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  1. for pvp gloves , better use att speed gloves and sadly no lvl75 ap. for this purpose so ur best shots are either the arena lvl70 att speed gloves or mythic Blood medals in UA lvl 65 and both are conditioning based not augmented so it is kinda cool .
  2. you low level guys 68-69-70-71, new/returning users , should support this so you push up ur lvl and when u apply to AOE , COE , PvP groups , no1 complain about ur level or they prefer to pick higher level.
  3. i'm kinda surprised no1 till now made a topic about increasing number of Exp. events we receive!! since 2 months we receive a rotation which ensured 100% Exp. weekend every 1 month. but tbh i believe it is not enough , i have friends who stopped play and they try to play back and after couple days they find they made 1% - 10% of their current level annnnnnnd they log off and never show up again cuz they can't catch up their friends and even sometimes they are embarrassed to apply to a higher lvl group cuz the "carry" feeling .
  4. modor on 4200 mb / 480 crit spell :V
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg6LEoafMnA , not only sin/sorc can do it , i did it with 25 second left this week on my 74 sw with 230 ping and my stats near the stats u mentioned .
  6. if some1 on que and has to go , cancel que and go make whatever u want i don't mind lol EASY !! i don't mind !! also instead of giving the notice "the player you requested gave up the que and no other player can go in " can be changed to give the player name !! so if multiple ppl reported him doing this with screenshots , 1st he will be a known dodger from other players so it will push him to change this attitude and ruining other ppl entries or support can take action against him like any other kind of undesired actions "in EU they ban ppl for cooping in arenas" , it is kind of respect to
  7. believe me who has the mentality to dodge a lvl74 sw with my ping , will have the mentality to dodge a lvl 75 cuz he will xform on him , he will dodge a sin cuz he will go in hide all round1 and spam laugh on him from hide , he will dodge a templar cuz no time to kill a templar in 15minute :l , he will dodge his ex edate cuz why not! he will dodge some1 cuz he suspect he is hacker ... look how many entries he can waste
  8. mmm this post isn't directed to ur case , u said u just came bk to game 2 weeks ago , so u will hit on ppl with same ur rank and ppl around ur competition points which will be so damn low , those ppl don't dodge don't worry u won't hit on the 1st 80 ppl in competition list cuz it will be unfair for u , , completely u on a different side from what i talk about i have a rank1 cleric and star 2 sorc and i don't get dodges since both of them on the tail of competition list and no1 care to dodge them , on the other hand my main has high rank and high competition points and me and my friends on same
  9. hello , we all face a problem in Arena of Discipline that some players apply and when they get pop , they Don't go in or they have an alt on the instance server and they check who just ported in instance server in Discipline arena , then they cancel their entry to waste this opponent entries and competition points , i -personally- since months barely get 1 opponent from the 5 entries , so i think we need a solution regarding this either this player who gets a pop and don't enter lose an entry count by 1 or he can reapply again in 4 hours as example or any other solution.
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