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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 10, 2020

    the event interesting we get usefull rewards to help us for this patch and a nice ultra bonus reward for completing together as a server so that sounds like a fun extra challenge to do ;D
  2. Farewell Daevas!

    goodbye Cyan thanks for everything you have done for this place and good luck with the rest of your career!! you will be missed <3 <3
  3. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    i would like to say it would be nice to change of how many skillbooks we getting so far its just not enough to rely on the shugos which drop so low and then the once a week to craft not enough if its gonna fail so for me it would if you guys could add more skillbook drops to us for enchanting good things are the new map and quests and skins ,be great to finish the purrfect kitter set you guys put in the gold sand traders be nice to buy the whole set to match the hat ;D
  4. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    yay @Cyan thx for notifying us that we getting it tonight <3
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    @Cyan hello cyan why is the pandora cloth misplaced in naming cuase the pandora mystic has phys stats http://prntscr.com/ph44hkand the phys cloth has magic stats http://prntscr.com/ph46dz is this normal or something went wrong? could you check if everything working correctly thx ;D
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    its only there cuase the stones are still useable not only enchantment stones but other crafting products so probs that's why they keep giving it away ;D
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    hey @Cyan do we get coins like the last event in the game or do we have to buy some from bcm only from this arcade event
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    lol don't start complaining if you just came bk from an hiatus so go bk to slumber cuase we don't need some negativity from someone who hasn't been online much to give their two cents haha and the vandal pack came to people and as cyan said hes working to get the other half so please have some patience to the ones who haven't gotten the codes yet they will arrive sooner than you think
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @Cyan is there any possibility that the emote swing dance would have another way of getting it besides the shugo sweep board? it be so much nice if there was another option to get it like buying it on bcm ;3.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @Cyan why is the emotion card swing dance not in bcm store instead of being as the reward for the shugo sweep haha why the emotion card not be in bcm instead that be so much better ;3? just wondering ;3
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    hahah that's not the systems fault that just bad luck that the system slapping that rng to you
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    fungie theres a post about that where cyan checked about the rates and it was fine
  13. WTH

    @Cyan can you check if the guards in stellusia are working as intended because me and my legionmate can getkilled so fast a bit out of the neutral area but we still inside where guards can protect us but I thought people would get one shot if they attack inside the area but they can outlive it hehe was just curious if its fine as is
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    @Cyan why not just do an emergency maintenance to reset everyones instance wouldn't that be far better
  15. 7.0 @ Agust 21st

    lol don't gotta get cranky it probs just a tiny issue and they would put it bk up soon just chill