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  1. This is where I feel NCsoft went wrong as a whole. If they want to get back a big of the OG player base, they need to implement Aion Classic WITHOUT any p2w option and make it just like how aion truly used to be. NCSoft doesn't even hide that they want the money and only care about the money. But sometimes not everything can be a cash grab. I know personally I would go play Aion Classic if it came to the NA servers, but not if its p2w. I have spent too much time falling behind those who spend thousands on the game every other month for these events just to have to restart and do it all over again. Aion classic is a great idea, it brings back the original members of aion and there's also ways to influence them into the mainstream game. But this is only beneficial on both sides if both versions of the game aren't rubbish. The main issue for Aion is that there's such a massive p2w aspect to it and its extremely clear. I know there's many other issues like grinding, and rng. But I feel a good group of players would play again if NCWest just got rid of a vast majority of the p2w aspects and brought back the BCM skins. And if they did those items they would be able to obtain a substantial income from both regular aion and aion Classic in cosmetics alone. Theres a lot of players willing to spend money on cosmetic items, me included. It truly is such a massive waste that NCWest isn't doing that. Im sure they've lost A LOT of money, but they're just don't want to admit it because skins are only 10$ here and 10$ there but as we all know, it adds up.
  2. Well hopefully NCWest doesn't make it p2w and take out the f2p aspect of it. Now the main issue is having people spend 6 months farming for it. We should have an event when its released that gives items for the transform, like KR had.
  3. Thats just expected.. no one really expected for it not to happen.
  4. I know personally I was never able to farm up for the weapons in 7.0, even though im currently geared enough for these instances. Im sure some others are probably facing the same thing. But outside of that, this is just another copied and pasted event from KR. It would be a little crazy and maybe too strong for this event to release the 7.8 extendable - which shouldn't be in the game currently - like others were recommending. I think its just another way for them to add an additional thing to the event without it being too strong or unfair. The extends are used primarily in PvP as well as very end game content, so NCSoft still allowed those who could benefit from it to get them like through SL, BE, and VT. But this aspect of the event doesn't seem - in any way - to be meant for under/lower geared players.
  5. There are three versions of the new 7.8 extendable, but the benefits are a bit different. Theres an extendable for melee classes, but each version varies with stats and the type of weapon. NCSoft is bringing back the old mechanics for weapons, like when orbs gave Matt and crit and books gave Matt and Macc. Only the third version (of ranged classes NOT melee, no melee weapons have this) gives the passive buff. When it comes to ranged classes, theres two levels to the buff, when they just proc on their own. But level 1 gives 500 pve att and level 2 gives 1000. Versions 2 and 3 are similar, but in the end version 2 is better. Only by a little bit though. For the orb version 2 has a little less then 100 more att and a little more then 100 crit. But with version 2 you're giving up the passive ability, so that ability by itself really over shines the small amount of stat difference. Version 1 on the other hand has 1-2k less att, and seems to just be worse in general. As for the melee weapons the only difference between the three versions are just stat changes. So melee classes just have to worry about smaller stat changes and just getting the weapon that provides the stats ideal to them. You lose and gain stats throughout the versions. The dagger for version 3 gives 617 crit, while the att is 5198. But for version 1 the att is 5390 but the criteria is 363. So you give some and you take some. You're right, at this point I shouldn't expect anything more. The event coin merchant is good, but its rng based. Theres a chance you farm up 100 candies and only get 100 event coins. So all that time was spent farming for one stigma enchant. Personally, the stigma enchants are what I am going for I don't care for much else. As for the extendable, its understandable why its only in hard mode instances. Extendables have always been very late game and for the hard core players, they've always sort of been difficult to obtain and by having it drop in a instance that can be reset is quite a relief for all of those hard core players. If it was in PF, and SL ez then it may be too easy to obtain and the drop rate for it would have to be really lowered so its a more rare thing. But in the end.. at least you don't have to buy it (well... not directly that is).
  6. I don't know about anyone else, but can we start getting better events? I understand that the Tia eye event was exceptionally good, but these last few events have been so disappointing. The last event was only for exp, and then for a few short days also event coins. Now this event is for melee classes, or socketing. But when it comes to socketing there's not even mana stones that drop from it! How can there be a 100% socket candy thing without there even being a merchant or some type of reward for mana stone drops. Now, with the extendable weapons its great they're being added and everything but thats only for melee classes. Its not better then sovereign, so for ranged classes it has no value except to d/e or use as a skin. And finally, with the event coin event its nice and all but there could have been better items added to the merchant that weren't skins. OR adding a larger variety of skins. ***ORRRR (this one is even better) you could have added motion cards for a limited time to the merchant, like new exclusive motions or bring back old ones like the dragon taunt, cutie dance, red riding hood, the phone one, white/pink parasol etc.*** I know personally I would DEFINITELY be going for those if they were added. I also know there's probably a lot of people that would love to have paragon up on the merchant, to piggy back off of tia eye or maybe even plat cubics, or event keys for the contracts. Like sell the legendary contract key for 5k and the transform box for 4k (or whatever its priced at) and let players have another go at the transformation, minion etc. I appreciate that these events have SOME value to it, its not the most useless thing in the world. But, I feel there could have been additions made to it so that they are better. It seems after one good event there's a big period of time where the events are quite lacking. I personally was excited for the valentines day events because I thought it may be a larger type event, sort of like Tia eye. In addition to that, is anything going to occur on valentines day itself? Like on Christmas how you gave out the weapon boxes to players logged in. Is something like that going to happen, either with the weapon boxes, manastones, event coins, etc.
