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  1. @Cyan you guys still have time to fix this before tomorrows maintenance. there's only end game instances REALLY? come on
  2. Aion July Preview

    Summer event definitely has to come with GOOD goodies!! Would be a great compensate for the wait until Kumuki gets live Agree! Good rewards on Summer event until Kumiki
  3. Aion July Preview

    This is... well, since there's no Kumuki yet, you guys should make anything this week. Like, extend the 4x EXP or give us Double drop or anything but "not a single thing week" Aion has lots of "Quick Events" you guys can put untill Kumuki actually comes up.. or even antecipate the Summer event.. idk Please considerate it. Thanks
  4. August Preview?? Hello??

    @Cyan @Hime Where's the August Preview ? Don't get me wrong, but.. you guys take too long to post a Preview. Preview means we should have it BEFORE and not like last month which you guys took almost half moth to post it. I doubt anyone disagree with this.