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  1. Regarding Server Transfers

    @Cyan Please request for EK to also have the possibility to transfer out. This server is empty and we will end up quitting the game if we cant transfer to DN or KT
  2. Server Merge

    It was maybe silly to make it, but whats done is done. Now players from EK who chose NOT to get rekt by players who had been playing and spending money for the last 3 years. But are veterans that had already quit the game for a while, which made sense for US to go on a brand new server. Players from KT and DN that dont want it to be merged because they dont want to lose their name and houses makes sense. So allowing the xfers instead would be great. Idc about houses, and i already have my name saved. All we need is to allow players to get the fk out of this server because its so dead. Aion is already dying, better of getting the veterans from EK to play on another server without having to start all over again.
  3. Server Merge

    @Cyan-KT if merge is not an option. Please allow EK players to transfer out.
  4. Server Merge

    Thats another good option. Merge was an idea, but as long as I can leave this dead server and enjoy some open world il be happy. But if they offer free transfers, it will be the exact same, players will transfer out leaving EK empty Ive been playing sincr 3.0 and I quit before the beritra server was added. So no I did not see. However all my old friends from retail and !aion were joining EK so why would I join an old server. Obviously NCsoft doesnt give a shit about the players but we didnt expect it to fail this badly. Its not a reason to penalize the players that wanted to start fresh without dealing with +15 ultimate gear My point was if EK players are transfered you will gain like 150 elyos and 250 asmos? Which means if you are lagging at 300 elyos during siege.. if it increased to 450 you would still lag. Because the optimzation for siege is terrible on aion. At 50 players you literally start lagging with super low fps. I have a very good PC and lag the moment i enter siege on any server since ive started playing in 3.0
  5. Server Merge

    First off, siege lag has nothing to do with population. If you have 250 or 500 in the siege, it will lag the same due to POOR OPTIMIZATION. Second it was posted towards NCsoft if you read the post correctly, wasnt a debate.
  6. Server Merge

    First off, the new server was appealing to players who have quit a long time ago and for new players. What new player wants to join an old server where most players are geared? You obviously havent read the post and are talking out of your ass. The point was that all 3 servers should merge and just make it into ONE server due to the lack of population on this game. Either way, your opinion doesnt matter and NCsoft will eventually merge. You are most likely one of these pve heroes who barely participate in any PvP which is why you dont want players to join. Someone who likes PvP will want new players and old veterans that joined EK to give them a challenge. Stop replying you're wasting my time. If you dont agree, move on.
  7. Server Merge

    Lol just remake a toon and play 3 months? New server was to allow old players to come back and not get farmed by players who had been playing all 5.0-5.8 What about the EK players who have +9 stigmas and spent a good amount of money? The server was fun when it started, the players deserve to be merged now that most players are on track A lot of players have legendary/ ultimate gear. "Starting fresh" on a server that has been active for a long time with players already at +15 ultimate gear doesnt make sense. Now that we were able to get a good amount of gear, it should be time for players to be merged. Playing with 30 elyos online doesnt make sense. It doesnt hurt the old servers in any way. Lmao
  8. Server Merge

    Hi Ncsoft, this game is dying and there is literally no players to play with anymore. Yesterday the elyos side on EK had 32 players. What are you waiting for to merge all 3 servers together and make this game a bit more fun by having all aion players play together. Having multiple servers right now is just making people quit because servers look dead. EK is ready for transfers, gear advantage can be taken care of with events. Save this game or there will be nothing left by the time you realize its time to merge, just like when you decided to fix the rates, most people had already quit.
  9. In Memory of Instagib

    Sorry to hear that, just a few weeks ago I was fighting him in open world and now to hear that ... my condolences to his family and you hopea. Will never forget all our duels in sarpan hours after hours -Suyji
  10. Sorc / Sm weapon

    Unfortunately we cannot fuse books or orbs. However , I still strongly suggest orb for PvE and books for PvP. They both give the same stats however u can weave with spellbook in pvp and orb weave in between freezing winds in pve.
  11. Returning Sorcerer

    Played non official for a very long time, but the ping is a game killer for me as I am very competitive in pvp. Will wait for 6.0, noticed some great things from it.
  12. Returning Sorcerer

    Hi everyone, I have not played Aion in a very long time. Just noticed my character was merged to Katalam. Hows the PvP going ? Population ? Which server has the most competition in PvP ? Im considering coming back - Suyji
  13. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    The best tip I can give you, is to learn your class and other classes you fight. Do not take it in a bad way, but once you have mastered your own class, know your skills, your rotations, it will all become automatic.