  7. I think thats his point. They bot luna so much, and have so many characters in luna all at once that these bots are getting 30-40 of these difficult to get items from the luna dice roll. They're chances aren't higher than anyone else, so clearly they must be doing it a lotttt to get that many of an item from the dice roll. AMEN!!! I so agree with this. If NCsoft would make this game a monthly subscription, with the promise and follow through of removing MOSTLY ALL p2w aspects of it.. id pay for it. As long as its not absurd like 50$ a month. And then on top of that monthly subscription to play the game, people can pay extra for the prestige pass or luna boxes, skins, etc. Thats the game I would LOVE to play, and would honestly pay for. As for the 2nd part, it has to be something wrong with our end. KR has bots as well, and Im sure they face the same issues. Or NCWest is doing something they're not, like not banning people or limiting something or whatever. It just says a lot that our servers are crashing due to bots, but KRs isn't when they have bots too.
  8. What about the chests? The brown boxes have old loot in them, like the crown that uses to give ap two years ago. Only the golden ones have updated rewards.
  9. The next event SHOULDDDDD be the Christmas snowball event, if they follow tradition. Lord knows how the rewards are gonna be though. Normally they’re not too bad, but with how NCsoft has changed over the last year it’ll probably be like you get one free snowball once for this entire event and if you want anymore you can buy 3 off the BCM for 8000 BCoins, and there’s about a 25% chance to get to lvl 7 :D And we won’t get a response. We’re just thrown to the wolves.
  10. The survey is to compensate for all the players who didnt get the transform, and to just make the community happy. This is what we need
  11. The NPC was taken down for two reasons. One, is that players got the free transform. And two, the price on the NPC was wrong.It was 30 instead of 50.
  12. I mean... come on let’s just call it what it is. This shows the entire motto of the NCWest Company. They’d rather delete 300 transformations (and lord knows, poor guy that has to do it. I highly doubt Kibbelz Loki or Hime is doing it), then give a box to everyone and have an easy solution. Nothing about this is easy, they not only have to delete the contracts, but lord knows how many complications are going to come up with the people that bought contracts... and on that note, let’s be real. NCsoft may not even delete anything off of their accounts because they combined it and spent money. But every free player will for sure be deleted. And, this will bring on more issues with the stupid pines that are horrible to get. It gave the 300 players a MASSIVE advantage over the entire player base for an entire week. That advantage could of been PFHM 3rd, or 4th boss. Maybe IDDHM 2nd boss. Who knows. And now those 300 players want that advantage back for at least another 2 weeks. So pine farms are going to be doubled, maybe tripled. Meaning less pines around, for the less geared/decently geared but not maxed out geared players. Now if they did the simple and easy solution, they give everyone except the 300 players a survey for the box. Then there’s no paying issues, no additional pine issues (for now), and all the players are happy. it’s already bad enough that we only have 2 weeks left for this transformations stat buffs. It’ll take you those two weeks just to get it. I don’t know about KT-A, or anyone on DN. But let me tell you, farming for pines on KT-E... it’s terrible. Just the other day I was LITERALLY 1v5ing an entire group for the pine mobs. I had 2 rabbits spawn and they stole both of the rabbits. I made only 3-4 pines in 30 mins by myself.
  13. Amen, this sums up everything. Welp, case closed! Time to find the next issue!
  14. But in the end here, we need to hear something from Kibbelz or Hime, Or Loki. The first week of this event is almost up -- the first week of three, I might add -- we've had no communication, except for a simple message on Thursday that we werent going to have a rollback. Which was honestly expected, you cant wait over 24 hours and then say, "oh theres gonna be a rollback." We need the merchant back, and we need change with this event. At least put our merchant back and comment on the pines, making change with the pines and spend the last two weeks of this event figuring out whats going to happen with that contract. If in the end you do decide to give everyone a locked case, and people have already bought and opened one with the event currency, then they can save it for another time whenever another key is added to the bcm. No matter the decision you make on about the transformation contract, we need our merchant, and we need changes with the pine.
  15. I get what youre saying, but it doesnt seem to bring players together fully in the end. In these last couple of days I have been doing KT-A winning the tiles a couple times a day, so elyos are clearly getting a bit bored of it. Its not bad to push players to their limits, but this entire event is literally for newer-ish players. The only end game type content, is the combining aspect. But newer players cant get any benefits from the event, due to the more advanced players dominating the pine farm. Like, the newer/returning players need the transform, and the materials that can be obtained. Personally, I just want the motion. I dont care too much for the transformation, if I can get it then it would be nice. but im really only doing this for the motion. And I do know some end game players that are just doing this event to try and get the skins/motion from it, instead of the transform, as well. Which isnt bad, I mean to me, motions have priority over literally anything, haha, but that means that the end game players farm these pines till they get what theyre after and the newer/returning players might not have as many chances to get the more higher end rewards, due to that.
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