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  1. Katalam bugged again

    Whats what my opinion is as well, and in those 10 hours Danaria was able to do all their instance runs and get everything done while we only had 2-3 instances open for us to even do. At some point it starts benefiting DN way more then it does for KT, the only benefit that it gives KT is that we can actually play the game (after the reset, before it we just have to lay back and wait unless we do cubics). While theyre able to do a whole new set of instances that some of us maybe werent even able to attempt.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 12, 2020

    Does anyone know when the ice cream event is ending yet?
  3. I really do appreciate this, although its not ideal (for right now) I hope you and the team are able to figure out a way to get more potions into the game. I do hope it is soon rather then later though, as there will be two more ulti transformations added in 7.6 (when looking at EU) that are better then the ones we have now. Even if you dont add a way to get contracts into the game, having a quick way to get ulti potions would be really nice. And I dont mean through level 9 renown, as thats something that not everyone can get for every map. Im having a hard enough time getting it for one map. If you do remove the partial renown reset, and maybe only reset a bit of renown for those with like level 8 and high or something, I would then completely understand adding them to level 9 traders. Im not saying to make them too easy to get, but I am asking that theyre not so difficult that you can only get them through being p2w or spent 40 hours a week on aion grinding. Something very reasonable for all players.
  4. Katalam bugged again

    I understand, but we had a reset for this exact same problem, four days ago. So i didn’t expect us to get a second one. I’m not the type of person that can sit down and do 50 instance runs one day and then the next do it all over again. I do expect it, but it’s bad when I do log in, ready to run some stuff, and oh KT is bugged. Oh well there goes SAS, oh Lower Udas is broken.. oh PF isn’t working. There goes my 2 sources of experience, my ice cream farm and the place i farm my kinah. I wanted to do SAS and Lower Udas this morning to get my xp for stigma enchants in Demaha, but they were both broken. And There weren’t any portals to Gelk so i wasn’t able to farm those ncps. And so I said hey that’s fine let me farm up my 3 runs left for PF and make 30-40m... oh that’s broke too. I understand that it is unfair for KT to get a million resets and DN to get none. But, it does get unfair when DN is allowed to farm these instances knowing it’s going to occur and KT doesn’t even get the opportunity. I can’t do 5 PF solos, 5 Sl runs 2 IDD, 5PFHM/IDDHM, 5 SLNM, 5 Lower Udas in 4 days. I would literally pop. I also can’t even do half of those on days like today, because i literally wasn’t even given the opportunity (prior to reset). I do agree, in some cases I may not do as much as i should. But, in the end. This shouldn’t even be an argument between the two servers. KT shouldn’t be having these issues, and the servers shouldn’t be getting affected negatively by them. There is CLEARLY something wrong, when players expect a reset on Monday’s.
  5. Katalam bugged again

    Its not DN's fault, but when they are able to get their runs done and abuse the reset.. thats when its a problem for the game. DN players see, oh theres a bug on KT let me do my runs. While KT players see, oh theres a bug I hope it gets fixed soon so i can finish my runs. I understand after a while, DN not getting resets is a bit unfair. But by you all getting resets every single time, thats incredibly unfair to every player on KT. DN deserves a reset like every other time or something, but not every single time. Its not KT's fault that NCSoft keeps messing up our server. This is the second time we've faced this bug in a week, we cant teleport we cant do instances we cant do anything. While Danaria can, and then our SAS is removed so we cant even purchase things or do the instance for xp and tokens.
  6. Katalam bugged again

