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  1. There was just an event that gave away dyes. Look up dye on broker and there should still be some bags up on broker. Only problem is you can not control what color you get. Only other way I know of currently is the luna roll dice can give you dyes.
  2. you can only get them now from watering kitter blooms sadly. ive read all the blooms I've found while running around Oriel and they all say slight chance to obtain one by using fertilizer.
  3. Nomad shugos are still on the map. You just have to figure out what camp they are in. Plants for fertilizers are only guest blooms now that you can only get through sheer chance when watering other peoples blooms. Kitter skins are still a thing. I know of someone who still has 2 guest blooms for them and I just got a new neighbor who still has the plant and a statue guest bloom for it. The only way to get dyes now for furniture that I know of is to run around the housing island (oriel for elyos don't know for asmos) and look for the plants along the road. They are norm
  4. I don't mind doing camps to get my pvp gear. It's been that way since I first started playing Aion years ago. As for the killing regular mobs for the crystals? That's taking it a bit far into pve in my eyes.
  5. I play on the NA KT server and its mainly run with a group or you had best be lucky when you try to enchant stuff. I've personally gone through over 500 enchantment stones minimum and still don't have a legendary piece of gear. I also normally run solo and run in to groups or alliances of asmos on the elyos side of the map. I don't say much besides the normal "dammit" and such. Both sides zerg. Neither side is innocent. As for staying alive? Stay in a group or hope and pray you don't run into the opposing race. Also it would be nice to have more maps for the lvl 80 players to roam around. Ever
  6. Yep so my advice is ask your legion or friends if they have any blooms out. I know I got one from a legion mates bloom when I watered his bloom for like the 70th time.
  7. It used to be templars could use taunts and emnity to hold agro of the bosses and it was allot easier for the squishier dps classes to do their jobs. Now? The templars are only there for looks because they loose agro so fast and can't do as much damage to keep agro. Fix it so they can hold the agro and hit a bit harder and it shouldn't be that big a problem. I'm not saying they need to be op but at least give them something!
  8. Yeah I remember that and I also remember getting killed by the other race multiple times while trying to lvl
  9. I do hope this does not affect all event items such as ones I have had for 4 years on the account that I just recovered a couple months ago. I would like to use them when the events come back around!
  10. Personally I think the rift lvl restrictions do help lower players, but I do know of an instance where lvl 80 players were spotted in Inggison. No idea how they got there, but the person has been identified and is a known active pvper. Curious as to how they got to Inggison because I took my 80 to try to get to Gelk and couldn't.
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