keep you playing, to get your $. I'm sorry, if i was running the game, i think i'd be freaking out that the playerbase is steadily falling off, the "customer" isnt happy with the "product" but we cant "return" our product, we're stuck with it. Oh, sure, ppl will say "just quit" 1st of all, im not one to spent thousands of dollars, just to throw it to the side. we've have been given soo many "empty promises" its like they're purposely slapping us in the face with it. Sure, there is only so much Cyan and the rest can do, but why just limit yourself, to 3 staff members, for hundereds of players? why are only staff active on the site, where people come to nyerk about stuff, after the fact. Why isn't there staff in game, active players, that can help, no special powers, or anything. When i was running pservers, i had [GS]'s (game sages) normal everyday players, with tags in game, that could help resolve some issues in game, or had direct contact with the gm's who could handle the bigger issues. Every week, fixes and issues keep getting pushed off, issues we know there is a patch for, as it's been fixed in the other regions. So why are we now 2 months into a patch, and cant even get the fixes that have been implemented in other regions?
  12. Long Awaited Event

    crafting xp can run til the 19th, then do snoball event for xmas, they normally run 2 wks anyway
  13. Long Awaited Event

    soooo..... while we wait for maint notes, i still say this should be a thing
  14. List of Issues for 6.2

    Investigating the Investigator quest is STILL bugged.
  15. Suggestion for NCSOFT

    maybe im just high, but didnt Cyan say the week before thanksgiving, that they was a "big" announcement coming up, after the holiday? did i miss the big announcement?
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    omfg, all you ppl care about are the shards.. there are so much bigger problems than that. a "real" suggestion, add admin boons to the kinah shop. make transform scrolls last through death, and still have a 10 min run time, so ppl are blowing what little kinah they can scrape up selling ancient guiding stones (since these are bout the only things moving quickly on broker) maybe increase the times the kinah bundles show up in the luna shop, instead of stupid potion boxes, or shard bundles, (since everyone would rather buy them outta the shop anyway). add kinah to be able to be deposited into the legion's warehouse, (not withdrawn, and only able to be used on legion, i.e. lvling the legion, since it costs 154m to go from lvl 7 to lvl 8, which sure wasnt hard to do when kinah was tradeable, but now damned near impossible) since, ya know, everything for 7.0 is showing new relics that are "legion based". or the fact that Templars are soo nerfed this patch, EVERY CLASS THINKS THEY'RE A TANK IN INSTANCES! the fact that the KS'ing is sooo freaking ungodly real, spend 4-5 skills to get a mob to almost half life, to have a sw, ranger, or sorc come up and 1 shot it, and take the kill. maybe increase the spawn times on mobs a little bit, ya know, since thats all we can do is try to run around and find mobs to kill , before someone else steals the kill from you, or the opposite faction zergs you. or the fact there is soo much lag in sieges, or that they are sooo many glitches with the graphics, people and npc's randomly turn into fur balls... (and no, it's not my pc, it's 2 months old) but, no, yea, lets worry about freaking power shards...-.-
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    i know alot are trying to be patient, but something really needs to be done about the economy in game. nothing's moving on broker, and no real way to make kinah. It's not all about the "old" players that had gold transfer. I run a fairly new legion, and alot of new, and/or returning players, have been playing in the patch for a month, and are doing good to scrape by with maybe 2-5m, as broker fees, and transports, and everything else costs soo much. Admin boons do drop rarely to help with teleporting, and (before i get bashed) im not asking for a hand out or anything, just some "help" in a new patch with a broken economy.
  18. Believe the range, and damage on Ranger skill is backwards
  19. P2W much?

    ek is a new server, but aren't they doing server transfers now?
  20. Siege buff again ?!?!

    tonight i believe was lvl2, thurs night will be lvl1, sat will be the night asmo no longer have the buff, and im not sure if we get one or not then. but yea, i have to say instead of running cuz a couple die, push.. we were in dux and were doing good, then everyone scattered and ran.
  21. So...they still got a buff defending?

    no shit, which means, it will just be reversed, the longer you hold the fort, we will have a higher buff if and when we do take it back, so still no "balance" just tipped the other way...
  22. So...they still got a buff defending?

    still, not so much the hp, but have 3x the pvp attack, and defense as we do. I'm just gonna simply point out that so far just about all attempts they have made to balance pvp, have just about failed... lmao. either tips the scales completely one way, or the other, just find a middle ground for christ sake. Level 4: PvP Attack +1560 PvP Defense +1560 HP +60000 PvE Attack +1920 PvE Defense +1920 Healing Boost +400 All Status Resist +100%
  23. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Still wont let me exchange them
  24. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    i never said they weren't ppl that didnt work for their rank, i said most that would complain would've been the ones farming. If i was a high rank yea i would be mad about the wipe, but if i earned it, i'd be more acceptable to a fresh start, where all can earn, and have "fresh meat" to fight at the top of the list. I know how hard it is to gain rank, and im not looking for instant gratification, just a more lvl playing field, like everyone else for the ppl that are active vs the inactives.
  25. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    previous effort to rank, lol, i was a 3 star in 5.8. and you say you got yours in tiamat? most ppl that will be against the gp wipe ofc will be the "gp farmers" who didnt really "work" for their rank, just farmed, their alts..