    But.. we literally cant do anything. So all the players who play on later time zones, like when its night time around 10pm-8am est thats when they do their runs. Yet all of last night KT was broken, so anyone playing during those times can only do cubics and dailies and weeklies, and thats about it. I understand this is an event where were burning entries, but... were having major issues. Issues where we cant even do 80% of the stuff in the game because of this. You guys arent facing that. Your the ones benefiting from these resets, were not. Like @Ereliya-KT said, they can only play in the morning before work. Meaning they can only do so much in that one hour. So when our servers are broke, they cant do anything. While you guys see that oh theres gonna be a reset soon because KT is broken so let me go do all my PF SL IDD, Lower Udas, SAS all of that. While we can only do SL and IDD, not to mention none of the hard mode instances located in Silentera Corridor. DN is getting the unfair advantage by being able to get your runs done and do all your stuff before the reset while KT is just sitting back hoping it occurs sooner rather then later. In the last 12 hours that the bug was reported, DN players could of easily gotten all their IDD PF SL, IDDHM PFHM SLNM, Eso Lower Udas, Cubics everything done... while we could get about just sl and idd and thats about it. **Edit** Not to mention, DN has SAS... SAS was deleted from KT about 3-4 hours ago. So were now missing on that
  7. Katalam bugged again

    I couldnt even finish my PFEZ solo this week because of course out of SL, IDD, and PF.. PF has to be the one broken
  8. Katalam bugged again

    Thats what im saying, when we get a server merge (eventually) DN better pray and hope KT merges into DN and not the other way around.... because lord theyre gonna be coming into a whole new turf full of bugs and lag and issues and face the same problems we face every single week. We get resets every week, due to some bug or issue were facing. Their server is running fine, ours seems like the interns have split a lifetime supply of coffee on the motherboard. Danaria doesnt have our issues and they are getting the resets, they can use the gold sand shop and talk to teleport people and go do instances. I cant even do lower udas, I cant fly anywhere, so ive gotta spend 5-10 mins walking to the opposite side of the map. I was in a time crunch this morning too, and just wanted to log in do my lower udas get my exp marks and then go and buy my stigma enchant boxes... oh wait, lower udas was included in those broken instances. So now ive lost 2 stigma enchant boxes, because of a bug that DN hasnt even gotten once this is our second time getting it, in LESS then a WEEK.
  9. Katalam bugged again

    Theyre really sleeping in today, on a Tuesday.
  10. Katalam bugged again

    Yeah, ive been farming them up but am very limited on time this morning. So I was hoping to do Udas to get the rest of my missing exp marks for the stigma enchant stones. But Ill just have to wait for reset and get them for kata.
  11. Katalam bugged again

