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  1. 100% drop ends! Now please bring the rewards of kromede revenge back to normal, plssss
  2. @Cyan Please give us Theobomos Lab and Adma Stronghold in Alchemist Event! level 40+ instances with good drops! Do it for us please <3
  3. @Cyan can you tell us the prices in Ember shop?
  4. +1 +1 Ncsoft should hear your community.... The Tree event, this summer block, the shugo event... For the love of godness what a sick events. They cant bring nice events like EU did? Tiamaranta Eye, Kumuki, Daevas Dash.... I'm done with Aion, if this kumuki came with fails rewards, I'M DONE!
  5. @Cyan please, considerate change drop rate too, is frustrating 1 ice pick per 1000 mobs.
  6. Skills Reload and Autoload not working in Danaria Server, everything is fine in Fast Track and Katalam, but in Danaria Autoload and Reload doestn work!
  7. Yeah! Thats it. Please @Cyan or someone from ncsoft, do anything... 1000 mobs for no ICE PICK's is too much. That's the worst event in Aion History
  8. "Every party needs ice, so thankfully you’ll be able to find Bags of Ice chilling inside of instances for Daevas level 30 or higher. Bags of Ice can also be found in the following zones: Cygnea, Enshar, Levinshor, Kaldor, Iluma, Norsvold. If you find a Bag of Ice you can open it to receive either an Ice Pick or Ice Block. If you’re looking for even more Ice Picks and Ice Blocks you can find them in our store." Well, i guess is something wrong with this event, after 4 hours farming i got 0 Bags of Ice and 0 Ice Picks, can you explain how this event really works @Cyan Thi
  9. Hahahahahahhahhaha! You should wait until next month dude! Maybe in 3 weeks we got August Preview. And maybe can be like this July preview where everything come wrong.
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