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  1. Yeah all G. Not sure why edit is locked out. Anyway , right now this NA game is shafting half of NA out of dredg. It's only decent for west coast and maybe Mountain.
  2. Hm how does that make sense? I ran dredg at 22:30 GTM -5 (est coast NA) yesterday. This implies one dredg for you guys is at 03:00. Not 23:00. We did not have dredg time at 18:00 (which would be the 23:00pm one for you). Because I was waiting for my DP group at that time and would have noticed if dredg popped. Edit: So UTC we'd be looking at 2am, 6am, 6pm. And trust me east coast NA gets the shaft as well: 2pm, 10pm, 2am. For people who work we can only do 10pm.
  3. Oh and please remember dredg is open for 2 hours so if people feel 5pm is too early for many remember it's be open from 5pm to 7pm for west coast which gives plenty of time for working people. So please don't leave it like this and doom literally half of NA and all of Europe to past midnight timers.
  4. 100% this. East coast and central getting the shaft really bad so that west gets comfortable 7pm-11pm. They could shift it 2 hours earlier. Ot 1.5. West coast would get 5pm - 9pm And east would get 8pm - 12am Europeens would get 10-11pm dredg and a 5-6pm dredg which is fantastic. For Australia it's bad either way.
  5. Just strip their AP and anything they bought with it. Honestly I dont see the point to banning them a few days if they come back to having the same AP /gear they chated to get
  6. Yup. I recall when I was levelling, there was one just outside Hot Springs, he was alllways there. Some little SM. I know what multi-boxing is like. Multi-boxing is not constantly running in the very same triangle making the exact same sharp turns and being seen there doing the same thing for days on end. There are very -easy- bots to spot that don't require much looking into and should have been gone by now.
  7. As an update, this did not resolve upon next day's reset
  8. You can hold shift and use right click instead. But it is very annoying
  9. So whenever you finish a daeva pass item during server reset time, it bugs out and won't count. I lost some dailies because of this---- but now my 200 point killing 100 mobs in Rashenta quest is bugged and won't count. Even if I relog, it is still 'stuck' as completed but not counting.
  10. Hey Zrie! Well for sure we'll be Siel asmo so maybe we'll bump on eachother there!
  11. OH hell yeah. I was in <Incoming> a long time! I dont know if we were at same time though She might have! I had her on FB but I only check FB like once a year. I'll have to peek!
  12. The very manly man, Avator of Zikel, is back! (and subsequently Siel)...
  13. Yes please. I played Aion during Betas and at launch all the way to something like 5.0 .. that High Daeva stuff was BS and armors that could break on enchanting.. and medals that could be traded. That was the end of it for me. I would LOVE a classic server that wasn't some private garbage. Heck I wish I could play the Korean one Also bring back the hate page, that was fantastic ; )
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