    We had the same bug literally like 5 days ago lol, and SAS is gone... again. I cant even get in my instances before the reset!! How do I get xp?!
  12. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    Okay, im not trying to be mean in any way what so ever.... but thats uh -- sort of the entire point of sorc. BIG BIG damage, LOW LOW defense, low mobility. Ive never seen a single game out there where a sorc isnt a super strong bursty class, but is super hard to kill. Thats not what the stereotypical sorc is. Theyre not meant to live for long. And as I say, you either kill them fast or you die. Ive dueled glads before, and i burst them down quick while theyre rooted and slowed but the SECOND (im not kidding you, literally the second) they reach me and start doing skills (and i mean pvp geared glads), Im dead just gone. If I was given extreme damage and high defense with no required skill to play well, okay yeah I would agree thats stupidly broken. Not to mention, sorc would actually be popular. (*cough cough vandal cough cough*). But were not. And like I said before, you cant look at Pro and group every sorc in with that. Pro is a skilled, highly HIGHLY geared player that knows what hes doing, and at a place in the game 98% of the sorcs that have ever played aion probably wouldnt even reach. Ive been playing sorc for 6-7 years now (granted I only really started trying to get better at the game 2-3 years ago) and I dont even think Ill ever get to that skill level, even in the future. Sorc is a FANTASTIC class, if you know what youre doing. Ive seen some people (not in this post, just in the game) say that sorc is a really easy class, and isnt something difficult to learn... but theres definitely a skill level for it. Like how newer sorcs arent exposed to wind weaving like older ones are, as its not generally taught, and they may know it but just may not know the proper term for it. (WInd weaving is the process of using 'Freezing Wind' or its Deavanion Skill type 'Raging Inferno' (for pve) in between every skill. Like flame fusion, raging inferno, ice harpoon, raging inferno etc.) You have to know what your skills do, when to use them. Yeah any sorc can throw out 4000 nukes and get 3rd best damage, or be p2w and get all maxed gear throw out 4000 nukes and outdps everyone by insane damage. But the good sorcs are the ones that use their debuffs like lowering the magic def of bosses before attacking, and using skills in unique ways thats not common. Ive never seen Pro pvp before, nor do I know him personally, so I cant talk on his behalf. But he seems to know what hes doing, and when to do it, why to do it, and how to do it so he comes off on top.
  13. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    I think its clear to say that KR is better skilled then NA. And I dont want to have to survive off pots that i cant even buy an infinite amount of for cheap. I didnt buff up, but still looking at that with your pet you have like 3-4 shields that protect you and you can benefit from. I have about 1 good one, that cant even protect more then a SINGLE one of your shields. 2 of those shields dont even require stigmas, one blocks for 20k damage (mine does 8) with a 1:30 cooldown (mine is 2) the other blocks for 80% of the damage for 20 seconds with a 3 min cd. Youre able to summon and release a spirit at ease, about every 10 seconds while moving.
  14. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    If PvP sorc is such a big issue, then the nerfs and buffs should be adjusted around that. Sorc is not the most common class, and I feel right now sorc is at a great point in pve. High burst, low mobility, low def. But with that, by low def I mean gear wise. Without thundering spear... were losing any chance of actually surviving a couple hard hits in pve and having to rely helplessly on the clerics and chanters healing us. Dropping the life steal to 20% is absolutely ridiculous, I deal abut 92.7k damage to the training dummy, with no buffs and no crits that would heal me for 46.3k Hp, with the nerf that only heals me for 18.5k hp, that barely heals me for 1/4th of my hp. If sorcs are having the one healing abiity to be dropped down to 20%, then spirirt masters should as well. Unlike sorcs, sms have shields and a way of defense yet they get to keep their 50% hp skill...
  15. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    Theres a reason he's our governor, hes an incredibly good sorc and shows how much you can accomplish by mastering your craft. But you CANNOT base your entire opinion about sorc PvP over one person. The average sorc, even a good sorc whos been playing for 1-2 years, wont EVER be able to be that good. Now if I could do that, a sorc who focuses primarily on PvE.. then yeah, we'd have a problem. But spirit masters have a fear, that cant be taken off unless its dispelled by a cleric or chanter, and sw's have a sleep as well.. I find it more broken one class is able to fear you 3 times and no matter what you do you just have to sit there and hope when it runs out youre still alive. At least with a sorc and sw sleep, the first tick of damage you take youre out of it. Thats my issue with these nerfs, sorcs have NO defense... and if someone tries to say our 4.5k shield with a 4 min cd is good def.. well I wouldnt say so. Iron Clad is probably the only viable defense we have, and its on cool down half the time and can only really be used once in a 1v1 pvp situation or a couple times during a major boss, but the cd is so high that you have to really be in a tight situation to use it anyways. Thundering Spear is the only way that we are able to regain hp in the game without having to rely on clerics or chanters. And now they pretty much wanna make it useless. if sorc pvp is too powerful then nerf the pvp aspect, I have never once in my life, since dev skills were released, saw a sorc in full pvp skills and dev skills pick Thundering Spear over Crippling Spear. I understand that, but those classes can actually have good defense and can tank a few hits. Sorc is probably the weakest (defense and being able to stay alive wise) when it comes to cloth classes. SM's have their pet shields, Songweavers have their heals, vandals... god dont get me started, they have a shield that reduces 60% damage for 10 seconds, on a 1:30 cooldown, a skill that lets them live twice, healing up to 20k health AND it gives phy def, on the base skill. If you advanced that with the dev skill you can heal up to SIXTY THOUSAND HP. You dont see people having sorc as first pick to tank any major boss, you can see sin glad temp i mean seriously..