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  1. Aion Error E02018

    hey i tried to change my ip address when downloading the file that i mentioned before, it works for me :D. thank you all
  2. Aion Error E02018

    hey i tried to download this game again, but this time it's different problem, there is this notification everytime i tried to download it "aion cannot download file e02018 DP_G18_0_205/bfe9fd94Zip/objects/system/Skydome/Skydome_Textures.pak.zo1:PI1565:PL16777216". i need some guidance, can someone help me with this? thank you
  3. Aion Error E02018

    hi cheesecake! Can you help me please? in my case i can't download a file named DP_G18_0_199_41e9fdd94_Zip/data/Dialogs/event_branch/event_branch.pak.zip.:PI19:PL16777216. thanks cheesercake:D