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  1. Like I said before.. There's no presents from NCSoft this Christmas. The holiday spirit is missing this year. All these events are a waste of time, because the way they're designed you can't really get anything from it.
  2. December had always been the most festive and looked forward to time of the year in Aion. After waiting and hoping for something special this holiday season, I feel very let down once I saw the posts. By saying "Let down" I'm putting things nicely. We've had so many bad events in a row. Why can't we finally have something exciting? It looks like most of the feedback on the forum share the same opinion. The way things have been lately makes me think that they want us all to quit so they can finally close the game. All the amazing rewards from https://www.aiononline.com/news/solorius-she
  3. Skating motion is from the https://www.aiononline.com/news/solorius-shenanigans event boss drop. It'll be hard to get it. 😟
  4. I quoted and posted the Meloon coin amounts on the other forum thread.
  5. Guess I'll have to do some searching. The EU Event lists.. [item:188074499] [Event] Gift Pack: Shugo's Lucky Day as their day to day reward. Linking that into the game gives us the name <[Event Happy Shugo Day Gift Bundle> from our table's listing. [item:188074292] [Event] Shugo's Lucky Day is their Christmas bundle. Linking that into the game gives us the same name. The contents of the box suggests that it's the [Event] Solorius Festival from our table's listing.
  6. So.. I've read this page over several times now. https://www.aiononline.com/news/solorius-shenanigans There is only one listing of [Event] Solorius Festival put in the reward table. Is it the daily unlimited reward, or the special one time reward from the 25th? Why is there no Hard Mode listed for Infernal Drakenspire Depths and Primeth's Forge ? They are level 80 too. and last but not least... How do we get these? There is no mention of them anywhere on the post. - [Event] Happil's Gift - [Event] Joyful Forest Popoku Outf
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that if your game gets disconnected while you are inside the event instance, when you relog your toon will no longer be inside the instance and your cool down will not be reset. 😢
  8. Happy Birthday Aion After dealing with the all the NPCs not working on KT (big surprise) and then waiting through the downtime of another emergency maintenance (why did we even get one Friday just to have this all happen again the day before weekly maintenance?) I was finally able to log in. When I went to start on my event dungeon runs on all my toons, I was met with this nice gift: All the progress I made on every quest, on every toon, is wiped to 0. Most of them just needed one last run to be 30/30 hammers for the weekly. Who else got this nice present?
  9. I will miss Wingy, he was such an adorable pet to care for. I wish I could keep him as my pet. He gave me gifts every day. Such an amazing little guy. NCsoft, please take care of him and make sure his pixels go to a good home. Thank you
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