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  1. So.. I've read this page over several times now. https://www.aiononline.com/news/solorius-shenanigans There is only one listing of [Event] Solorius Festival put in the reward table. Is it the daily unlimited reward, or the special one time reward from the 25th? Why is there no Hard Mode listed for Infernal Drakenspire Depths and Primeth's Forge ? They are level 80 too. and last but not least... How do we get these? There is no mention of them anywhere on the post. - [Event] Happil's Gift - [Event] Joyful Forest Popoku Outf
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that if your game gets disconnected while you are inside the event instance, when you relog your toon will no longer be inside the instance and your cool down will not be reset. 😢
  3. Happy Birthday Aion After dealing with the all the NPCs not working on KT (big surprise) and then waiting through the downtime of another emergency maintenance (why did we even get one Friday just to have this all happen again the day before weekly maintenance?) I was finally able to log in. When I went to start on my event dungeon runs on all my toons, I was met with this nice gift: All the progress I made on every quest, on every toon, is wiped to 0. Most of them just needed one last run to be 30/30 hammers for the weekly. Who else got this nice present?
  4. I will miss Wingy, he was such an adorable pet to care for. I wish I could keep him as my pet. He gave me gifts every day. Such an amazing little guy. NCsoft, please take care of him and make sure his pixels go to a good home. Thank you
  5. Not sure what's going on with this lugbug daily for Saturday... It says Enter KBF 3 times. If that is actually what you need to do, it's impossible seeing as we only get 1 run and we can't reset it. I went into KBF, won the battle and when I got out it still shows 0/3.
  6. Under the Character section in the patch notes [https://www.aiononline.com/news/shadows-over-balaurea-patch-notes] it says: 4. Increased the number of Cube slots that can be expanded by using ‘Cube Expansion Keys’. Could someone clarify what this means? Also what is the current maximum of cube spaces? Thank you!~
  7. LRDR: The originally stated 3 Joker cards per account limit was raised to be able to purchase the bundle twice. Every account now has the ability to craft one box for free. Good luck!
  8. The event is just extra rewards for actively playing open world on those maps. Go about your usual day to day questing, etc. Take down a mob or two here and there and you might get lucky. Even an AoE (or failed tab target? oops) in PvP could kill a winning mob. In the end we all will benefit with the survey rewards they give, based on the total mobs killed. Free contracts and transparent scrolls for being active? Yes please, thanks. Hopefully they can update us with a tally of the numbers to keep us motivated. On a daily basis, if you are getting your lugbug daily done, you could be k
  9. The event is an accumulation of kills across all 4 maps. Kind of like playing the lottery, and community wide. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  10. My favourite website I used to help teach myself BoS is this one https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Bastion_of_Souls and you can look at the history of the page to see the previous versions right here https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Bastion_of_Souls?action=history I think https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Bastion_of_Souls?oldid=102224 should show you everything you need to know about the oldest version of the instance and it has helpful images to go along with it.
  11. This happened once on my alt about a week ago during one of the later windows. I left an empty looking PvE pandora match that only had a few people in it and joined the PvP one instead. I left through the portal of the PvE zone and went over to the PvP portal. When I was teleported inside, I wasn't added into the alliance properly. Instead, I was captain of my own 3rd alliance. Everyone had white names around me instead of the proper alliance numbering/colors. The alliance itself was full of players that had blank names. The class and level were still visible. I couldn't click on anyone. The g
  12. Just in case anyone wanted to know, as useless general information, the maximum capacity for your Screenshot folder is 9999. After that the pictures you take will no longer be saved despite the sound effect that plays when you take it. (Darn!!!) You'll notice by the lack of in game text that would normally appear on the info tab as well. (Let that be your clue that you probably need to delete all the old images taking up room...)
  13. After all these months of dodging creation of my forum account, I just had to make a reply. How did you buy 100 contracts without getting the ancient contract scroll that comes with the bundle? Surely you did not buy two bundles of 50.
  14. I'll be waiting to see this (Cleric Example):
  15. Too bad our old posting counts didn't carry over.
  16. Maybe one day we will get more avatars too
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