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  1. saturday lugbug daily ask for 3 kamar entries but we only have 1 and cant reset.
  2. 1. Odian/Rune Contamination/Purification systems have been added. - Runes/Odians can be strenghten by grinding and polished through the Boost/Modify Window. - Odians/Runes can be polished using the Ancient Refining Stone. - If the polishing process fails, there is a chance your Odian/Rune will become Contaminated. Contaminated items can no longer be polished. - A Contaminated item can be purifed with Ancient Sanctity Potion. As the number of Purifications increases, so does the number of required Ancient Sanctity Potion. from https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/7.5_Upda
  3. yeah i checked and its 1 now. and its was 3 before(i remember cuz im used to farm 1200/w)
  4. i just logged to say thank you =D
  5. about the Hungry Hatchlings daily reward. it says those itens will be deleted at the end. is it right? @Cyan
  6. i enchanted 2 stigmas today to +10 with 1 stigma each. its rng.
  7. I hope for a good spring event. Like last year.
  8. i got 3 Srank, 1 B, 8 C. so its 88 its like 2300 per month
  9. rank A give 10, rank B give 5 and C give 1.
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