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  1. Honestly I really agree with you. I remember playing aion when I was younger and when it wasnt p2w. I remember going into IS and being the cubic person and then wiping the whole group and jokingly pushing the blame on someone else. I remember during one anniversary a GM came on and was dropping literal gifts from the sky filled with whatever players requested (kinah, skins, armor, manastones etc.), but most importantly I remember when the game used to be fun and a real experience. It used to create friendships and was truly a break away from reality. I always knew I could log in and there woul
  2. Im all for them resetting the houses, ive been saying it for years. Its really not fun how 40%+ of the houses, estates, and palaces are owned by people who log in once a month to pay rent and then leave. It doesnt even make sense to me how someone can literally just log in once and not even play the game... They should also base renting houses on time played. If this person is only on 2 hours a month, get rid of their palace.
  3. Kibbelz said during the release of Classic that right now there is no plan when it comes to updates or any of that in the future; and when it comes to updates itll all be based upon the player progression. So it just depends how quickly players are getting to 50, getting gear and (from my assumption) after most of the player base has gotten to that point then theyd plan for the deployment of 1.5.
  4. The Deava Pass is overpriced and not worth it. With the amount of grinding required (a.k.a the amount of money needed ot be spend to buy levels) its unreasonable to do within a one month span. And I dont mean to be rude but as for the rewards or changes people are asking for.. nothing will probably happen as we get a copy and pasted version from KR. Overall for anyone curious, the Deava Pass is not worth your money or effort. It was added to the game to not give you rewards, but take more money from you. On paper with coins selling for all this kinah and getting all these candies
  5. With my time on classic, although raising the vendor limit SEEMS like the right thing to do. It really isnt. As a hypothetical, say they raise it to 10m. Well now all the p2w players will go buy candies, level up multiple accounts to lvl 10 and sell enough candies to make 10m a day. So they could be making 40-50-60m every single day with little, to no, effort. With NCSoft launching the game with the candies shows how money hungry they are, and how they dont fully care what happens to the game. But the candies are here, and honestly the last thing we need is to give the p2w players an even bigg
  6. Just merge the servers like y’all are doing on retail. It’s going to have to happen eventually before classic dies out. And no offense but y’all have already ruined the game with p2w. 60%+ of the population left because of candies, might as well get the merge over with before there’s 10 people on each server.
  7. Ima just leave this here for all yall fabulous people and the GMs.
  8. With the launch of Classic were all excited and having a great time, but I feel the LFG chat as a whole has gotten to be too much. It seems that (at least on SL-E) it has become HEAVILY sexual and/or racist. At times its practically impossible to go for a period of time without having anyone say anything sexual, or racist, in lfg. And once anyone says anything of that matter, it turns into a whole discussion and for the next hour they contiguously talk about the same thing. I understand its an adult game and discussion of those topics occur, but its at the point where you cant even reall
  9. Yeah, thats what im really saying. The first week of launch everyone is getting Siels Aura (or so it says). But like you said, im sure some of the f2p players will play for that one hour every day after that and enjoy themselves for just that one hour. But, we cant be leaving the servers to only the f2p players. The population may be half its size, or a little larger. But a good portion of the players, i believe, are going to go into the classic game. At least for the first couple of months.
  10. Well like @NetRunner-DN just posted. It appears the GMs are purposely closing creation so that they can create a balance between the factions. So as it seems, everyone wants asmos and no one wants elyos. Honestly, I agree with it and support it. I personally am an elyos, so im baised. But currently theres such a big problem with some servers having so many more asmos over elyos or vice verse, so its crucial that we create that balance early on.
  11. Either way the same problems could have happened. To restrict the character creation to those that pre-ordered, I think, would have been a whole ton of work thats not necessary. And the pre-order packages are open until the 30th, so if you had someone who didn't know for sure if they wanted to actually pre-order it yet and was waiting for the release then it would be unfair. If the character creation opened to those who bought it already, then when it got time to the players who were free or holding off on pre-ordering they'd have the same problems. I dont know if NCWest's servers can handle a
  12. The need for a merge has been apparent for a long time now. With NCWest closing server transfers (for who knows why...) players are forced to play with very few people. On KT-E it’s less of a problem. But DN-E is dead. Like dead dead. I was playing my chanter last week and i didn’t see a single IDD run for a solid bit. On KT there’s at least 1 IDD run going every 5-10 mins, if that. . DN is dead, and KT is getting there. Aion classic won’t have anything but a negative impact on that. Yes, there’s a little bit of the player base who will be unable to afford the subscription.
  13. I went through my first time and got S rank with killing all 3 fatties and being very rusty with the instance. You just have to do it quick. Avoid any mobs that don’t give points and only kill the mobs that do.
  14. The video was only a teaser. Some people may not even know that video was for aion classic. But They haven’t “officially” announced anything yet. It’s not like we’re getting it tomorrow. We may not even get it for another month or two. But it was a no-brainer we would get it eventually. It was just whether we got it soon after KR or a few years down the road. Also there was a whole forum post about Aion Classic and if people wanted it, so that sort of displayed a lot of information.
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