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  1. Seeing as it's still bugged and my Item Collection stats aren't restored... Guess you're right 👾
  2. Do these various bug fixes include a fix for people with bugged Item Collections?
  3. NCSOFT, when will this be fixed so people can have their stats back, inventory spaces freed and ability to use this function again?
  4. Visit the Winter Wonderland Event Duration: December 8 – January 5, 2022 So is this being extended or is it ending?
  5. Nearly 3 months later and still nothing. It's become almost impossible to play. I only have one free inventory spot because I'm afraid to add anything into my collection for fear of losing my old progress and then anything new not being incorporated into it. I don't want to delete items I could be adding into the collection either. I really want my old progress back so I can add all my new progress into it. 🙁
  6. Has anyone been able to get their stats back yet? Mine are still missing. 😞
  7. In the days leading up to the server merge, there never was any clarification as to what was going to happen to the Item Collection stats. Even the FAQ lacked information. I saw some people say they think they were going to possibly merge them, or just move them over. I had a bunch of stuff I had spent countless hours running instances, farming Timeless and AP collecting put into those window tabs. The night before the merge I took some screenshots and a video scrolling through my windows. I didn't get to collect as much as some other players I know, but I still put effort into it for whateve
  8. I wasn't going to share this, but I guess I might as well leave it as a reference. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NyypPhBZ-XT2oWfqygJZbXlJ59qF5jssi2hnbZlcp6E/edit?usp=sharing I used the Korean website data, not what they posted in our patch notes.
  9. Something they keep continuously neglecting to mention when they post these kinds of events is that the [Event] Lugbug window section usually resets on Mondays, not Wednesdays. It's always a guessing game every time they activate the event window to see if my progress will stay until Wednesday's maintenance or disappear on Monday. Hey @Kibbelz , maybe in future you guys can specify to players which day the event window resets? The best thing to do is take the reward as soon as you unlock it. I've learned this the hard way by losing items too many times from numerous past events. (RIP to my
  10. The boxes for runestones and gemstones have always had some form of RNG involved ever since they started selling them. Runestones bundles are on their own higher level of RNG.
  11. I put links in the spreadsheet so you can see which boxes/bundles have which types/skills inside, you'll just need to click a few extra things to get to it. For the Runestones, if you follow the links on the bundles and scroll down it lists the unique skills that they can have and the % Examples: This video is helpful with showing which skills the gemstones have:
  12. Thanks for explaining it. Here is a visual to help. The Gemstone salvage does not have an extra bundle to select, it goes straight to the box with 3 reroll tries.
  13. This post is for you to understand what's inside them! I've heard of too many people messing up with the store bundles because it really isn't clear what's inside the new boxes. I wish the details were clearer on the BCM. You literally need to refer back to the chart on the event page to get the proper names and then try to look it up online to see what's inside. https://www.aiononline.com/news/may-store-progression-event I made a spreadsheet to help narrow down all your searching. Everything has links so you can further explore the contents. The 6,400 coin big bundle is very RNG and
  14. It's possible it had to do with the Windows Update from April 28, 2021—KB5001391 Microsoft's webpage says "Known issues in this update System and user certificates might be lost when updating a device from Windows 10, version 1809 or later to a later version of Windows 10..." I asked around to some B&S players, and people said the launcher closing like that is a connection issue. The internet you're using is not being supported/recognized by the official launcher somehow. The best fix they came up with, after resetting your internet connection, is to disable the IPv6 setting on Windows 1
  15. What exactly are you trying to achieve from posting this? Warning people that no matter how many credit card swipes they do, you could still get banned? Warning people that they should be less stupid with their decision making? What can the community do for you exactly? Nothing we post will change NC's mind and there are too many trolls on forums. From the way it looks now, most people on this thread agree with you being banned. I read this all and I just can't follow your thought process. Why would you buy anything paragon related when you know that weeks before issues had surfaced? You s
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