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  1. Yeah I used to enjoy AIon a lot witch is why I always check the forums every few months but I decided to leave this game a around a year ago when I saw that it had become a dumpster fire of cheaters, bots, no open world PVP and troll type players that are just as much to blame for the games demise as NCWest and developers... I highly suggest that the remaining players enjoy some new games that are a lot more fulfilling and dont cost 1000's of dollars just to be left with a feeling of depression. AION WILL MAKE YOU DEPRESSED! Good luck and fair well!
  2. I feel bad for anyone who still plays this steaming turd full of cheaters, RMT and bad bad RNG... Since I left AION and moved on to other games the depression has long since left me. Save yourselves!
  3. So what your saying is that open world PVP sucks for the 90% of the players who don't have legendary transformations? Compensations with legendary transformations does indeed not sound fun to play against. Guess I'll just move along... Thanks.
  4. Just like the title says I don't really care for most things in Aion but the open world PVP used to be a lot of fun for me... Is it worth coming back for open world PVP or is it still Meh in the new patch?
  5. Hello, I just wanted to ask if you guys could make a better way for us to get our +9 stigmas...? I have been playing since the patch came out and even buying stigma enchant stones I have found no way to get even one +9 stigma. Never seen one on the broker even for SW. Getting 6 +9 stigmas just seems laughable.
  6. k just got 2 pieces to +15 with just ancient stones... thanks for the changes!
  7. Just burned 800 Gen crystals and could not +15 one ancient piece past 14... RIP!
  8. Really like the changes but why cap the coins? Stop capping everything it's really stupid... A cap just means you are capping the games potential to recover.
  9. Merge should happen for sure... the servers are ghost towns unless siege is happening.
  10. I did 40 BOS runs on my SW and have never seen one shugo... Really pissed me off to the point I just stopped doing them. Most of the runs were done through the RIFT witch I was told has a higher chance of spawn but It was all for nothing. Very few people are playing anymore and difference between the compensations and normal people is embarrassing. They really know how to ruin a decent game.
  11. It's to late... My entire legion has quit and the leaders have updated the legion message explaining that the patch is so bad they have moved to another game. Most people who do log in are coming just for sieges to get GP and then they log out tell next week or next siege. It was a fun game way back when but it's definitely time to put this game out to pasture. RIP AION!
  12. Please... I did 36 BOS runs with no shugo. I just log in do weekly's and BOS runs with no shugo then cya next week!
  13. Don't worry guys! They added dyes and shower caps to the store... I'm sure tons of players will be rushing back to the game now... They obviously want the game to die... RIP AION!
  14. Correction 69 snowballs opened and not one made it to +10 so I could get some crappy Berdins stars... Will not be renewing my prestige. Nothing ever changes in this game it's just a giant cash grab that causes depression. Im quitting..again... take care all and Merry Christmas. PS DO NOT BUY SNOWBALLS YOU WILL BE SORRY IF YOU DO!
  15. Yeah I just did 12 snowballs of course none of them made it to 10... another crap event created to try to get people to buy BCM coins... RIP AION! They wont be able to pay for the server soon and this game will get shutdown have no doubt...
  16. HAH that's because they put the rest of the snowballs on BCM for real money! Should have know they would just try to get back into our wallets instead of actually giving us a way to get PVP stones and fixing enchant rates...
  17. Yeah Im not sure on the Steam charts thing but my legion went from 10 people online to 3 or 4.... Cubic Shugos just stay up tell they time out since no one is even using them... It's getting down to a scary low population.
  18. You don't even need to get an impression just look at Steam charts alone... Aion has officially lost more players then it gained with the patch so it is now worse off then ever... It really makes me sad because I have a lot of time invested in this game and to see it just roll over and die is really depressing... All they would have to do is add a decent way to farm legendary enchantment stones and fix enchantment rates but its to late IMO. RIP AION!
  19. Another slap in the face from NC.... So now we know... They do not want us to have legendary or ultimate PVP stones and have made it very clear. They have no problem compensating overpowered players but they cant give the new players ANYTHING! This game is DOOMED with the current management!
  20. Yeah the patch is just bad... Guy who thought it was a good idea to compensate the whales and make it impossible for new players to get gear is a real genius... New players are already gone and your left with MechEagle and Mochigirl in compensation gear running around doing whatever they please... They kill anything that moves and it's not good for the health of the game. Then NC soft holds Ely's hands and gives them the fort because they couldn't take it without help. HERP DERP DERP AION! Moving to Farm simulator where I can watch my corn grow up in rows! Good luck al
  21. HAH! So true... Sad part is everyone is leaving the game and its turning into a ghost town scary fast!
  22. You guys mise well just hand the fort to the losing faction... OH WAIT THAT'S WHAT YA DID! There is no reason to siege and population has fallen off of a cliff just as expected... the game is now a snooze fest where everyone grinds for guiding stones... Time to take a long break from AION.. Maybe a permanent one this time.
  23. HAH did you guys see the patch notes? They did not address any of the important stuff we have been telling them about. Logged in and Just used every ancient PVP stone I could get from weekly's to throw at my +7 necklace... the necklace is now +5 and all stones gone. Ridiculous... Now I can wait another week to get it even lower YAY! More and more it's looking like this game is not worth it!
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