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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    @Cyan will we see a drop rate buff to the stone bundles we get from EC/IDL/Dredge? Aka more legendary stones from em?
  2. Server transfers

    January 2020
  3. Goodbye AION.

    I love Aion Queue ID / EC just to get dodged every time 4head
  4. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    @Shaperz-DN Once a scrub always a scrub. Don't care how much more geared you are if you are bad you're bad. I would love to get more pvp stones from dredge. Opened 15 bundles and I got 0 lol need buff rn
  5. 1. Instance Boost Pack $15 to this garbage company that does nothing? Hell to the no. It's been 2 months. 2. Competition Ranking Again, been 2 months. 3. Auto Loot while in group WHEN????? 4. Bots does the report bot even work? lol 5. Mentioned one million times and many more times to go....shards ffs

    Someone added: https://imgur.com/r4qDSDC https://imgur.com/drroMWM https://imgur.com/kR4NVox My pictures: https://imgur.com/a/rX5Swoh (another shugo got stuck in there later on) http://puu.sh/Cea1k/44e1b27a97.jpg (same thing here, 2 shugos up top) Fix the even items you can buy. 1350 shugolings for ONE STONE? 600 shugolings for ONE STIGMA YOU CAN GET FROM A SHUGO? We haven't had an event since the start of patch and THIS IS WHAT YOU GIVE US? Actually the worst event I have ever seen in Aion. NCwest is a joke.

    Update: 4 stuck in there now Last dude flying, can't get cuz obstacle in the way even if you're within 25m. @Cyan please explain
  8. Have you noticed all the people complaining about siege buff are the people that held the fortress for the first 2 weeks of 6.2? No, siege buff is not getting nerfed. It helps the losing faction otherwise it will be asmos nonstop in DN.
  9. lol you think nc will put that? it will be something like $100 for 20 stones Event's garbage. Shugos are stuck inside terrain. Some are in unreachable places up high. Game's boring. No progress due to stones. The only good thing they did is fix siege buff.
  10. must suck spending $10k and still afking in base with ur ult pvp gear
  11. Elyos will never get the shugo in DN LOOL
  12. Coming from the top pvp group in NA running a cleric/chanter/sw comp let me hit you up with them facts: 1. Cleric is the most played class because there are so many ehoes in the game. 2. Cleric + Chanter > Cleric + Cleric. Where did you get that idea? It's not all about healing and being topped off, but also having skills to survive like protective ward. 3. Joyus Carol is not rubbish. If you ever rubbish talk that skill ill find you and ill kill you. I use it everywhere for pvp because how useful it is. 4. Why the hell are you going as a full support spec sw? This isn't 4.x. You will never outheal a cleric or a chanter. You will be at the bottom and be a waste of a spot in group. 5. The #1 chanter NA Meerkat can outheal tryhard clerics without even trying. Chanters are busted right now. And no, Chanter Chanter is a bad idea. Source:
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    it really really really is not that hard
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    "looking to have" so it's not guaranteed? Also, I hope the changes are more than name changes. It doesn't take a year to change the price of shards to 16,000. They aren't rare, ultimate pvp enchant stone type rare. I swear if it's some stupid price like 100,000 for 1000 shards ill lose my shit.
  15. Aion 6.2 New Siege Buffs for the losing factions

    >holds fort for 3 weeks straight...YAY HAHA GET SH!T ON LOL CAN'T WIN SIEGE >buff gets fixed >lose once >BUFF IS OP NERF IT RIGHT NOW THIS GAME IS BROKEN Relax, the buff goes down in levels it doesn't always stay Level 5.
  16. Todays Siege

    Thank you Mochigirl for the leadership and the elyos for the great victory today! I knew we could beat them asmos even though numbers are 1:2! Good job!
  17. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Wow whichever dev decided to make these changes is a complete.......JESUS CHRIST 1. 1000 shards for 4m kinah TWICE PER WEEK? ARE YOU ACTUALLY STUPID? You can earn that much in just 2 mins of farming. 2. 10x Transparent Scrolls A WEEK? WHAT? FOR MOST PEOPLE THAT'S ONLY AN HOUR...WHO PLAYS AN HOUR A WEEK? 3. Events hello? I need them legendary stones.
  18. Cyan, It is not a ping reducer problem. I can assure you it is a problem with the 6.2 client. This never happened before in my 4 years of playing Aion. Also, people would rather crash twice when logging in to Aion (game freeze/crash and then second time send log) than play with 300+ ping.
  19. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    250 pots can last you a whole 2 weeks...for you probably 2 months since you look like a pve player. You really can't pay 30 cents? Also the game has been p2w since forever. Remember when we had arcade event and they dropped legendary weapons at +8 frenzy? Yea Seems like this isn't the game for you. If you don't want p2w go play dead tera or dead bns. 30 mins to get in a 1v1 match or 2h to get in a 3v3. Also I don't understand what the fk you are saying. "I understood 250 potions for 30 cents, dont worry. 30 cents each potion I thin is expensive.". Wtf does that even mean. You thought it was 250*30c ($75 for 250 pot LUL)...
  20. There is already an Aion mobile game
  21. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    Ok my friend let me TEACH YOU SOMETHIN The pots HEAL you for 20% HP. Also you get 250 pots for 30 cents. 30 cents. You can literally walk outside your house and find 30 cents on the ground. In 5.x, you could macro and fully heal from 1k HP. Cuz that was better... If you ress with full HP using luna you are actually terrible. That's legit throwing cash away for nothing because you won't be surviving for 2s. Don't think I have seen one person who has used that survive. NA ultimate is nerfed a lot compared to every other region. Whoever has Kaisinel is basically shouting at everyone "focus me first guys haha look at my transform"....yeah have fun looking at a grey screen. Also...people in Korea spent $20k and still no Kaisinel so yeah haha single moms these days
  22. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    I am looking forward to luna selective tuning to be the same rate as KR...not 27 times more
  23. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    Every other region has them. Even EU has them. They actually do need to be added to the game what are you on about germ?
  24. Let's all help :)

    https://www.gofundme.com/flooding-from-hurricane-florence Here is a more worthy cause to donate money if you're willing to donate. Also an aion player.