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  1. His tree got 2ft taller, just a little bit more & his toes be off the ground
  2. Keep watering the tree your noose hangs from my guy. Faster the better 🥳
  3. However true that may be, the fact that these guys are going to run around with stats higher than KR players right now is plain stupid. Let these guys enjoy the fact nobody here will even recognize them anymore. you guys are forever branded as a exploiter/hacker, have a nice life lol. You can see how low their iq is giggling away feeling the adrenaline rush as they kill people with their fake gear thinking that makes them the better player
  4. he's making lies to cover up his previous lies. Everyone knows what that leads to right? Yes you got it right mech, ding ding ding! His inevitable downfall & doom Also, [1:30 PM] Devil: Has anyone ever tried to sell their account on the forms? [3:55 PM] Devil: I was thinking about going out with a bang [3:55 PM] Devil: Maybe I'll try it Like i said, we got people out there with screenshots, videos, etc. Walls have eyes bud. GG yet again, Good Day to YOU SIR
  5. ? theres screenshots sir, of you saying you "sold" your +7 to a "friend" which in fact, how did u sell it? Then you "bought" a +9 supposedly that has a very nice "visual bug" that tells us different? + dps meter logs and gear inspectors that tells us a very very different story. Either you're a sadistic freak who gets off on stuff like this or maybe you're just reaaaaallly -iq. You just don't get it do you? Like i said before, good DAY to you sir & have a very nice rest of your day
  6. no need to sweat it with the hefty replies bud. We got more than enough people with screenshots. Yes, I've actively watched your YT videos. Yes, I've seen you getting upset over the enchants. But cmon bruh the excuses you're telling us right now? Makes you look less and less accountable. You say one thing, then something different later. You feeling it now Mr. Kr-evils?
  7. This man has more stats vs a legit KR player with new gear pieces. 7.8 NA..8.0 KR.. hmmmm ok buddy
  8. Apparently you don't listen very well. We all know about the mass production of blessed paragon stones. We're not stupid as to think of a way for you to move the +10-15's in your warehouse and provide a SS of separate +9's. Must be alot of bugs lately huh? i feel itchy now.. I'm guessing this fake confidence is coming from your feeble little mind thinking that your gm buddy is going to put a good word in like last time so you guys can get away with this? Just know i thought of you as a good guy. After this? my respect for you went down 20ft under. GG buddy have a nice day
  9. lmao.. the three stooges back at it again~ new day new me amirite? just know the stuff you and hosie are saying to defend yourselves are actually doing the opposite right? provide more SS's please cuz they literally gave us more info that you're lying looooooooool😂
  10. @Loki For Christmas can you guys open up server transfers?
  11. Sooo when are server transfers gonna be open again @Kibbelz
  12. @Lokiopen the flood gates and let me in!
  13. What about server transfers are they coming back any time soon?
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