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  1. I want to start off by saying I appreciate the events we have had. They have been very rewards and I’m glad we got them. But with this new store update.... there’s some questionable things. First, y’all couldn’t have popped in some more skins?! Like i know the pink suit one is nice and all, but another spring-type skin would have been nice! But now into the nitty gritty. I understand with all these free events we got, a big p2w was coming. But i think anyone, no matter how big of a p2w player they are, can agree that spending 250$ on a single dazz gemstone/prime runestone selection box
  2. I don’t think people really understand how this new pvp event is supposed to work. From what I get from it, this event is in no way supposed to be a chance for people to Go get their sets of full Bitterthorn and all of that. This event is just to a way to make PvP fun and enjoyable again. Nothing more. Yeah there’s rewards and all of that, but none of that is serious it’s just there to be there. The reason of the event is for people to have fun with Bitterthorn and Ulti transforms that isn’t available to everyone. It takes away the whole overpowered aspects of pvp, because everyone is overpowe
  3. Not to be rude. But the amount you’re pushing off open details is a bit more “sus” then those who are asking for it to be open. There’s Pro and cons to both situation, but the whole arena argument doesn’t play a big factor here. Idk if you know this but if you go to a nice website called https://www.myaion.eu/ you’re able to see about 85% of players’ armor, acc, stigmas, gemstones, gemstone enchants, and sometimes even cubics. In addition to that you don’t need details for pvp. If theyre top 10 in arena... they have +15 bitterthorn, probably with +10 gemstones and all advanced stigmas. A
  4. Although it is bad that people are getting banned without knowing they're buying an exploited item, I am honestly glad to see that NCWest is banning people who are taking part in purchasing these things. And now that people are getting caught there may be an influx of +7 or 8 parts on broker, from these exploits, just to try and be safe. In my opinion with all the issues going on, if youre buying any paragon thats enchanted id just say to make sure the seller is an active/reliable player and maybe just try and get background information on how it got to +7. It is terrible that players have to
  5. And because this is so common, and the severity of the situation i think these individuals deserve an IP perma ban, at the bare minimum. NCWest needs to start caring about the game environment and the situation instead of pretending like they’re doing a lot, when they don’t really care. Let’s be real here, they’re all going to just buy new accounts with all the ultis on them that’s maxed out, like you said. I mean they made thousands from this paragon stuff, i think they’re willing to cash out a grand or two for a maxed out account and then do it again.
  6. They’re not just extendable though. There’s also magic weapons. Like I’m going for yornforge and I’m a sorc.
  7. So it seems yornforge in T4 is going to be about equal/in some ways better then the spirit fighting set. There will just be a slight loss in the att side of it.
  8. So you’re telling me all i need to get is +0 paragon and I’ll already be doing better then what i currently have?
  9. What’s the comparison between sov and the new set? I am sort of too lazy to look through the patch notes, if I’m being honest.
  10. It appears SimPok is no longer on the asmo rankrd board, but yesterday we saw someone with +15 paragon walking around still. So I hey don’t seem to have gotten them all.
  11. With the Tia eye event having a +8 isn’t super rare, it just took A LOT of grinding and good luck. I spent about a solid 50 hours+ grinding Tia eye and got my book to +7. Going to +8 is based a lot on luck, but going from 8-9 on a lot of parts, now that’s not so believable.
  12. They havent all gotten banned. We saw one on KT-E earlier today, after Kibbelz original post.
  13. I understand that you cant go over and give names, information, details etc. But at the bare minimum you should give some less broad information. Like, "We permanently banned all the players that benefited from this exploit, and have deleted any items which were not obtained legitimately. Like through broker, or other trades. The GM(s) responsible for this exploit has been terminated (OR) the way in which GM(s) were capable of giving these items to players has been stopped and they will no longer be able to create, or disrupt these items. If there are any players which still have these items,
  14. It’s good that several of the accounts have had consequences.. but it’s not all of them. And what happened to the GM? The players sold and used the gear, but they wouldn’t have ever gotten the armor if it wasn’t for the GM. Is the GM still working? Are they still giving people unfair advantages? Banning (or taking consequences) on a couple of the accounts is alright, but that’s like taking a binky away from a baby that has 5 more in its hand... it can just put another one in
  15. I dont think the developers had in mind the abuse that GMs may take on the system. Personally I farmed every day for Tia Eye, 5-6 hours a day. I got a book just to +7 with all the matts I got. The rates and the stats on paragon are fair, in my opinion. If youre spending a whole year farming enough stones just go from +9 to 10, or 10 to 11... then you deserve that boost. But the problem is how the GMs have been abusing the system. Without this whole GM situation no one would be complaining about Paragon at any +, because its not viable to get anything higher then +8, maybe 9 but still thats pus
  16. The set was released into this game to take YEARS to farm for, and even then it would still be so difficult to enchant. it was the Ultimate grind for aion. NCSoft didnt intend for people to get it to +10-15 so easily, and those players havent gotten there yet they simply just cheated for it. Over time gear progresses, and i believe paragon was supposed to be that thing that was dreamt of but wasnt merely obtainable easily. Like how the +8 fully upgraded Caesus set in 5.0, for a free player.
  17. No its not a visual bug, some players have been getting +10-15 paragon from GMs or theyve been buying it off players who have been getting it from GMs.
  18. Paragon is the best gear in the game (when enchanted) at +7 and 8 it’s nearly and better then sov. +9 it’s better then everything in the game. +10 its broken... +15 you can 2 shot anyone in the world. going from +10 to +15 is a .04% every single +. But a GM has been giving people +10-15 armor and weapons and now they’re overly powerful and can kill anyone without any problems. SimPok is the main person within this situation, and has sold lots of gear. But there’s also other people that’s selling a whole ton of +9 and 10 paragon gear (which is still like nearly impossible to get) and also a
  19. They're too busy trying to work on the real mechanics in the game, like giving people +15 paragon.
  20. But even having +9 isn't very possible. That had to of taken hundreds of stones per account, costing thousands of dollars across a multitude of accounts.
  21. Maybe he exposed himself for buying paragon
  22. Because getting this weapon at +10 to 15 is IMPOSSIBLE, and the only way to obtain it is through a GM. And a GM has been out here (probably making BANK) by giving these +10 and 15 paragon gear to these people thats both using and selling them. And if were being real here, we all know they're not selling those weapons for kinah...
  23. Thats the problem. His set is literally crit, its just crit. No attack. But anyway its too strong. #BuffGladiator2021
  24. It dies quick on KT too. Id just say to get to the boss 5 mins before it actually spawns. Theres normally not even 100 players farming at that location (at least not on KT-E) so everyone should get it as lng as theyre in range.
  25. So is the new like gear from best to worst this now? Paragon +9-10? - Just a guess Soul Fighter Paragon +7-8 Yornforge Could be better then paragon +7-8, depends Sov
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