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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 28, 2020

    Are you really complaining? When has NCsoft ever released a survey on time... and if they do normally its late in the day. Just wait.
  2. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    Gonna be honest, I didnt read through most of the posts so I dont know what others have said. But I main a sorc for pve, but at the same time do really like the pvp aspect. In my pve set alone, Im able to 1v1 anyone whos not in ulti pvp, and also several people who are in ulti pvp. But, as sorcs are very strong, theyre also very weak. The sleeps and CC available to sorcs is extremly helpful in pvp BUT only if used properly. Just like any other aspect in the game, pvp requires skill. And on sorc, more skill is required for PvP then PvE. Anyone can nuke some mobs, but in pvp you have to learn when to cc, how to keep your distance and fight up against certain classes. Personally, I cant fight a sin or ranger, i just cant beat them. If you can learn a cc rotation, and learn how to use your flashes and dashes to get away from classes like temps, glads, sins, etc then you can do fine. A sorc is extremely strong, but as the same time very weak and can easily be taken down by any class. Its much easier against close range classes since you can avoid them. But for longer range classes its much more difficult. In earlier patches, being able to fight against multiple players is much easier. But currently sorcs aren't defense-ly strong enough to handle a 1v3, 4, 5 etc. A 1v2.. maybe, but a 1v1 is easiest.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    Thank you! It looks great, im excited to get it!
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    It seems like a nice event, Ill actually be able to finish my sorc and chanter's stigmas now.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    @Vantheria-DN Ive been MIA from aion and the forums for a few weeks. Youre normally the first to ask, have you discovered the look of "[Event] [Motion Card] Rest in Peace?"
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 7, 2020

    When are the surveys coming? I still havent got mine yet.
  7. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    The survey is to compensate for all the players who didnt get the transform, and to just make the community happy. This is what we need
  8. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    The NPC was taken down for two reasons. One, is that players got the free transform. And two, the price on the NPC was wrong.It was 30 instead of 50.
  9. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    I mean... come on let’s just call it what it is. This shows the entire motto of the NCWest Company. They’d rather delete 300 transformations (and lord knows, poor guy that has to do it. I highly doubt Kibbelz Loki or Hime is doing it), then give a box to everyone and have an easy solution. Nothing about this is easy, they not only have to delete the contracts, but lord knows how many complications are going to come up with the people that bought contracts... and on that note, let’s be real. NCsoft may not even delete anything off of their accounts because they combined it and spent money. But every free player will for sure be deleted. And, this will bring on more issues with the stupid pines that are horrible to get. It gave the 300 players a MASSIVE advantage over the entire player base for an entire week. That advantage could of been PFHM 3rd, or 4th boss. Maybe IDDHM 2nd boss. Who knows. And now those 300 players want that advantage back for at least another 2 weeks. So pine farms are going to be doubled, maybe tripled. Meaning less pines around, for the less geared/decently geared but not maxed out geared players. Now if they did the simple and easy solution, they give everyone except the 300 players a survey for the box. Then there’s no paying issues, no additional pine issues (for now), and all the players are happy. it’s already bad enough that we only have 2 weeks left for this transformations stat buffs. It’ll take you those two weeks just to get it. I don’t know about KT-A, or anyone on DN. But let me tell you, farming for pines on KT-E... it’s terrible. Just the other day I was LITERALLY 1v5ing an entire group for the pine mobs. I had 2 rabbits spawn and they stole both of the rabbits. I made only 3-4 pines in 30 mins by myself.
  10. Statistics: Transf. Boxes, Normal Contracts etc

    Thats a lot of luna, haha. If Im able to do luna every single day until the 20th, before the event ends, ill be able to get 192 Luna Lights. And then I just have to hope I get the transform box.
  11. Statistics: Transf. Boxes, Normal Contracts etc

    @Arhangelos-KT how much Luna lights did you spend on combining? There was so many numbers, and it’s so early in the morning it sort of just consumed me.
  12. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Amen, this sums up everything. Welp, case closed! Time to find the next issue!
  13. Big Mega IMPORTANT Question (About Skins)

    I completely forgot about powerbook! Thank you. Sadly theyre not as good as I was expecting.. maybe the elegant one.
  14. So, I am looking over the rewards at this new event again and saw the skin box is actually purchasable with Songpyeon, and so like any person I tried to find what these skins looked like. I cant find anything, anywhere about how they look. So I thought id ask here and see if anyone knew what these skins looked like. The skins are '[Event] Starlight Dew Hanbok' '[Event] Elegant Hanbok' '[Event] Moonlit Hanbok' '[Event] Royal High Class Hanbok' '[Event] Hair Ribbon.' Thank you!
  15. Put extendables in game again!

    Extendables are crucial in pvp, and extremely helpful in pve. I dont know if youve ran PFHM 2nd boss,... but yeah. And in pvp, its difficult keeping up with a ranged class running around with 12.0 running speed. Its not that they "break" the game. They simply allow close ranged players to do more. We havent had an extendable since 7.3, and there hasnt been a crash in melee classes. So it cant break the game. Melee classes are still strong, and very capable of things but at the same time they arent as capable as they can be.